and even though most of the committee who decided to give the legend bob dylan the nobel prize for litature the first muscian ever to win the award . even though they are saying they are leaving it up to him if he will even show up in person to claim the reward. one thing is also clear that bob dylans silence has pissed off a few of the committee some saying him saying nothing not even aknowleding the honor of getting the thing is an act of rudness . but one should realize that part of bob dylans legend is he is the quiet type personality wise. including if he will even show up in person or send some one to claim his nobel prize now unless the committee wants to make themselves look really bad and petty and take the thing away from bob just because he has not said anything about the honor of now having a nobel prize. which is starting to piss off the ones who gave him the honor in the first place the big question will he show up in person and accept it?