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and after everything was done since most of the episode was nothing but music including some famous muscians doing duets with the finalists. and als shakira saying she enjoyed her time as coach on the view as carson told her and usher that they will always have a chair open. but also happy they have gwen and parnell for fresh blood. plus the couches did a little filler montage thing including all the times adam said one song just to get some one on his team was his fav. and when all of that was done. in the end and ushers first win as coach on the voice. josh walked away with capping the voice sixth season as the winner. as the voice wrapped up another season. and shakira says so long to being a couch

and now there are five left for the voice. as blake joins shakira and usher with only one team member left jake. usher has josh, shakira kept kristina and adam manage to luck out in the end with both kat and kristina. yes kat made it through again. but he lost delvon and blake. his team wound up with just jake now as audra and shasandra got sent packing ending their run which means adam has a little advantage having two of his team still left everyone else one which means some one next round could be out of the running. as the top five now remain for the voice.

given how after last nights voice had the judges really nab contestants. with blake still behind. and thus also making it so adam, skakira and usher now have only a few slots left of the twelve spots for their teams. could one of the judges wind up filling up their team tonight . like since adam and shakira are both in the lead could one of them fill up their teams already and then spend the rest of the blind auditions just sitting in their chair watching the contestants perform and maybe drop hints to the other judges turn your chair. could a team get filled tonight on the voice.

and it did not take long and the judges on the voice came out fighting for contestants. pulling out every thing from usher even showing his mussels to get one contestant. to shakira and blake even working together against adam when all three turned their chairs plus one contestant who was on the voice one other time and did not get any chairs came back and got the judges to go with him and he went with usher. then adam wound up nabbing the first duo and fell to the floor in shock. they picked him. as shakira proved she is ready to fight even taking jabs as blake and adam saying adams mind is on his wedding. plus also offering to call miranda to come mentor asking blake for the okay since she did not call her yet. plus no mention of ceelo not coming back or who will be his replacement aka not saying usher now has his chair for good. as the judges come out fighting to get their teams on the voice. with adam leading and could wind up having his twelve proably by next two episodes first.

and thankfully. adam. usher and shakira all get to play another round as their team members were not sent packing in fact sasha was the first saved. and thus now five remain. which are daniel, michele. sasha, amber. and the swon brothers the last saved. which meant blake finaly lost one of his team members. since the swons count as one player being a dueo. so when the votes were counted holly wound up sent home and blake now has three team members .as there are now five left getting closer and closer to one being the voice champ. as blake finaly loses a player holly sent home.

not only did voice fans and adam get a little kick in the guts mostly due to fan favorite judith going home. yes judith from team adam along with sarah were the ones sent packing leaving just adam with amber left. which also ment usher and shakira are still in this thing yet. plus adam has also caused some new little controversy by being caught on a hot mike saying as a joke he hates this country . clarifing it was how this country votes on music competitions like idol and the voice that he did not mean he hates his country. plus the little joke was over judith going home. instead of going on some more. given her talent. as adam gets hit big time with his team on the voice down to one. and also causes some little controversy by saying a bad joke of hating this country . mostly how it votes for the voice and idol

and come the results tonight. if one were shakara or usher . they would be really worried and having a plan b in play for once the results are revealed . shakira or usher could still find themselves now out of the competion for the results tonight could wind up dropping the decimation bomb on them and no more team shakira or usher to go on to try and win the voice. for even if blake and adam lose one player tongight. shakira and usher are still looking at total elimation themselves losing their team with one member each as the voice results could wind up with one judge totaly out of the running in the end. will it happen?

both usher and shakira really are not doing so hot on the voice as now they are both down to one team member left. as the voice seems to be leading up to a showdown with adam and blake who after with his wife miranda did a touching tribute to the victims in oak. the results happened. with adam as expected his whole team still standing with his first save judith who it would be surprising if she did not wind up as one of the final two. and blakes team including the swan bros who were the last ones saved remain in tack. sending jesia and chris home leaving both usher and shakria down to one team member left and then if they lose them both in the next elimination they will be dessimated. both not having real good luck as judges on the voice this season as shakira and usher now down to one team member each in the top eight for the voice.

and thus what ought to make some voice fans happy those who really may not like christian and celo. the voice is winding up for its next few seasons going to play musical judges with kristiana and celo coming back for the next season and then after wards usher and shaqkira will be back in their seats for the season after wards yes season five or maybe its season six turns out will have shakira and usher back in the chairs again . adam and blake stay put still though the voice should just keep shakira and let christiana go and maybe keep switching with usher and celo from time to time. as the voice is playing musical judges for its next few seasons. kristiana and celo then usher and shakira sitting in the chairs for seasons to come.

even though she cites wanting to spend more time with her baby and do a new record as the reason now that after this current season and joining usher since celo is coming back. never the less the voice come season five will be back to the same ole pannel of judges as not only is celo back but now christina made it known she is going to be back on the voice next go around that and her paycheck of 16 million. the voice should just keep shakira for she added some spice. but now that is not going to even be a possibility as shakira out and christina back for season five judge shake up which was going to happen with celo and christiana saying they took a season off to fullfill some oblications. like tour and promote their new albums. though shakira was more firey as a judge for chrisitna was boring.