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and guess the dems better start practicing using the filebuster for the repubs in a midterm sweep due to voters upset with congress wound up at last taking the senate which means any thing the dems don’t want passed they can now filebuster and give the repubs a taste plus also looks like joining in the repub sweep. both rounds and daugard won. rounds won the senate seat beating pressler and weiland for even the eb5 did not hurt him in the end. and daugard wound up winning another term as governor which means no medicare expansion till he is gone from office as repubs win big . and the dems get to filebuster and the presidents vetoe pen may get a work out  now.


and some where even though its not over plus the fact that certain races even after the vote are counted including a potential run off in georgia. that somewhere already the repubs are getting the champane chilled and ready to pop over retaking the senate tomorrow after the vote is in even though the voters are the ones who will be deciding in the end who is going to be running things and how the rest of the president term is going to run its course will he be having to wind up with the veto pen never leaving his hand or will he be able to just deal with what he has been dealing with divided congress. 24 and some party will be poping champane over having the senate in their hands.

even though odds are should the repubs manage to take the senate in few weeks.that the first thing they will do is move to repeal the health care act again this time helping the house even though repubs know that since a lot of people are benifiting from the act now that repealing it would have a payment  for them later on. but some repubs finaly have at long last accepted the act and now in certain states after dragging their foot and even though they hate the act they are now moving to at last expand medicare all  but south dakota still even if  a new governor would happen. as more repubs see the light and just accepting the health care act as permenant now and now taking part with it putting the medicare part in place at long last. even though the first thing if a repub senate happens repeal

and thus congress once again now finishes it work till after the midterms with one big thing still unfinished besides a minium wage raise since the repubs in the senate blocked it again even attached to a must pass bill. but also for woman  the repubs once again short circuited their chance to finaly have equel pay in the work force get paid the same amount their male workers get  the senate tried and once again failed to get it passed even though odds are if they had the house would kill the thing. as congress leaves still one big thing left unfinished and also for repubs could have helped them with woman voters. equal pay shot down again in senate.

and thus proving that when it comes to studnents once again the repubs and some dems favor the college loan companies making a fortune instead on high rates as a for the second time a bill that would allow people to refinace their student loans at a lower interesting rate got blocked again in the senate guess the repubs must really want to make an enemy of the bills sponsor elizebeth warren so she runs when her seat is up again . never the less the senate is sure to try again on the bill. but sadly proably not till after mid terms since congress only planned to work this week and then run. as once again students  have to be at the mercy for hopefuly till the bill finaly passes of high interest rates and some shaddy loan shark like lenders. in the market almost as the repubs in the senate keep the bill to lower rates from moving to passage though maybe the next time  it will pass

and  at long last after 52 and so tries of wasting time trying to repeal it  and also now knowing if they do finaly do they would wind up being painted as the party bound and determine to take away health care including in their own states from the millions who now have it under the act. the repubs are now slowly even though they will never rest trying to repeal obamacare are now backing away as making it their number one key issue to keep trying to convince voters its the right thing to do. which gives dems a new key to use against them including trying to regain the house but mostly keep the senate from repubs hands. as at long last after so long the repeal health care  cry seems to at last going silent with repubs  at least when it comes to following their play book. a key for dems. to hurt republicans. since they will never rest until the health care act is dead. just now not screaming repeal repeal.

and given how the clock is ticking down and with congress on break by the time they get back the health care act deadline to enroll will be in place. and people will have enrolled. and the repubs know when that happen that trying to repeal it again will wind up making them with mid term elections coming up looking like they are trying to take away and be cruel to people who will have insurance by then. not good for trying to keep the house and get the senate. so the repubs are now looking at a new plan try and fix some parts of the thing. like now health care accounts. or have an alternative to be able to replace it and not look cruel like they are trying to take away health care . as the repubs forming a new plan for health care. fix and replace. since its going into play in a few days.

and thus just when one thinks the repubs and scared dems who know the roller coaster wreck of health care will be used against them including maybe by voters plus the clock ticking down till the thing is fully implemented at least the pars that have not gone kablooey yet . which also now may according to the white will include the website working . knowing time is running out . the repubs now have gotten ahold of another weapon against the health care act. lawsuits making the courts deal with the night mare. now challenges piece by piece on the thing. with scotus no doubt having like roe vs wade a few times having the thing visit them espically over their ruling that the manadte was legal because its a form of tax. which now they have to decide if its a tax then is it even legal since all taxes and matters of the purse are done in the house not the senate not to mention challenges of how the thing was even passed. as looks like the repubs and some dems are going to go into the new year still stuck and wasting time trying to do away with obamacare. new weapon tie the thing up legally by court challenges. which will even those scotus deal with will be moot for the thing will be in play and no stopping it .

and after so long of threating by both sides and a real change to how the senate operates mostly unpresidented the senate on a vote to 31 went through and nuked the filebuster making so now that a sixty majority is not needed to pass any thing the barest of threshholds and have the repubs seeing red and vowing payaback plus screaming that the majority can really run rough shot over the minority on besides the reason the nuke got used nominess including judicial ones that caused the threat but also could now mean fianly the senate could pass some much needed bills or if the repubs try to block them may have enough votes to stop them. but right now the nuke option is for noms held up by the repubs who are already vowing payback and also waiting when they could use the new rules to like push a senate vote someday for repealing obamacare again. as the senate makes a move no one ever thought would happen ever changing things. dropping a nuke on the filebuster. though they should just save themselves any more mess with it and just get rid of it.

like last time the repubs went and blocked certain noms of the president including rich corday for a full term as consumer protection head. after a recess appoint. the dems threat to go nuclear on the filebuster. which had the repubs making a deal to avoid such a thing which would then make it harder for them to try and undermine the president when it comes to at least his appointments. and now the option is being talked about but this time may be a reality all over the repubs blocking some of the presidents judical noms for a key court not as harry said because of their qualifcations but just the repubs idoleogy and politics and harry says he can scare up the votes to do so . yep the filebuster will proably wind up nuked even though repubs say do so and when we run things we will do the same thing. since congress can just do a better option and just get rid of the filebuster for good. as dems fed up finaly looking to do nuking on the filebuster