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and now only a week is left to go and horse racing fans will next saturday get their answer and see if derby and preakness winner cal chrome goes through with his quest of capturing the third jewel and also finaly ends the streak and winds up joining the elite club of being a triple crown winner. plus the fact cal chrome trying to prove that gaining the support of secatariet owner penny backing his quest may have been a smart move by here.not to mention his trainer is saying he is loving the track at belmont . as one more week and horse racing fans will get to see if at long last they finaly after so long have a triple crown claimed and the name claiming it turns out to be cal chrome.


and now cal chrome even as he faced stiff compettion all the way in the preakness from social inclusion wound up taking the second jewel of the triple crown and now can be called derby and preakness winner cal chrome and thus also after repeating blowing away the others in the preakness like what he did in the derby. cal chrome now can rest up and prepare for his biggest test in three weeks going and trying to claim the final jewel and thus become a triple crown winner and end the streak . as cal chrome adds the preakness to his winnings and only has one jewel left the hardest one of the triple crown to claim belmont. in three weeks. will cal chrome wind up finishing after his win at the preakness wind up in three weeks add triple crown winner come belmont too. would not be surprised if he did which would mean some one may come belmont be eating crow about no horse can take the triple crown because the current race crop is too weak . as cal chrome now has the title of derby and preakness winner. one more jewel left for him belmont and a triple crown .

interesting the preakness is not for 24hours and already buzz has started that not only will derby winner cal chrome espically since he does not have as many horses to race against and battle for at pilmico in the preakness but also he has to run the race yet to see if he even repeats . never the less buzz is starting that not only will cal chrome be in 24 hours adding preakness winner and the second jewel of the triple crown to go with his derby win but also buzz is cal chrome is set to wind up capturing the triple crown in the end that he is looking good to go to belmont and be the first triple crown winner in a long time. from some fans. as buzz is growing that cal chrome preakness chance may turn into a triple crown claim in the end we will see first how cal chrome does in the preakness in 24