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and thus the sharks seem to be so accustomed after so long to be working together that they are even making deals for each other as barbara did for lauria when a woman came in with her frosting company dollop and wound up with barbara making an offer along with mr wonderful and making her offer with lauri involved lauri said now but barbara still struck a deal. and then she did it again on a makeup company. then some one needs to make it a new meme. a couple of kids came in with their snap on jewelry company making big deal but when the sharks started doing their thing. the young lady started letting her nerves get to her and started crying which had robert coin the phrase kevin aka mr wonder ful will you leave the tank your making the children cry the thing should be a new meme . kevin your making the children cry . but they did not get a deal . then came a group who created the love child of a skateboard and surfboard calling it of all things the spooner and needed the sharks to help them expand and wound up with a deal by barbara and mr wonder ful so fast before the other sharks could make a deal. plus proving now the sharks have been together so long they are making deals for each other . not to mention surprised the censors allowed the guys to reveal their product name with being censored.

one thing those who are trying to be on shark tank should learn by now be clear what exactly you are wanting a deal for and don’t argue with the shark and come off like the copvano guy as one guy did both things. one he could not explain pervectly what his business is and two kept arguing with the sharks and go no deal. then came a couple who wanted a deal for their company that made brazilian cheese bread got a deal. then came some fashion desingers who managed get a deal. and came a lady who created a thing to keep socks together even in the wash but ticked the sharks off by doing a sock puppet demo. only while after all the sharks said no she wound up while walking out of the board room not only being chased down by damion but got a deal. coming soon to bath bed and beyond. the sock clip.

and thus proof that  people are so wanting a deal with the sharks of shark tanks they will try to improve some old stuff and crap. from a guy who created disposable bed sheets and kept getting told they would be great for hospitals no deal.  to coths that shrink a deal plus some grip cream almost got a deal . then came filters of all things. no deal as some good things if done right and old stuff turned to crap on shark tank.

and shark tank will have its spin off keeping it company in the fall as beyond the tank got an okay by abc for fall. as for once some one said the one words the sharks don’t like to hear including mr wonder ful. i am not in it for the money as one guy who wanted some money because of his new break through in medical research  making fake body part better stated he was not in it for the money but manage to get a deal any way just because the sharks like the idea. then came a design thing called zoom. deal. followed by two guys who wanted a deal for all things tanning booths for beaches the sharks said no deal but the guys kept on talking.  then came a first on the show a company that makes action figures of some one using a picture sent them of their heads and a  3d printer making the person their own superhero. they wound up with a few offers and got a deal from mark. as toys and tanning and medical research came for the sharks on shark tank plus fans will get to see what happens after wards too as spin off got picked up .

and just proving the owners of one company either know what they are doing or going to wind up with their company  a clothing company which also makes its stuff in america gone soon mostly after getting a few deals on shark tank even though the sharks really were not imppressed they kept turning them down yes saying no to a deal .  one from mr. wonderful and one from robert after all the sharks passed. no deal . then came an  app to gureentee tickets and seats at events no deal.  then a guy created a new type of insole and got a deal  plus a pair of ladies who created packs of fan zines stuff wound up with a deal after all  the things are for the super fans of some one. even gave the sharks a sample. as one company is taking a risk by refusing a deal even though all the sharks were going to say no.

and thus proving that anything can show up in shark tank even old ideas like moss and baby wipes. from a couple of ladies who made a new form of baby wipes the kids go for and also have a patent pending wound up getting a few deals one if they get a cherry flavor added to the line up by barbara and they agreed. then came a new way to hook up connectors they wound up with a deal from all sharks mark cuban yes mark cuban who really does not  deal much in electric stuff .  and made one of his time limits to take the deal. then came a company that goes through books adding links including to real life inspirations for some things in the book. no deal.  then came a guy who created a new form of moss pitt moss and wound up getting a deal as the shark tank proves any thing can be worthy with some smarts of getting them thinking do they want to make a deal or not. even moss

and what should be another lesson for those who get into the shark tank if you manage to get a deal even if you don’t like it just take it for the long  just having the sharks expertise will help ones company . plus make sure to have an item all sharks can test to see if they want to do a deal. as one little girl who has a lemonade company found out when Lauri had to pass on making a deal due to being allergic to lemonade but she liked the little lady.  and in the end sweet bee lemonade got a deal . then came a search engine that lets a person find out perfectly all about where they live. and he manage to get a deal.  then came a skype version for pets. with the inventors saying that it makes it so ones pet is not lonely when one is gone like at work. ahh did some one not tell the couple dogs and cats don’t use the computer or skype. and as expected no deal. and then came a guy who needs to learn to not argue with those who are offering money for your company even if your making some money.as a guy who makes tshirts with the words home on them wound up after getting a couple offers from the shark arguing and saying he can’t do that figure for its wrong and winding up losing the deal . as tech and feelings of home came a calling on shark tank. some deals but a few walked away with nothing for not only having a idea that is unworkable but also having an ego that one could not see all the skills one would get with having a deal with the sharks.  for the sharks did not make their fortunes being stupid like that they know the numbers for a company to work.

and shark tank wound up almost having a rare episode where every one got a deal. till one of the people asking the sharks for a deal wound up pissing them off by her actions when a lady coming in with some lingeri that she even has special writting on asked for a deal she almost got the sharks interested by her arueging wound up costing her any deal including with damien. one by one they said by bye. plus getting a revisit after the first time he came to the shark tank  a guy selling some new ways to serve meat wound up getting a deal the second time around.  then came a guy with gloves that light up and got a deal with the sharks fighting over who would be best.  plus came a thing called auq vault  got a deal. as shark tank almost came close to having every one one walk away with a deal.

another thing one should take into account with entering the shark tank give the sharks all the details and don’t try  come off arrogant as one guy did to the point when he was trying to get a deal for his sports shirt mostly by mark who was trying to get him to see some of his claims he was making about his shirt was asking for trouble. but the guy showing how arrogant he was just argued and argued. but still manage to get a deal.  at last after the other sharks warned him tone it down.  then came a guy who created a kit for beards yes a beard kit. but  mostly because of the limited market did not get a deal. then  came some new music equipment by the guys who created guitar hero. but they did not get a deal . for could not convince the sharks that they were right on their value . plus kevin and lori wanted a royalty on top of their offer for ever. then came a belt begging damion for a deal failed.as on guy on shark tank learned the hard way don’t enter the tank arrogant and acting like you are a god for all it may get you is on the sharks bad side and a deal lost.

one thing those who go on shark tank should learn that if you want to counter your offer do it to the shark who made the offer not one of the others for one its rude and two its a good way to get the sharks pissed off enough that you will not get your deal and proably told get out of the tank as one guy who was part of a group called sour shine did that when he did not like one offer he was getting from damion he went after and argued with mark instead which had the other sharks telling the guy hey look talk to the shark making the offer dumb butt and some how they got a deal. as for other things a couple wound up combining a jungle gym with a trapoline but the sharks said no deal mostly out of safty concerns and the risk the kids its targeted to would get bored after while. then came a lady who created a business supplying female golf caddies no deal mostly only a few sharks liked golf.  and then a lady with red dressess who does bundles with a dress and stuff she got a deal. but mostly when one is in the shark tank wanting to counter a deal make sure its the shark who is giving you the offer other wise one can eaisly have the sharks saying nope and think one is ego and an ass.