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and for like the second time this century the triple crown wound up broken. as not only did rose who wound in the race on unlimted funds wound up once again denied a jewel of the triple crown by the first female jokey. but also both orb and oxford wound up ending their battle with neither one claiming belmont the third jewel of the triple crown wound up falling to palace malice. and thus a broken triple crown three horses each with a jewel of the triple crown. orb the derby. oxford the preakness, and now causing the triple crown to end broken. palace malice wound up shutting down both oxford and orb. by taking belmont and thus a broken triple crown the second time this century. and proof any thing does happen when it comes to the super bowl of horse racing the triple crown.

and looks like orb just got a new boost and his luck keeps smiling and now according to weather reports orb and oxford and the other horses in belmont will wind up running on a wet track. as thunderstorms moved into the area and started according to reports could when done leave belmont muddy and wet . which is what some believed helped orb win the derby but slowed him down in the preakness and helped oxford take it. another new thing for belmont a wet track which could help orb maybe get his payback on oxford by taking the belmont or wind up screwing all due to the wet track now as the weather is wanting to play with belmont by causing a wet track for orb and oxford and the rest. as 24 hours left till answers come from belmont. another new thing a wet track due to the weather. may be a new aide for orb.

and thus not only will horse fans wait till next year for a triple crown try at belmont but now turns out that rose will also not be trying to be the first female jokey and the jokey who tries and deny oxford and orb riverly ending with either one winning belmont. as not only of the fourteen horses running with orb and oxford . mylute is not listed as running and being in belmont but that means rose is also out for all the other horses have jokeys and with mylute out and unless some jokey gets pulled or gets sick. rose is now out of belmont won’t get to do a third try of being the first female jokey to walk away with at least a jewel of the triple crown. as now only four days till belmont will be where orb and oxford end their riverly and get some payback. and now minus some competion rose not part of belmont at all no history being made there with a female jokey in it.

and no doubt by now oxford has arrived at belmont and is doing some training . which will show his owners and trainer and jokey that like orb. he is ready and raring for what horse fans now since the triple crown is not in play at belmont what is one of the big reasons besides belmont finishing off the triple crown . the show down between orb and oxford for pay back and capping off with the third jewel. or wind up both being denied by one of the other horses there and thus a broken triple crown for the second time in the thing’s history . but mostly oxford is now busy trying to show how ready and that like orb he is raring for the rematch at belmont coming this weekend. orb vs oxford its on.as oxford prepares to show like orb he is ready for the rematch all that would be left is to let them lose come sunday

as oxford heads to the track to start training in 24 hours. his rival orb is already getting a little edge by being there and training. as his trainer states once and for all that come belmont next week the riverly between orb and oxford will end. the battle between the two over both having one jewel of the triple crown is on . orbs trainer making it known orb is ready for the rematch with oxford comes belmont next week. fans will get the show down with orb and oxford. its on at belmont for a riverly to come to an end or a broken triple crown by both being beat by some other horse to happen.

not only will belmont proably just be as most figure orb and oxford taking their riverly to the end and to both try and have the last triple crown jewel any way even with it out of play for a triple crown run and horse immortality for either one or wind up broken maybe by rose pulling a last minute upset and finaly winning at least part of the triple crown the last part. what has to be a first for belmont is the thing is going to be broadcast next weekend on sunday yes next sunday instead of the normal saturday. next weekend. guess that is the only time the ones who control belmont were able to find on the tv scedule. as next sunday for a change the final part of the triple crown happens. belmont and orb and oxford finishing a riverly and some payback with the last jewel on eithers mantel or rose or some other jokey causing a broken triple crown in the end.

first off proving that i can be wrong and do admit it turns out Belmont the third jewel of the triple crown does not happen till next weekend not today which means orb and oxford will have this week to finish training and getting ready for their showdown and one getting payback for being denied their shot at horse immortality . as both have one jewel of the triple crown a piece. and will not only try to add belmont unless rose some how pulls off the win and history as first female jokey finale there. both will be going for belmont and pay back for losing out on having belmont in play for a triple crown. as now only a week is left and orb and oxford then get to go at each other at belmont.

and thus now in 24 hours not only will the third jewel of the out of play triple crown fall to some one but also either orb or oxbow who both took part of the triple crown and thus doing so threw belmont out of contention for a triple crown run by either one. either orb or oxbow will wind up trying to not only have the last triple crown jewel and cap their career. as at least a derby or preakness and belmont winner. but also both orb and oxford either one in 24 hours may be walking away with some payback for having the other one shoot down their chance to go for a triple crown. or belmont being the crazy mistress it can be in the triple crown hunt could wind up with rose finaly full filling her desire to be the first female jokey with a triple crown jewel in her clutches. as 24 hours some one is walking away with belmont . and maybe in orb or oxfords case pay back. or rose instead finaly making the history as the first female jokey twice she has been denied. during the triple crown battle.

even though the belmont is not in play for a triple crown its still will be a prize for some horse and jokey come this weekend. even as the race will just be both oxford and orb trying to get revenge on each other . orb for preakness and oxford for the derby. both denied by the other their chance at being a triple crown winner and ending the long streak of no winner since affirmed. plus belmont will still be a prize to claim as the third triple crown jewel and maybe breaking the tie with oxford and orb having one jewel a piece. as belmont now is just some revenge and the third triple crown jewel to have on some horse and jokeys matel plus also roses third chance to try and be the first female jokey to win now to win the belmont this time. twice trying to be the first female jokey ever to win. and twice denied. as belmont up for grabs and also a little revenge by the derby and preakness winner .for dening each other a triple crown claim

and sadly horse racing fans will have to hope for next year for a triple crown win. as due to orb not only being stuck and boxed in on the rail. his chances of going on to belmont and trying to win the triple crown is now not happening as oxbow pulled off an upset and took the preakness which means the triple crown is not happening . and rosie wound up in third place yes third place. but other wise no triple crown now orb denied the preakness and the second jewel of the triple crown by oxbow.