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and looks like orb just got a new boost and his luck keeps smiling and now according to weather reports orb and oxford and the other horses in belmont will wind up running on a wet track. as thunderstorms moved into the area and started according to reports could when done leave belmont muddy and wet . which is what some believed helped orb win the derby but slowed him down in the preakness and helped oxford take it. another new thing for belmont a wet track which could help orb maybe get his payback on oxford by taking the belmont or wind up screwing all due to the wet track now as the weather is wanting to play with belmont by causing a wet track for orb and oxford and the rest. as 24 hours left till answers come from belmont. another new thing a wet track due to the weather. may be a new aide for orb.


he might have been denied his chance at being a potential triple crown winner due to oxford taking the preakness. but once again orb seems to prove to have the luck of a champ as odds have him at 1to 3 to win belmont this week end and get some pay back on oxford who drew the seventh position and is 4 to one of taking belmont and getting payback on orb for the derby. though there is still the chance of the triple crown winding broken and both getting beat at belmont. as orbs proves he may not be trying to join the triple crown winners club. or attempts to try to but even at the third post . he still has most favoring him to win belmont and get some payback on oxford. which is now the main reason to watch belmont the end of the riverly .since the triple crown is not at play this time with belmont.

first off proving that i can be wrong and do admit it turns out Belmont the third jewel of the triple crown does not happen till next weekend not today which means orb and oxford will have this week to finish training and getting ready for their showdown and one getting payback for being denied their shot at horse immortality . as both have one jewel of the triple crown a piece. and will not only try to add belmont unless rose some how pulls off the win and history as first female jokey finale there. both will be going for belmont and pay back for losing out on having belmont in play for a triple crown. as now only a week is left and orb and oxford then get to go at each other at belmont.