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even though the thing has a hard fate and the house could kill the thing so small online retailers should not start worring about how the bill to collect online sales tax may wind up screwing them up and costing them . yet for only the senate right now is looking to pass the thing today as they are getting ready to vote to pass it. for it still has to go to the house and given its collecting taxes. the house is surely going to kill the thing even if its for online purchases. as the senate gets ready to pass the bill requiriing any one who buys somehting online now has to pay a sales tax and retailers including amazon have to collect the tax. even if they don’t have an online pressence as an early attempt said for collecting the tax senate ready to pass the thing now. by the end of the day.

doubtful the sd dems legislators would be complaining and having a fit about the governor using his power if he winds up picking some dems to fill some vacancies in the legislature but never the less . dems are having a fit as the governor is going to be using that power soon to fill three vacancies. since three legislatures have quit. and south dakota’s constitution gives the governor the power to fill voids on the legislature. dems main problem they figure governor daugard will just appoint more repubs which means dems will scream stacking the legislature to help his agenda better. but there is really nothing the dems can do since its one of the powers the governor has unless they want to violate the states constitution and strip him of the power only to turn around down the round and regrant them should a dem be governor in the future . though repubs would proably be having the same fit too. as dems see red over the governor getting ready to use some of his power this time to fill some legislature vacancies.

should she and when she does make her offiical choice. known stephanie sandlin faces a big obstacle should she make it known she is going to as most figure she is leading too run to try and keep tims seat in dems hands. stephanie will face a big obstacle mostly some in her own party who due to certain votes she made see her as too conservative from being the few dems to vote against the health care act. though not for repeal. voting for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. some of her votes are going to be used against her by some of the party when she goes to get the support needed when she makes it known she may be running. in fact some of the members of the dems against her are the same backing brendan johnson to run for his fathers seat. as stephanie faces a big hurdle when she makes her choice known about returning to congress and keeping tims seat in dem control her own party against her due to some of her votes. saying she went against the party core to some of the more liberal part of the dems. as the choice will soon be made by stephanie if she is running as most want in south dakota.

as congress members feel the heat from gun victims including newton family members over catering to the nra and voting no on the back ground check bill in the senate. the nra is not only proving how arrogant the group is with its new president saying the battle is not a battle for the second amendment but a culutre war. yes to the nra new head the talk and them managing to use their power to get congress to cave on back ground checks and also fixing it so the metaly ill can’t get guns. but better treatment. but also now saying its a culture war they are fighting. plus gearing up for round two since the senate will get the back ground check bill reintroduced again for a vote. as the nra already back at work and gloating over its victry by stopping some gun control again saying now with its spin machine its a culture war making sure that those who are too insane to have a gun and will whack people are protected to be able to get one. no gun control ever even good stuff like back ground checks. not part of the nras idea of culture.

the repubs should have realized that if any one would wind up besides the nra for using their influence of control with the cowards that is congress. that the ones who would take the most heat by gun victims and over 70 percent of america that they would take most of the blame for the back ground checks failing even though the senate will try and pass it again. the house will still die.but the repubs should have relized they would take the blame most with the dems stating the fact that the main reason besides the nra using their power the back ground checks failed is the repubs and their need to not let the president have any victory or his agenda law. even though the back grounds check has support. the repubs taking the heat for the thing failure as they should have known they would.

knowing that as they say the clock has run out and one benfit of the bill would allow them to build some new warehouses and have more of a physical pressence in states. besides just online. amazon made it known that it backs the plan now for online retailers to have to collect sales taxes. something it has stopped for so long . but now backs mostly because its now a given even though the bill could die in the house. while the senate gets ready to vote on the thing now yes the senate will be taking up the bill to make online retailers now have to collect sales tax. and its gotten some help with the big one the bill will affect amazon.as the senate gears up for a vote once back from its break. online purchases having to include sales taxes. a new revenue for the government

and leave it to south dakota legislatures even though they don’t make as much money as congress. plus the fact tried and failed to get their milage funds raised. never the less. state legislatures in south dakota are now finding themselves in the hot seat a little bit over what they do with their money including paying memebership dues in groups like alex. yes some south dakota legislatures are members of the group. and are being called out for spending a group that has come out a little conservative and also has as members corporations the dems are crying foul stating that tax payers paid for repubs to travel to alex yes tax payers footed the bill to go to alex. where repubs say nothing is wrong for dems did the same with the groups they joined and also with corporations as members of alex it can only help the state in the long run. as the state legilstures are back in the local news mostly this time their spending including joining groups like alex.

one would think after similar acts like sopa and pipa died due to uproar over the acts messing with civil liberties in the name of cyber security one would think the latest attempt the cyber intelligence security and sharing protection act. aka cisspa like its predessors even though it passed the house the thing once again due to civil rights concerns. the thing is dead again for the senate made it known they will not look at cispa at all no debate no vote nothing and once again the latest attempt by congress to try and improve online security and protect the u.s from cyber space piracy has been shot down due to the thing packed with the same civil rights concerns that killed sopa and pipa . senate says no to the third attempt for cyber security citing like sopa and pipa the act could trample on ones civil rights on line. though a fourth act no doubt will arise .

even though odds are once word comes out the senate is going for another try with the gun bill the back ground checks including for those who are metaly ill and also look at fixing the system so one can get help finaly. odds are the nra even though the ones now resurecting the bill say they will get more support once some dems who went against the bill read it. the nra is once word comes out liable to pull out its forces to kill the thing again. never the less the senate proving certain bills even controversial ones like gun control do not seem to stay dead. senate planning another crack at a least back ground checks.again even though it will die by the nra sword again

seems now a days every time a tragedy like the boston bombings happen now . the repubs in congress start screaming after the mourning is near done and look to see if they can without saying so find any way to use the thing to try and prove the president is failing when it comes to security though also as a the other side not doing nothing to try and help get answers needed and try and help improve the u.s security as the repubs lead by mccain of course are now calling for hearings over the boston bombing mostly did the fbi cia know any thing and also how long and could they have prevented it maybe. the normal stuff congress always demands in the hearings. as now on the agenda and with the dust slowly still settling though mostly to some repubs as another way to try and prove the president is weak on certain things . the repubs are now screaming for hearings into the boston bombing which is now the norm for congress to use that tool after tragedys though to the repubs a new way to try and take the president down a peg.for some political gain.