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and the shocks just came fast for koypa and Human on survivor first the shock that drew got sent packing then the tribes got switched up and mixed one with couples and some just singles. with those who have had their loved one sent packing wondering how they can use the change to their advange. plus only an immunity challenge which the new koypa tribe one. and humpra spent most of the episode talking and arguing about rice even having to make a deal with jeff for some more since they are about out due to not rationing.  so jeff will be taking a payment of something from the tribe again all over rice and kelly the first one voted off from the new tribe dynamic. as the tribes are shaken up and rice seems to be the one thing to talk about on survivor blood vs water


and to say the true test of blood being thicker then water is coming with survivor  has happen is true. as not only two new tribes  coyopi and hunapta were formed but  Jeremy the leader of his tribe sent his wife val to exile island along with keith plus . a hidden idol wound up found when going for water a tribe member found what looks like an idol on the well. as val got a clue to one at exile then came the immunity challenge and coyopi wound having to go to tribal and nadiya voted off the first one of survivor blood vs water guess her time on the amazing race came back to bite her in survivor. plus former nba player john flies

and thus as survivor gets closer to the end the stakes get higher and the alliances crumble. as tony allince decides figuring out he may have a least a hidden immunity idol or the tyler perry one they decide to go for trying to get him to play it at tribal. after not ony does spencer and the lose cannon lady win the reward but spencer gets immunity so they all hatch a plot to even though tony figures sasha is next to make tony play his idols even sasha and holly saying he is their own russel hurze which is really a burn comparing tony to survivor answer to the devil russel. but tony proves he is still in the drivers seat does not play his idols. and sasha goes to the jury as survivor getting closer to the end and the alliance starts to crumble. and target tony losing his one key for the finale the idols.

and with his paranoi really getting going tony knows that after finding out one of his alliance finaly does not trust him and could flip since she won the reward with spencer and tasha group . tony goes hunting for the hidden idol the tyler perry idol and finds it and learns the thing can be played after the votes instead of before yes so means if tony name is written down he can play it after wards.and revote. espically since tasha wins immunity again.and spencer plays his idol and thus sending jerimah to the jury plus woo winds up taking a fall from a mango tree but only hurts his butt.as tony finds another way to survive and alliances start to crumble . and woo takes a little fall on survivor. and the tyler perry idol finaly found. though proably a one time thing.

and thus even as tony eyes wu and spencer even after with his help winning the reward which was spa day and spencer did not reveal he had an idol. in the end and due to tony getting more parnoid . and one lady winning the immunity. in the end and now adding to the jury lj in a blindside by his own alliance went packing voted off of survivor. as jeff once again warns the tribe that the time is coming when alliance members will reach the point where they will go after each other to be in the finale. which is sure to increase tonys paranoia more. as another blindside adds to the jury on survivor lj.

talk about how survivor really has gotten intense . from spencer not only getting a clue to the hidden idol winds up thanks to wu who steals the clue and causes ever one to go hunting still manages to get the idol but its not the tyler perry one. plus then winning immunity too. and come the vote tony narrowly only due to a flip flop winds up going home only for morgan instead to get voted off and the second member of the jury yes survivor alreayd has gotten pass the merge to the jury as the power plays get more nasty and an idol is found. but not the tyler perry one that is surivors own get out of jail free card.

and talking about moving fast. the tribes wind up merging which shows that the numbers game was really that if no flip would be matched even. but some one wound up flipping and in the end after lj and tony both played their idols to save each others asses. in the end and a blindside sarah got sent packing. as the tribes are now one with the number games a big factor. plus also the idols flushed out and now a scramble for another one will be at hand. as seems with sarah sent packing alliances may now be crumbling.

and instead of just one being sent home on survivor tonight two went home. first lindseay after getting into with one of her other tribe mates she goes off and tells jeff who has come to camp that she has decided she needs to quit mostly other wise she would proably go postal on the tribemate that she got into it with and for her sanity needs to leave. so she quits. and the tribe is told. and are not happy . then after winning reward they get to raid the other tribe. and do damage. plus cause some chaos by giving an idol clue to trevor. but in the end the tribe votes alexis off who winds up crying for she wanted to go all the way to the end espically now with the merge coming. as two go out on survivor instead of just one by vote.

and the big question for the brain tribe luraz even as survivor revealed in their preview for tonights episode that even with the tribes switched and reformed. can the brain tribe given their small numbers manage to survive and continue to keep playing survivor now that they have a tribe again after the switch. or will the brain tribe wind up no matter even with a new tribe . wind up going one by one from tribal till no more brain tribe luraz. as a shake up coming on tonights surivvor may either help the brain tribe or wind up hurting them as coming a tribe shake up tonight switch aroo . will it help the brain tribe. or hurt them sending them closer to decemation or will some one else finaly experiance being sent packing on survivor

and so much for the brain tribe Lucana seeming to have found a way to avoid tribal as not only did they come up short in the reward challenge even after practicing with blindfolds at camp but also in a close battle with the beughty tribe since brawn having a former nba player had an advantage when it came to throwing the boueys into the basket. the brain tribe lost and wound up gong to tribal and what is a little payback on tjeria for losing their rice by throwing most of it into the fire out of spite. and making her think spencer would go given the ladies out numbered him. in the end tjera got voted off and the brain trust is now down to three which survivor should just let spencer and the other ladies join the other tribes since there really is not much of a tribe left. otherwise they could keep losing and go to tribal then it would be down to one left. or two,