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interesting the preakness is not for 24hours and already buzz has started that not only will derby winner cal chrome espically since he does not have as many horses to race against and battle for at pilmico in the preakness but also he has to run the race yet to see if he even repeats . never the less buzz is starting that not only will cal chrome be in 24 hours adding preakness winner and the second jewel of the triple crown to go with his derby win but also buzz is cal chrome is set to wind up capturing the triple crown in the end that he is looking good to go to belmont and be the first triple crown winner in a long time. from some fans. as buzz is growing that cal chrome preakness chance may turn into a triple crown claim in the end we will see first how cal chrome does in the preakness in 24

and thus after getting some training in at churchhills down now. as part of derby winner cal chromes idea to maybe make him the first triple crown winner since affirm at last. now cal chrome is headed to his next stop in his quest to take the triple crown mainly to try and take come this weekend the second jewel of the crown the preakness. as in 24 hours now according to cal trainer he will be headed out to pilmico where he will then be busy prepping to try and not only repeat his derby win at the preakness by warding off other contenders including wicked strong looking for pay back from the derby. but also trying to be one step closer in his triple crown claim. as cal charms next thing now headed out to pilmico to get ready to try and add the preakness to his win colum and the second jewel of the tripple crown and thus a step closer in his quest to finaly break the streak of no triple crown winner. cal chrome headed now to pilmico and the preakness . will he repeat and be a step closer to adding triple crown winner at last cal chrome. no turning back for him and his owners and rider now.

and not only come monday will after as part of his trainers plan and maybe a key to him becoming the first triple crown winner in 34 years. after winning the derby cal chromes trainer decided to let him spend this week still at churchhill down . just resting up his energy which hopefuly now is a good rest as come monday he heads to pilmico and trying for his derby win repeat and claiming the second jewel of the triple crown the preakness. as only a week to go and cal chrome will see if he can’t claim another part of the triple crown and maybe be a legend of legends of horses . as cal chrome rest is soon going to be over by this week end next for him traveling and getting ready to try and win the preakness and repeat his derby win. one week left now. and cal chrome goes for a repeat .

as the jokey and owners of cal charm take in the glory of his derby win plus the fact that he is the first horse from california to win the derby and be a pontenial triple crown contender since 1963 . yes since that long no horse from cal has taken the derby till california charm and next for him besides a little rest from the derby and now training for the preakness and trying to repeat his derby win and add the second jewel of the triple crown and then the ulimate test after the preakness in two weeks. the rumble of it cal charm will be able to go and take belmont and break the streak of no triple crown at last. as derby winner cal charm eyes his next thing a repeat win at the preakness in two weeks may 17 . which means a little rest for him too but mostly will he be adding the second triple crown jewel too.

and for like the second time this century the triple crown wound up broken. as not only did rose who wound in the race on unlimted funds wound up once again denied a jewel of the triple crown by the first female jokey. but also both orb and oxford wound up ending their battle with neither one claiming belmont the third jewel of the triple crown wound up falling to palace malice. and thus a broken triple crown three horses each with a jewel of the triple crown. orb the derby. oxford the preakness, and now causing the triple crown to end broken. palace malice wound up shutting down both oxford and orb. by taking belmont and thus a broken triple crown the second time this century. and proof any thing does happen when it comes to the super bowl of horse racing the triple crown.

and looks like orb just got a new boost and his luck keeps smiling and now according to weather reports orb and oxford and the other horses in belmont will wind up running on a wet track. as thunderstorms moved into the area and started according to reports could when done leave belmont muddy and wet . which is what some believed helped orb win the derby but slowed him down in the preakness and helped oxford take it. another new thing for belmont a wet track which could help orb maybe get his payback on oxford by taking the belmont or wind up screwing all due to the wet track now as the weather is wanting to play with belmont by causing a wet track for orb and oxford and the rest. as 24 hours left till answers come from belmont. another new thing a wet track due to the weather. may be a new aide for orb.

and now given how most are saying as it should be belmont run tommorrow instead of sunday as originaly listed. means now only 24 hours till orb and oxford get to finish their riverly and try to wind up being the one with two triple crown jewels. and bragging that they have two and the other one has just one. plus for orb he will join the club of winning the derby and belmont but not the preakness. oxford the preakness and belmont. as twenty four hours and a riverly comes to an end . orb and oxford finish their fight at belmont . and try to also not get denied by their other competitors and cause a broken triple crown now in 24 hours .

he might have been denied his chance at being a potential triple crown winner due to oxford taking the preakness. but once again orb seems to prove to have the luck of a champ as odds have him at 1to 3 to win belmont this week end and get some pay back on oxford who drew the seventh position and is 4 to one of taking belmont and getting payback on orb for the derby. though there is still the chance of the triple crown winding broken and both getting beat at belmont. as orbs proves he may not be trying to join the triple crown winners club. or attempts to try to but even at the third post . he still has most favoring him to win belmont and get some payback on oxford. which is now the main reason to watch belmont the end of the riverly .since the triple crown is not at play this time with belmont.

and thus now in 24 hours not only will the third jewel of the out of play triple crown fall to some one but also either orb or oxbow who both took part of the triple crown and thus doing so threw belmont out of contention for a triple crown run by either one. either orb or oxbow will wind up trying to not only have the last triple crown jewel and cap their career. as at least a derby or preakness and belmont winner. but also both orb and oxford either one in 24 hours may be walking away with some payback for having the other one shoot down their chance to go for a triple crown. or belmont being the crazy mistress it can be in the triple crown hunt could wind up with rose finaly full filling her desire to be the first female jokey with a triple crown jewel in her clutches. as 24 hours some one is walking away with belmont . and maybe in orb or oxfords case pay back. or rose instead finaly making the history as the first female jokey twice she has been denied. during the triple crown battle.

now that belmont is out of play for the triple crown which means fans will have to hope year 38 is the year the streak is broken and the triple crown is finaly taken. come belmont . the only thing that fans can now figure will be taking place besides rose trying to be the first female jokey to win belmont. is that orb now being denied his triple crown shot by coming in sixth and losing the preakness. will be looking for some measure of revenge for oxbow who as his trainer stated got him paid to crush dreams of a triple crown run. plus oxbow will also be looking at repeating his preakness win and orb his derby win since belmont is out of play. besides horse fans proably come belmont see orb go for some revenge on oxbow denying him his chance to break the streak and win the triple crown. or both could be beat though unlikely and the triple crown could wind up broken like it was one other time with three differant horses taking a piece of the crown. as orbs new goal for belmont revenge on oxbow denying him his triple crown shot.