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after after seventeen years of trying and not being able to and making it a hollywood story of every thing that can go wrong with a film . at long last and a just like orson wells the other side of the wind being going to be completed by netflix. now comes word and a sign hell is freezing and the devil is looking for a new furance . after so long of trying and trying . at long last terry gillums master piece the man who killed don quioxte the film that became more legend as what can go wrong with a film from a sand storm wrecking the sets. his lead hurting himself and dropping out . and then a legal battle to get the rights back plus the main thing that has made it hard for terry to finish the thing at last. getting funding. but at long last and even though the town he was filming in is mad at him claiming he did some damage . and making it known it actully has happen by his instagram account. the man who killed don quioxte the film that has become a urban legend and whispers and the lesson of what can go wrong with a film. is done terry actully finished and has it made. starring as don adam driver. seventeen years and terry at long last wound up joining orson wells as having his passion project and a film that has become legend of if it would ever be complete. now complete. a sigh hell is freezing over.


though given how cursed the man who killed don quioxote is . with the new now that a company alfama films has wound giving terry gillum the one key he finaly needed to at long last after trying and trying only to have his dream protect fall apart which was well documented in the film the man of la manchu. after all this time terry gillums dream project which like del torro and the mountains of maddness he has never given up on even after losing sets in a flood. his original lead leaving due to injury plus losing the rights to now have them. the big thing for so long being funding but now taking a chance given the films cursed history alfama films is risking winding up with bragging rights of being the company that was responsible for one of hollywoods craziest film journeys ending with the thing at last made. taking a risk and giving terry the 18 million budget to make it at last. though given how long its taken will believe the thing finaly became a reality when terry has shot enough for a trailer. proving no film is ever truely dead in hollywood even cursed films like the man who killed don quixote. it lives again with terry having the final key and planning to start shooting in sept.

it is legendary for being the story of what can go wrong making a film even winding up with a documentary the man of la manchu showing how terry gillums dream project the man who killed don quixote  that once starred johny depp  fell apart. from a storm that wiped out the sets to his lead falling ill. to the studio pulling the plug every thing that went wrong with this film did. and for so long terry has tried to finaly make it only to have the curse strike . and now revealing that besides having funding to do so and also changing the story a little bit to set it in more mondern times. terry revealed that come dec he will at last after so long finaly shoot the  film. though given how long he has tried to make this film. one should not believe its happening at last till he makes enough for a trailer.  that plus the fact he has been trying to make this thing as long as Del torro has been trying to make at the mountains of madness . as terry reveals his next film is at long last the man who killed don quixote the one film that became legend of every thing going wrong.

just like Del torro trying and trying to make at the mountains of madness a reality. one film not only is the poster child of every thing that can go wrong making it but also winds up when thought done for good rises like a bad phoenix for its creator Terry Gilleum. the man who killed don quixote . terry one project that he has tried to get made for so long only to have it fall apart and just when it looked like terry was finaly going to say no more he revealed that come spring he is going to attempt to shoot it again. yes the one project that has plaqued terry through out his career seems to once again having a meeting with him the question after so long will terry finaly get the man who killed don quioxote made at long last.