and thus kicking off season 32 or something. survivor returned at last with fan faves from ozzy to tony to malcome to cassandra the surivor queen to treezan and caleb at last having his shot to play the game. and right away the mara tribe was in trouble from the get go from first forgoing getting a tool kit to tony stirring up the parnoia as he went idol hunting. and winding up after the first tribal sent siera packing. the next one sent tony packing too . right before he could really try and do some damage . as the immunity idol turned out to be a old fashion divers helment. and the other tribe was kicking butt. but mostly survivor kicked off a new season with fan faves back to try again and for cassandra try and make her reign a three time survivor winner. plus will ozzyy learn from his past mistatkes. not to mention in a twist idols are abudent and no revote if there is a tie at tribal.