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given how long it takes animation fox would have to give an okay for any more seasons of the simpsons now and thus proving the show is like star wars it will never die and proably out live even its voice cast and matt groing himself. fox has okayed bart and homer and marge and families adventures for not one but two seasons a 27 and 28 season which will bring its episode count 628 . and thus it still keeps the record of longest running animated series. and family guy and bobs burgers are proably going to also still be joining the simpsons. as like star wars the simpsons are not dead yet. fox okays two more seasons .

and  proving that when it comes to being on the edge of invention springfield sadly turns out not the place to dare try  unless their goal is to help send mr. burns on his merry way to death by making his pocket book leak money by loss. as the simpsons found out when the co founder of paypal elis musk comes a calling after landing in the simpsons back yard and winds up inspired by homer as lisa winds up with a new role model . but when eli plans to have springfield help save the world wind up costing the town  including mr burns after learning that the profits he expected to make by having the plant convert to a clean energy source is not happening he is losing money and elie saying he does n’t care about money. mr burns is so upset he even winds up giving mr. smitthers the taste of the hounds twice. as the town turns on musk. and homer asks marge how to tell him he does not want to be friends with him. finaly getting him to leave town with lisa trying to follow only to be stopped as the simpsons get a taste of musk. aka the real life co fonder of pay pal. who finds the way to hurt mr. burns his pocket book real badly.

and not only did the simpsons get on the frozen band wagon by doing a couch gag with lisa as elisa. but homer once again learns the meaning of christmas mostly what it means to have a family when after homer winds up thanks to moe does not come home on xmas eve. marge has had enough and sends homer away so homer winds up locked in the mall and actully learns what its like to not celebrate the holiday with family and the person supplying it ned flanders as he reveals that his faith and rod and todd after losing both maude and edna is what keeps him going still. which touches homer and then moe tells marge what happen and marge and the kids go hunting and the simpsons wind up with a christmas  after all. homer getting new insite into ned too.

what really should have happen when futurama was still briefly being run on fox. with the simpsons  instead after all this time and following a few weeks after the family guy cross over. bart and homer and lisa and marge  wind up due to a time portal from bender wind up meeting and crossing paths with the futurama crew as bender is sent back in time to kill homer thinking it would stop a plaque of mutant rabbits that are destroying new new york. only for them to find out that its not homer who helped the creatures but bart for turns out when bart put a sandwitch in a time capsule it mixed its dna with millhouses rabbits foot and created the creatures who then have the simpsons suck to new new york where they decide the best solution send them into space so lisa uses a halo phone and plays pied piper while bender bounds with maggie and goes to the track and makes money. and then the simpsons are returned home with bender as a house guest waiting for a thousand years to return home. as for the creatures they landed on bersi omicron i eight. where lars and the misses are having a diner party with kang and kodos and then in a real twist or that the writers forgot that only one of them is female. when lars tells them the female one go console my upset wife both go after her. plus one bad part of this cross over is they sneak in seymour fries dog in springfield. still waiting.

don’t know what is a little scary besides the simpsons still being around after all this time but its annual tree house of horror now is half way to being around and long as its  the great pumkin charlie brown when it comes to christmas specials still being around for new generations. as tonight the yearly tree house of horror arrives not to mention showing that that the show has been doing their annual halloween thing for now half a decade as this one is number 25  yes the simpsons have been doing their little celebration of halloween now for half a decade. plus tonights one has the show come full circle too as one of the stories has the simpsons encounter their original looks from the tracy ulman show where they got their start a ghosts.as the simpsons  kick off halloween with its tree house of horrors and its half way to being around and shown as much as a its the great pumkin charlie brown.   should be interesting to see how homer and marge and the kids react to seeing what they looked like in the early days.

and spoiler warnings for those who did not see the simpsons season premire. but turns out the character who was suppose to die was krusties father the rev krustivky voiced by legend jackie mason . for after krusty bombs and is told he is washed up at his own roast he goes and asks his dad if he is truely funny only to have the revs last words be ehh. and dies. so then krusty not only feels dejected at the funneral that also had an appearance by side show bob paying his respects. but  it takes bart to make krusty see that his dad was indeed proud of him but could not say it . by taking krusty to the rev his dad went too and found him using krusties bits to make his congragation laugh.  as joining maud and mrs. krabapple in simpson heaven now krusty’s father passes and the simpsons no longer get jackie mason to work on the show.

fox made it officlay known besides stating that the long talked about death of a character will now be the season 26 premire sept 9 . not only that the show will also have jane fonda lending her voice as mr. burns new girlfriend maxine lowbad and william defoe as barts new teacher mr. massen who bullies him. but the big news for simpsons fans is that besides the family guy crossover. the crossover with futurama has a air date . nov 9. the crossover has the planet express crew journey in time when its discovered bart does something that has bad results for the future plus fry and Lela must also stop bender from killing bart to prevent the event. yes bender is on a mission in it to kill bart. as fans of futurama and the simpsons will be getting a treat a crossover for season 26. on nov 9 the planet express crew make a trip to springfield mission to stop bart simpson or in benders case whack him. wonder if the thing will have bender drinking at moes with homer later?

when after homer winds up embarressing marge with the new couple that moved into town. not wanting lisa to wind up like marge and homer shunned and just spend nights at home. marge resorts to finding lisa some friends including bribery when the person lisa was a team with shows up to her party for new friends marge bribes a new girl to be lisa friend. which has barts radar of mishief and something not right going off and he reveals to lisa what marge did to her. only lisa and the girl become friends for real. that she liked lisa from the start . though lisa walks away from her when she reveals she is not a vegetarian. as marge restorts to buying friends for lisa on the simpsons.

on a double dose of the simpsons. last night an old nemis returns and bart learns how painful it is to have ones friend vanish for good for in the first when bart is outriciesed at school for eating a frog including even milhouse not wanting to be seen with him. he winds up making a new friend the head of the falcone club only to find out the kid is totaly nuts and after an accident being sent away to sprinfields assylum. which had marge make a little bat man swipe saying the hospital he is going to is more the arkum asylum type hospital. aka the loony bin. never the less bart and the guy enjoy their friendship including freedom the falccon and then after he rides away bart says bye and milhouse comes back to make up. then in the second episode. lisa support for genitically alterned foods winds up with her bonding with none other then side show bob who is now a head scientist at the lab . only to later learn it was another plot by side show bob to get payback on the simpsons. yes side show bob comes back a calling after a long rest. as bart makes a new friend who is a little crazy as his pet and side show bob and lisa find something in common. on a double dose of the simpsons.

besides airing as a tribute bart the lover earlier. the simpsons paid their respects to marcia wallances time as Edna k. from bart writing on the chalk board we will miss you mrs. k. to at the end of the episode edna is shown on her desk as the credit rolls and gives one more ha. the episode had the citizens of springfield dealing with their regrets after burying a guy named chip. from marge thinking bart is the way he is now from her listing to kiss music when she was pregnant with him. to homer trading all his apple stock for a bowling ball. where mr. burns reveals his regret was losing the one woman he truely loved and then tracking her down and finaly planning to seal the deal only to have her die and turn to dust on him. as bart gets stuck doing a little impression of up in a basket . which has homer save the day with his bowling ball and a cannon. but mostly the simpsons also paid tribute to Marcia by saying bye in their own way.