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if though doubtful the justices of scotus now that disney and jack kirbys estate made a settlement in their legal battle. mostly because disney and marvel were so scared scotus would have said to mikey and spidey fu and we  will hear the case. if they still want a comic book case dealing with the same issues they could take up and hear the appeal that the estates of super mans creator joe sigel and jerry shuster filed. after a appeals court gave warners the full rights to superman. saying that shuster estate gave up their rights when they made a deal to get some money for joe who was blind and destitute. plus also stripping siegels estate of their copyright which they had claimed under copyright law to action comics number one. if scotus still wants a comic book case dealing with most of the same issues as the kirby one they could still take the super man appeal. but odds are they won’t

and thus mostly to avoid risking scotus proably weighing in and deciding that marvels practices when it came to work for hire stuff like deciding that once a creator back in the early days of marvel signed their checks they were singing their rights away. was bad.  with the justices being intriqued enough to wind up monday in chambers talk about and debate about taking up jack kirbsy appeal of trying to reclaim the copy rights to some of the marvel characters he co created that his estate under the copy right law filed claims to take back kirbys rights which an eappeals court ruled for marvel .  marvel wound up making a settlement with jacks estate. and thus avoided risking the justices deciding what would have been one of the most watched cases of their upcoming term plus weighed in on what counts as work for hire . and was kirby estate actully in their right to reclaim the copyright to his co creations like the x-men captain america which he co created with joe simmon and scotus ruled already that simmon and him owned the copyright not marvel.  and the fantastic four. dismarvel wound up to avoid the justices maybe even considering the appeal made a deal with kirby. which means proably long over due back royalties. but mostly disney was scared the justices would have said yes to the appeal. the way they were intriqued with all the briefs they were getting asking them to do so.

and in a ruling of 5 to 4 and a little blow to the president . but making it clear that the ruling only applies to birth control not other things companies may object too even though most say some companies may use the ruling to deny gay couples coverage or be against covering blood transusions or vacs. the court ending their term ruled in 5 to four that even if hobby lobby is a for profit company it does not have to cover birth control since it is against the owners religeous beliefs but only for as justice scalie said for companies that are closely held like privatly own like hobby lobby is and the ruling does not include walmart. saying the ruling does not mean every company can go nope won’t cover that against my religeon. just private held companies like hobby lobby. which means if a female worker there wants birth control the court says the government under the health care act will have to cover it. as scotus shows that corporations are people at least hobby lobby by saying the government can not force them to cover something like birth control due to their religeous beliefs but only companies that are privatly held and are similar to hobby lobby. not all companies. narrowing the ruling as they finish their term.

and thus the last cases scotus will rule on to end their term come monday will be the last of the most watched cases besides one involving unions. as one of the last two rulings of the current term will be the hobby lobby case over if a corporation can use their religeous beliefs to not comply with parts of the health care act. mostly if hobby lobbys owners can forgo covering birth control with the justices already hinting even if they have proven they favor corporations having some free speech rights too. that they may for once lean against hobby lobby saying ruling for them could lead to some company using religeous beliefs to deny covering blood tranfusions or vacinations . as the last ruling coming for scotus term ending monday the hobby lobby health care case .

proving that the justices on scotus have a sense of humor after all espically since it took one not to go wtf to the government for even going so far as to use the wmd act to go after a woman who was doing nothing but seeking revenge against her ex for knocking up her best friend and proving to do a stupid job of it as judge roberts speaking for the court stated that the government went over board using the wmd treaty to prosicute carol ann bond who was caught using lacing everything in the house of her target myrlinda hayes a mixture of chemicals she took from work and got from amazon which the result being myrilinda got a chemical burn on her finger she later washed up. saying that the treaty does not give the government the right to decide what is in ones kitchen cupboard could be considered a weapon. plus that act used to prosicute things like ricin and mustard gas would make things like dish soap and vinagar wmds. for keeping a straight face roberts said all the lady did was try and punish her husband for cheating on her and she could not do that right. for the government over stepped their bounds using the act. but the court fell short of ruling the treaty unconstitional just saying the government should not have used the act to prosicute carol for her revenge scheme of using chemicals against her husband and best friend for cheating with each other and her ex knocking up myrilinda . plus proving the justices do have a sense of humor when it comes to some cases that scream stupid over reach.

