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football fans and nfl officials and those who keep trying to make deflate gate till the full investigation is done by nfl officials and the fine is proably paid by the pats. better be careful for given how coach bellicheck and manning are now busy having to defend themselves and the team over the thing. the maddness over it could become by the time the super bowl rolls around some new motivation for the pats to try and wind up taking the super bowl as their way of saying  wed did nothing wrong even if we deflated balls stick it haters. for some time it takes a scandal or something nasty to cause a team to get their fire going for the championship and the way the pats are having to go on the defense with deflategate . it may wind up a key that has the pats wind up grabbing the super bowl from the seahawks in the end. deflate gate a new weapon the pats may have gotten for their quest to win the super bowl.

and now completing the super bowl puzzle. and going to battle the seahawks for the all the nfl glory and bragging rights plus for the winning players of the winning team the coveted super bowl ring . the pats manage to wind up filling up the other half of the puzzle with their wins over the colts. and thus having buzz talking about how interesting the show down is going to be as the super bowl puzzle now complete with pats vs seahawks one will walk away as the champion. who will it be

and in 24 hours nfl fans will learn which two teams are going to be  battling it out next for all the glory mainly earned their chance to claim the winner of the superbowl. as the final four teams battle it out tommorow. with the seahawks vs their long time rivals the pats. and the colts fight the packers . four battle it out one more time in the playoffs with when all is said and done two will be left standing and getting the right to be on the stage that is the super bowl. who will it wind up being in the end?

and thanks to a fourth quarter rally the packs manage to wind up putting in end to the cowboys super bowl dreams by beating them 26 to 21 and thus setting themselves up for a little battle with the seahawks next week. and also having their super bowl hopes cut down the colts have done the same thing to the broncos as now only four teams are going on to get the nod of playing on the superbowl stage. the teams being seahawks. packs. and colts the packs  stopping the cowboys from doing that instead. as the super bowl card gets closer to being filled.

and now its just seeing how dallas and greenbay and the other teams involved tomorrow do to see which team is going to be one game away to being in the super bowl by then having to beat on one side seatle who just claimed their spot to go try and get in and also the pats who shot down the raven and plucked their chances of a superbowl win. mostly getting to go on and play in it as the playoff puzzle closer to complete one side seatle and the pats next dallas and green bay and their rivals to complete the  journey to wind up with the super bowl card.

and after this weekend. besides the dust clearing and showing which teams after playing the season to get to wind up as one of the eight wild card battles to wind up being one of the teams that will clash for the prize of the super bowl.  the eight  wild cards will wind up being close to the four who will battle to be the last two ones to get that honor as now its not only survival mode for the surviving nfl teams still playing but also a battle to see who gets to go on and claim to be able to fight for the superbowl itsself. as the nfl season gets closer and closer to winding down with a super bowl champion crowned. as the eight wild cards battle it out to not only get down to four but the last two .

and thus the sea hawks not only showed the broncos from the first play who was going to be boss of super bowl forty eight. but also wound up when all was said and done with a score of 43 to eight yes eight. the broncos managed to score finaly but other manage to almost just stand around and let the sea hawks run with the ball . and thus getting pawned with the sea hawks now the champions. and payton denied that super bowl ring which means the brocos will have to try and do it all over for a another superbowl shot. as seattle is now celebrating for the sea hawks owned the broncos and took super bowl forty eight as champions. 43 to eight. that ought to hurt the broncos. the sea hawks deserve congrats for winning.

and now after today the clock will hit the 24 hour mark even as fans are already braving the cold and even camping out now getting ready for what will no doubt be a superbowl that will be talked about for a long time to come. as after today payton and the broncos and the seahawks will have just twenty four hours to prep for battle and their chance to walk out of the super bowl at long last champions . the question is who will be the victors and will payton get his super bowl ring. as the super bowl countdown nearing the 24 hour mark. now which means the broncos and sea hawks get to let it all on the line to either claim victory or lose .

and as the twitterverse and 49rs now not only deal with having the seahawks after they looked like it was there coming and crushing their super bowl dreams. plus that the 49rs now have to do some damage control with player williams rants and rantings he has going on over his foul up play. one thing is now clear to fans that the super bowl come feb 2 or 3rd provided what the weather does. come the super bowl its going to be manning and the broncos vs the seahawks for super bowl glory and rings. as the sea hawks complete the super bowl card next for both teams prep and rest for the battle to come as the seahawks complete the super bowl puzzle with their win over 49rs

and with a score of twenty six to 16 shutting down the pats. and thus also for manning besides getting his shot at getting another super bowl ring. now getting to brag to brady sorry i am going to the super bowl you will just have to watch it on tv. as the broncos are now one part of the super bowl match up . with the other part being who ever wins between the 49rs and seahawks and manning gets his dream another super bowl ring closer to his hands. broncos superbowl bound. shut down pats.