and it finaly happend that a few con artists manage to sneak on to the shark tank and one wound up with a deal from the sharks plus some one walked away from a deal because the person couldn’t stand the shark making the offer aka mr wonderful. not to mention some one finaly wound up with the sharks talking about pms. from a guy who created some hair style stuff only to start losing deals with the sharks by revealing he is also uses you tube and wound up with barbara making an offer for himself yes a shark for the first time ever makes a deal for the person after the offer their own brand. deal taken. then came a woman who made candy for the times when a woman has pms no deal. plus the fact she was going through the symptoms as she pitched the thing. then came an app for cards that would include weedings and wound up with a deal from mr wonderful. and last came the one who wound up refusing the deal because he would have to work with mr wonderful. even though as a pissed off mark cuban tried to get the other sharks to see the guy was a con artist when he as part of his pitch for a behavior mod watch. he produced studies some other scientists made and then said he backed out of trials. but got some offers any way and lost and kept talking and then when mr wonder ful decided he was going to put an end to the guy with a deal the guy said no way. as cons and mr wonderful get some on shark tank.