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and thus not only did kate make it known to red she meant that she would do what ever is needed to protect liz and her daughter no matter what but red had been warned that messing with her has consiquences. on the black list as she put her plan into place by not only going after reds empire some more but also making it known to red she is going to let the bodies be known where to be found. including going after reds closest allies one by one and taking them out and framing red for murder even though once rousler sends the fingerprints on the machine used to kill a guy red was suppose to target turns out to be faked and not red himself that red denies when liz confronts him but figures out kate is behind it and she ment what she said as dabari thanks to help gets a promotion. as hell is let lose and red learns that kate is not playing around for vengence on the blacklist.


and proving that red will go any where for some he cares about even draging restler and co into an internatiol icident as he calls in some favors from a figure who is wanted both by cuba and the u.s and when reds plans are put in place leaves them both scrambling to deny any thing to do with the guy the favor track down liz and her missing baby who after last season are being held by a guy who claims to at last be liz father and adding a new wrinkle to red being her father. saying that though red had an affair with lizs mother he has proof red is not lizs father after all but given that the guy is just like red . lis is suspicous then vanishes again as tom also comes a calling . and red manages to get the baby safe and tells his one co hort he is still mad at her actions. scary for when red is mad bad things happen . as the black list is back and giving new wrinkle to is red lizs father at last. or is liz with her father after all. plus red is on the hunt.

when a cia agent posing as a priest is taken hostage by a rebel group liz and the gang must go and rescue him. before to cover their tracks the cia gets involved. as liz gets spooked and reveals she had tom prisoner. espically when she learns red has a stake in the game mostly due to the leader of the group being one of his allies velosh. who wants to get rid of an oil company that was found to have taken short cut that lead to deaths and covered up the thing.  and then the cia head tries to take out red only to be stopped . as red also winds up giving vilosh the keys to ruling the country by giving him another rival. plus also gets the oil company to bale so another one can take over that liz figures out is why red was there in the first place. remember red was drinking with some one when she arrived and no mention of the fulcrum this week. as a rescue mission winds up with red putting another of his agendas into play on the black list. and helping a devil gain power.