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though the thing has no chance of reaching the presidents desk for there is no way the house will even bring the thing up for a vote and the senate will proably have some repubs filebuster it  any way if it even was allowed for debate or vote there too. neverless the dems are planning on trying to pass a gay civil rights bill which among other things would make it illegal for some one to get fired for being gay or trans or bi plus also would ban discrimantion for housing .  but the thing has no chance on passing even if dems get some repubs to sponsor it in the senate. for the only way it will is when the house and senate are in dems control again and then it would be their first priority .

putting it after getting enough votes to have the thing be able to be voted on . and wanting for the president to wind up having to sign in in the stack of bills before they go running for the july 4 break . the senate has kept the presidents hope for having the power to make trade deals alive by managing to get the vote  to advance and  up for votes on it  so they can just send it to the house for a final bill and the president at last can be happy he has trade power that and his successor will too now maybe if the senate manages to get it to his desk now . as trade power keeps alive won’t die like a bad penny for congress.

and looks like even though the repubs proably don’t like it yet want if for the next future repub president to have. the senate before they got ready to run for the memorial day holiday wound up finaly passing fast track trade which now heads to the house which will take it up when back and odds are the president will have it on his desk by the first week of june and start even using the power. even though some dems also object to it mostly fear it will be used by repubs to undo the reform of wall street. as senate winds up taking care of fast track trade dealing and running.

and thus also giving the house more time to get the support it needs when it sooner or later gets the fast track bill. since unlike the senate the house does not have the bipartisian support to pass fast track  powers. giving them more time and taking a second attempt after agreeing to take up a couple bills that the dems wanted included and could have been a poison pill for the deal yet some other demands by the dems  could yet once again give the deal a poison pill. plus could the dems against the thing as it stands filebuster it again as the senate goes for fast track for a second time will a third time happen.

and while there is debate going on over another pipeline in south dakota being built in south dakota . the old keystone pipeline is not forgotten as senator rounds is saying now that the senate will proably finaly be voting on the thing some time soon. which was a given once repubs took the senate unless the dems stop it. plus the fact that the state dep has yet to rule on it . not to mention the bill will be another veto from the president. which should be interesting that one of rounds votes as a south dakota senator is  not only over a controversial thing keystone pipeline. but also is set up for a veto which congress does not have enough to override.

and thus the president can be happy he does not have to use his vetoe pen and make the repubs fired up and mad. since they don’t have enough to override one. though the new senate with the repubs running it will just vote and pass keystone pipeline again and then get the vetoe but for now congress and repubs lost a battle with the keystone pipeline being reality and facing having the president write veto on the bill.  for now as keystone goes down by the senate.

and after the house has once again passed the keystone pipeline and just asking for a veto. the senate now is trying to follow suit at last over it espically getting the votes to finaly pass it since they are short the 60 and lost a key vote with tims johson saying nope he will vote no against it yes tim as one of his final acts before he retires as south dakota congress member and replaced by rounds. says he will not vote for the keystone pipeline when it comes up for the vote this week. since one of congress first acts in their lame duck session is pass keystone and try and see if the president will sign it or veto it. which if he does veto congress has no support to over ride it  as the first order of the senate for the lame duck pass keystone pipeline get the votes now that a key one with tim is not happening.

and some where even though its not over plus the fact that certain races even after the vote are counted including a potential run off in georgia. that somewhere already the repubs are getting the champane chilled and ready to pop over retaking the senate tomorrow after the vote is in even though the voters are the ones who will be deciding in the end who is going to be running things and how the rest of the president term is going to run its course will he be having to wind up with the veto pen never leaving his hand or will he be able to just deal with what he has been dealing with divided congress. 24 and some party will be poping champane over having the senate in their hands.

and thus congress once again now finishes it work till after the midterms with one big thing still unfinished besides a minium wage raise since the repubs in the senate blocked it again even attached to a must pass bill. but also for woman  the repubs once again short circuited their chance to finaly have equel pay in the work force get paid the same amount their male workers get  the senate tried and once again failed to get it passed even though odds are if they had the house would kill the thing. as congress leaves still one big thing left unfinished and also for repubs could have helped them with woman voters. equal pay shot down again in senate.

and thus proving that when it comes to studnents once again the repubs and some dems favor the college loan companies making a fortune instead on high rates as a for the second time a bill that would allow people to refinace their student loans at a lower interesting rate got blocked again in the senate guess the repubs must really want to make an enemy of the bills sponsor elizebeth warren so she runs when her seat is up again . never the less the senate is sure to try again on the bill. but sadly proably not till after mid terms since congress only planned to work this week and then run. as once again students  have to be at the mercy for hopefuly till the bill finaly passes of high interest rates and some shaddy loan shark like lenders. in the market almost as the repubs in the senate keep the bill to lower rates from moving to passage though maybe the next time  it will pass