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and hopefully though odds are a third time the charms thing may be needed for teachers pay in south dakota. or given how much time the legislature is wasting on things like denying the right to transgender kids the right to use the bathroom. the issue of teachers pay may wind up being the one issue it takes the whole legislature session to finaly pass . as for the second time and also this time the house can’t delay it to make sure to have the votes to kill it. for the second time after the first attempt went down by one vote. the teachers pay bill is up for another vote and with some saying after getting told by their voters pass the thing some saying they will change their vote. and maybe avoid a third time the charm thing but odds are it may be needed as a second go at giving teachers a much long over due pay raise is a go this week house taking it for round two. hope no third time the charm thing. for the senate will pass it and send it to daugard without any problems.

and this week the south dakota legislature starts a new session . with a big agenda among it expanding medicare with lobbing already begining since the thing is hard sell by even the governor. due to the repub legislature opposed to the idea and also mad that suddely daugard went for it . plus also teachers pay too. mostly how to get new funding for it . another hard sell for odds are any attempt will wind up dead or voted down. but also on the agenda that the legislature will finaly have to deal with is the states rep of being corrupt mostly looking at passing a law making it once again so legislatures can’t be involved in a business contract during their legislative work if they have an interest in it . due mostly from some scandals. the eb5 and the gear up one that lead to the deaths of a family. though the bill like last time will proably go no where not even get a full vote. as the south dakota legislature gets back into business this week with a big agenda. and trying to fix the damage the state rep has now gotten as being corrupt.

and due to it taking longer to count and verify singnatures the fate of some ballot measures including the pay day loan one . which when all the counting is done and the ag verifies every thing . imo that will be the first thing on the ballot the one the industry has been trying every thing to stop even putting a fake one to cap interest at 18 percent but also having an opt out if some one signs an okay. as a waiting game is still going on for what will be on the ballot in south dakota and also what issues south dakotans will want to scream or mute their tvs for when adds saying vote yes or no on this hit the air ways including the one for pay day loans since odds are the industry will do all they can to kill the one that would cap them at 38 percent and try and get their fake one passed. as the waiting game for a ballot to be revealed on what issues need a vote on is still waiting due to a longer then normal vertification and count of signatures. the first one going to be the pay day loan one the good one the cap at 38 percent.

though odds are if the thing gets on the ballot the measure to cap pay day loans at 39 percent in south dakota will proably pass mostly due to the shenagains of the pay day loan companies trying to keep the thing from passing even resorting trying to pass one to cause confusion of it .  that voters may vote for it due to the shenagains. other wise the thing just got a big boost of help as the aarp south dakota branch said they are in favor of the thing and even willing to help get the support to get it on the ballot. should be interesting to see what the pay day loan companies who don’t want this thing passed now do with a big political dog like aarp backing the thing.

and now the rate things are going with the tactics the pay day loan industry is pulling or maybe pulling by having outsiders be gathering signatures for the ballot in south dakota which is against the law in south dakota and already having got a crime victims one caught in their mess mostly for them using the same company. now another ballot has become caught in the crossfire and has told the ag do something a ballot ininitive to legalize a gram of marijuna. for turns out the out of state gathers may have also be gathering signatures for them at this rate south dakota voters may find a smaller ballot in nov as none of the issues may wind up on the ballot all due to trickery by one industry resorting to hiring out siders to do a job violating the law.

and thus the final bits that even though scotus made gay marriage legal including in south dakota. one more thing had to be taken care of mostly the lawsuit challenging the states ban with the 8th circuit court of appeals ruling for the couples  though the ruling does not affect things any more with scotus ruling but allows the lawers to collect fees. as south dakota takes care one of more bit with the gay marriage issue the court challenge taken care of with its ruling.

and like a phoenix the old keystone pipeline even though odds who ever takes over for obama will have to be  the who either finaly okays the thing after so long or just keeps up the thing not  going any farther. till then like a phoenix the thing is back on the board of south dakota officials who will have to give the okay for the part going through it and also the land owers and people effected by it. for since the thing has to keep being approved again and again by the feds. due to the limits on how long the permits last. the thing refuses to die keeps rising like a phoenix . which means south dakotans keep  going on the merry go round debate . as keystone pipeline back from the ashes again. some one either kills the thing for good or just approve it at last and be done with it .

and just like other states who are now going to be like south dakota at least til the legislature dares to try passing a bill to stop granting marriage licenses at all. south dakota like other states are finding that there is still business to deal with from the gay marriage ruling by scotus. mostly ag jankely asking the court to make it known that a business religeous beliefs and citizens too will still be protected since daugard made it clear the state will follow the ruling. plus another piece of business the lawer who got the  ban thrown out is aksing the judge who issued a stay on the ruling to lift it though moslty so he can also finaly get paid for his work. as south dakota and other states are finding that scotus ruling for gay equility is winding up with the state caught with unfished business mostly more court time on the issue.

and even though the battle against the gay marriage ruling from scotus is just a losing one since the justices ruled and said gays are entitled their right to marry as fellow citizen . plus even though ag jankley said that south dakota will abide by the ruling.  some in south dakota are not liking that idea including the legislature who even though the house killed a bill that would make it so south dakota would stop giving marriage licenes at all for either gay or straight couples. the idea is now thanks to lawmaker steve haugard is  planning come the next legislature to try passing his bill again and thinks given how conservative the state is that it may have some chance of passing . mostly using the excuse that  the reason south dakota went with licensing marriage to see if a partner had an std is long gone and not needed.  and scary thing the bill will proably get a look at next legislature hope it does not get to the governors desk if passed.

normaly today is the day new laws including in south dakota will be in effect  all but thanks to a ballot drive that turned out to have enough once verified by the sect of state  one law that will not go into effect in south dakota  the one that made it so those under 18 will not get the minium wage raise which had people mad and seeing the legislature as doing a fu to the voters who passed the thing but now the thing is going to be on the ballot so the law will not go into effect till 2016 and given how much controversy and how mad voters got with the legislature when they passed the thing odds are it may wind up voted  that the thing never be in play . along with one that would have made it impossible for indepent voters to really be part of the process or get on the ballot but mostly as what will be a message to the legislature don’t think of trying an end run around the voters say the teen minium wage bill looks like it will be faceing a death at the ballot now . enough to be on it .