at least one should be happy the case did not give the justices a chance to try and make some repubs dream come true the demise of the civil rights act. instead ruling 6to 2 and showing that maybe proof some more that race and color should not matter at all. mostly maybe a nail in a future coffin of affirmative action. the justices in a 6to 2 ruling upheld citing the constitution itself and the courts prior ruling on the issue does not give judges the right to undermine the right of voters uphodling michs ban on using race as a decision along with other states ban and some exectuive orders by governors. even as the two justices who disent said the ruling tramples miniorties rights. other wise scotus with their ruling stated that the bans are just allowing mich to not use race when it decides something like admission to collegs. any more trying to equel the playing field. and doubtful congress will over turn this ruling .

one has to now wonder what with their citizen united ruling and now their ruling that under free speech and also which most see as the justices getting closer to totaly gutting campain finacing laws. the justices ruled that one can now under free speech given to as long as they stay in the set limits as many groups as they want when there was a limit of how many politicians or groups one could donate fund this mixed with citizen united that open up unlimitted pacs. almost gurentees and also a gift to the repubs . taking the senate one has to wonder if the justices are on the take with their ruling or what a republican run congress now.

interesting the justices of scotus should relize that by deciding they were going to have a say on if the president did legaly use his power to make recesss appointment’s even when the senate was just haveing a pro temp thing to try and prevent that. that saying the president did not use the power legaly is setting up a shift of power. plus the fact that the justices decdiding as their first case the issue on if the president can indeed under the constitution use the power to do an end run around congress and fill some vacancys when they are not in session. like the president did. including consumer protection head richard corday. not to mention ruling aganst the president would set up gridlock by congress of never being able to have any of his vacancies filled. and also go against the founding fathers too. as scotus setting up a shift in power and also maybe turning against the very founding fathers by deciding the constitutionality of the presidents recess appointment powers as their first case.

the rate obamacare keeps sprouting up new leaks when the president thinks its got fixed. now another thing pops up this time after ruling that the thing is constitutional scotus gets to visit and decide the fate of another part of it. this time the issue is the birth control mandate. mostly if business like home depot can have the right to deny birth control under their claim of it violating their religeous beliefs. yes home depot and a few others are asking the justices if its okay for them to not follow the birth control mandate part of the act. citing the reason religeous beliefs. and the justices decided to take the case. the rate obamacare is winding before scotus wonder why the justices just don’t rule on the whole thing including the mandates once and for all clarifing their last ruling. for the repubs and dems who have turned against the act now. seem to have a new weapon against obamacare just file and ask scotus to deal with its legality piece now by piece. this time the birth control mandate and religeous reasons for places like home depot to say nope not going to comply against my beliefs

even with a shut down going on. the supremes of scotus kick off work for their new term. today with it being most saying kind of a sequel thing. from affirmative action cases again. to another case of campain finacing mostly this time the justices hearing and deciding should which ought to make some conservatives and repubs happy deciding on if the limit on what one can give to campaines should go just like they freed corporations from a limit of campain money . individiuals could fine no limits. plus also on the docket is the justices will decide the presidents power to make recees appointments. taking up an appeal of a lower court that ruled the president violated his power when he made a recess appointment of some pannel members and robert corday to run the consumer protection agency the first time around. plus also for the first time in a while the court is dealing with abortion though odds are it will not have them over turn roe vs wade. the abortion cases. mich putting restrictions on how far abortion clinics can be . and ohio banning the offering of abortion drugs like ru420 . as the court kicks off its new term with it appearing to be a sequel thing. and with out thing possible the court not over turning citizen united with the new case of campain financing.