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and thus making it very clear that the south dakota legislature will just now be wasting their time when and if they take up the bill to legalize medical marijuana even though there is always a chance they can just try and override a veto governor daugard made it clear when asked about it that he will not sign the bill should it be on his desk he will veto it for not doing any thing with it would make it law any way. and since it would take two thirds of the legislature to over ride the veto. medical marijuana now is all but dead in south dakota for a bit. as the south dakota legislature should they take up the issue will just be asking for a veto by governor daugard . medical marijuana fate all but decided a no go in south dakota.

and thus now in three weeks the south dakota legislature will be back in business with a big agenda the top things teachers pay fix which most hope only as a last resort to do a tax raise. plus also the big thing medicare expansion . mostly the big hard thing daugard will have to work on selling since given the repubs are against it so having it sail through to his desk will be a battle. plus also a few stupid bills one to make south dakota get out of the marriage license business all together due to the gay marriage ruling and that old transgender bathroom bill of utter noncense . yes those two things of bigotry and stupidity will air their heads in the legislature proably after at least either medicare expansion is dealt with and no doubt killed or passed by a miracle some how or the teachers pay one. odds are the first two things teachers pay and medicare expansion. as in three weeks some fun for south dakota happens the legislature back in session .

and as daugard goes around saying his bits like find the 75 million for teachers pay.and also his big sell medicare expansion admitting that it will be a hard sell for south dakota’s legislature given that the repubs have since day one been against the health care act. never the less daugard is working on trying to get the votes to pass the thing. knowing the work he has to do since its one of the tough things the south dakota legislature besides teachers pay they will have to deal with and the governor has to sell for results being the things passed.the biggie the medicare expansion . for odds are it won’t happen.

and thus proving in south dakota  espicaly more so with gays winning a key civil right.  nothing including stupid assine bills are dead for long as far as the south dakota legislature is concerned. plans are already a foot for the bill that would require trans students if they want to play school sports they would have to play as the sex that is stated on their birth certificate . since most of the legislatures figure that young trans kids have not made the step of changing their gender on their birth certificate normaly a last step if one changes sex fully. citing that as  a reason but mostly proving the legislatures in south dakota don’t like letting some bills die till it gets vetoed by the governor and they can’t over ride it . coming to the south dakota legislature the old bill to make trans kids play sports as the sex that is listed on their birth certificate and its has bipartisian support to wind up on daugards desk and the odd chance it dies there  a third attempt will get made with it.

and talk about surprises when it comes to education. not only did duagard after the legislature forgot funding for his pannel to study how to improve education in south dakota  by taking some funds from some reserves  plus the fact that  the panel is getting legislatures on board and seeing something needs to be done including teachers pay. but now what has to be some new proof that maybe south dakota has finaly gotten the message that education needs to be a priortity. there is now talk of the governor calling a special session of the legislature to deal with education  yes a special session may be called for education. which given the view of the goverment of south dakota when it comes to education. will be amazed if the thing does happen.

and thus south dakota legislature will have some thing new when they meet for the next term mostly some new body in the seat that is held by senator hinkley who due to his views including gay marriage wound up causing controversy which put the state into a bad light from time to time. plus also wound up with ann bosworth charged with lieing that he witness all his petition signatures on his ballot though he is working on  a ballot initive to cap pay day loan rates. other wise the legislature will have less controversy till another senator causes some. as citing he has an oppurtunity to do some studying over seas. senator hinkley has called it quits and resigned his seat which means governor daugard will be appointing some one to fill his term now. and also the south dakota legislature may wind up not getting in the news due to some stupid bill sponsored by hinkley and his views on some issues.

and just like the teen minimum wage issue headed maybe for the ballot and would freeze the law till the the vote. another issue the legislature messed with mostly changing the way independent canidates can get on the ballot in south dakota by making it that any one who signs their petition can not be a repub or democrat . like the minimum wage  issue groups against the thing are forming to put the issue on the ballot though they have by june to get the numbers plus the person leading the charge his political history is suspect.  other wise south dakota may find their ballot for 2016 dealing with and undoing some of the things the south dakota legislature did  this term.

and thus besides getting a budget though modest due to how funds will decline some time. the south dakota legislature  wound close to winding down its run by giving the governor another of his priorties by passing a bill that raises the fee for fuel by only 6 cents the governor wanted more but will sign  the bill any way happy another of his priorties got taken care of and roads will finaly get some funding to start being fixed. as the south dakota legislature winds down with a couple of the governor getting some of his priorties taken care of this time road repair by a raise of the fuel tax a little one  not the one the governor wanted but he should know that the legislature being repubs would not go for a big tax raise. even to fund things like good roads.

and next for the new week for the south dakota  legislature after spending last week making the nra really not happy by voting down all gun bills before them including one that would let even  security guards at the capitol pack heat with out a permit.  the legislature will start the week with getting highway and road repair funding  dealt with plus also making it so bikers saftey will be improved on the road by dealing a bill that would make it so drivers have to have a cushion of three feet behind  some one on  a bike  .  in other words unlike last week with one issue and three bills. the state legislature will start the new week with two issues the big one being road repair at last.

and thus proving that south dakota seems to want to treat teens as second class citizens and also kind of saying a fu to the the will of state voters the bill that would exempt and freeze the minium wage teens make at just 7 .50 and thus making sure teens will not like older workers get an increase when the wage raises also due to cost of living too. the bill manage to pass the house and is just waiting for governors daugards signature who hopefully will be smart and veto the thing and if not may someone put the thing on the next ballot and vote the thing down. as teens may soon face a minium wage freeze bill to not let them get the raise coming waiting to be signed.