and in a switch two tribes become three forming a new one called taba but cassadra showed why she is a villain when spotting some goats she decided the tribe should eat them. even after the goats malcom caught turned to be a mother and baby she still wanted to eat the goats yes she wanted to eat a mother goat and baby wonder if the lady laughed when bambies mother got whacked . but thankfuly the goats lived plus trazan manage to snag an idol during a challenge. due to a clue he was given. right at a a challenge another twist and for the second time caleb got sent packing from the game though the first time was due to illness and also the same time he made it in the game day nine. as two tribes become three. caleb repeats some survivor history and cassandra shows she is one lady deserving of being a survivor baddie and also cold . by saying we going to get a mama goat and a baby goat. yes willing to orphan a baby.