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and when he finds himself about bankrupt  including having to put a for sale sighn on the polar bear  and also replacing his hounds with poodles. and also proving that mr. burns is not really up to date on things. desperate for money mr burns falls for a nigeria scheme.  while homer and lisa hang out for take your daughter to work day again. only to wind up having to watch the princes sister which has marge mad since he could be home doing that with maggie. and then  sparks fly when she sneaks off to moes and the two hit it off  . even after learning she is from nigeria and moe admits he fell for a scam. to homer who comes looking for her and then even chases them as they go on a date around town and moe gets a kiss only to have her admit to her brother who is upset and cancels the deal for goats  that she has no feelings for moe.  plus the fact she even holds up the qwiki mart. as moe gets love denied again and mr burns proves he is so old he is even dumb enough to fall for  a scam. on the simpsons.


and not only does disney get some simpsons love mostly bart and homer and family visiting their version of disney land including that it has the star wars characters all over the park which is going to a reality but all the lines but when lisa and family find a new ride they wind up getting more then they expected as they are whisked away to the home planet of kang and kodos with homer saying hey what gives its not halloween since they always show up for tree house of horror.  the reason kang and kodos have decided that the simpsons as part of their culture are to be lunch . and even after homer gets rescued by the underground of them who are just love child aliens. homer still winds up on the menu only to wind up with the family turning out due to their diet poison for kang and kodos species so instead they go back to earth with maggie driving. as kang and kodos make a non halloween appearance on the simpsons.

when homer decides he does not want lisa to grow up and no longer want to spend time with him even though lisa knows some parents like homer play with their kids only to keep them quiet. homer winds up escaping into a fantasy world where springfield is made of legos ala a rif on the lego movie. but then goes nuts when after he touches a certain set lisa wants he sees his true animated form. while bart winds up finaly getting to destroy the school while he and milhouse are trying to get a skunk. only to have to rebuild brick by brick and set after school set that skinner keeps getting. while homer finaly after having a tea party with lisa relizes trying to remain in the fantasy world will rob him and lisa of a full life. so he winds up going back to the android dungeon to get the set to go home only to have comic book guy who knows the truth make sure homer does not go without a fight that winds up with bart building a giant robot that includes a cannon that fires skinner lego head and homer after kissing lego marge goes home to his real life. as the simpsons get legoed.

and when the nursing home is shut down. homer and marge and the simpsons have to wind up taking in abe but not only grandpa but also jasper and one other senior. and marge starts with every there gets scared seeing what homer will be like when he is grandpas age. as bart and nelson bond over sharing that they wear hand me down under wear . barts homer and nelson his mothers then the two wind up with kerny and jimbo in a parody of the warriors where bart is framed for taking out the bullies gang figure head. and thus like the warriros a race by bart and co back to springfield. including even the one guy doing the bottle clicking fingers . as marge and homer accept that they will be abes age some day too. and have to adjust to new house guests plus homer even helps out bart. by sending the one bully away. as under wear and new house guests thrown at the simpsons plus the classic film the warriors get parodied.

tired of the high price of movie tickets homer goes into business for himself having his own back yard theatre and uses his computer to play the discs from his netflix account. which causes marge to soon turn him in for piracy . and then the guilt gets to her over betraying homer who thinks its someone else.only to be shocked when marge is revealed as the one who turned him in.which given how many times homer has wound up in prison the thing is just old school for him though bart and lisa do try and help homer keep out of the hands of the feds. as homer adds movie piracy to rap sheet on the simpsons.

and homer winds up getting himself into a real big hole after he sneaks off to play poker telling marge he is working when she asks him to spend some time with the kids. on the simpsons. only to wind up helping a lady deliver her baby in the elevator that homer starts to bond with calling the baby homer junior which doesn’t take long and marge finds out even when homer tells her the reasons of baby homer then after homer jr at the zoo tries to send maggie packing marge says no more. while lisa winds up as a cheerleader for the isotopes and when she learns their boss is making money off of them but not sharing it she winds up unionizing the cheerleaders that leads to other woman going on strike only then after the cheerleaders become so annoying and fans wind up with the cat lady and patty and thelma as cheerleaders. a deal is made and the cheerleaders start getting some money from merch. as homer says goodbye to junior when his dad comes home . junior proving homer left an impression on him.

besides airing as a tribute bart the lover earlier. the simpsons paid their respects to marcia wallances time as Edna k. from bart writing on the chalk board we will miss you mrs. k. to at the end of the episode edna is shown on her desk as the credit rolls and gives one more ha. the episode had the citizens of springfield dealing with their regrets after burying a guy named chip. from marge thinking bart is the way he is now from her listing to kiss music when she was pregnant with him. to homer trading all his apple stock for a bowling ball. where mr. burns reveals his regret was losing the one woman he truely loved and then tracking her down and finaly planning to seal the deal only to have her die and turn to dust on him. as bart gets stuck doing a little impression of up in a basket . which has homer save the day with his bowling ball and a cannon. but mostly the simpsons also paid tribute to Marcia by saying bye in their own way.

and less then forty eight hours and simpsons fans will see not only a couch gag dealing with the hobbit but also the show paying its respects to marcia wallace who passed away and was the voice of edna krapel. by first a new episode come sunday then to honor marcia in the place of american dad fox will air an episode way from season three where wanting revenge for getting a months of detention bart paysback edna by answering her personal add. a way old episode from the early seasons of the simpsons. as 48 hours fans will hear Marcia voice as edna one last time come sunday as the simpsons say goodbye to her . still no official word on how they plan to retire Edna . for doubtful it happens in the episode coming up yet.

and for the 24 time the simpsons got into the halloween spirit. from del torro doing the couch gang that had referances to some of his own films like hell boy and pans labrinith and even a cameo by steven king in it writitng all work and no play makes jack a dull boy with bart. as even dr. seus got the simpsons treatment in the first story . with homer as the cat in the hat who shows up to have some fun with bart maggie and lisa who have the mumps on the day soda is banned while marge goes out. and even the lorax gets riffed on as a symbol of people giving into merchidising. plus mr. burns as the grinch. the second had bart wind up losing his head in a kite accident and gets it attached to lisas body like burns and homer did once. and then when learning while lisa is asleep bart controls things he decides to take control for good by having them about to be sawed in half only to wind up both lose their heads and get reattached to krusty. and selma. bart getting the worse of the choices plus dr. nick and hibert also get attached to each other. and then the last one had the characters a circus freaks. with homer the strong man who plots with marge who has two differant color eyes to murder moe for his emerald ring. by marge marrying moe only homer learns who the real freak is . espically when he finds they finaly whacked the circus owner mr. burns. as the simpsons get in the mood for halloween by the old tree house of horrors with the couch gag opening done by a horror master del torro.

and hard to believe and if nothing else a way to kill time till the finale of breaking bad airs. the simpsons have their season premire. with them riffing on the show homeland the episode entiled homer land.  and just as that show also kicks off its new season tonight. with the fbi having to help lisa try and figure out why homer is being nice to every one for a change. and kicking off season 25 yes 25 seasons now of the simpsons kick off with tonights premire. and then to top it off the  upcoming treehouse of horror will have none other then Guilmo del torro directing . yes del torro is doing the simpsons for their 25 season. now kicking off tonight with homer vs the fbi and the family riffing on homeland . something to kill  a little bit of time before breaking bads swan song.