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and less then forty eight hours and simpsons fans will see not only a couch gag dealing with the hobbit but also the show paying its respects to marcia wallace who passed away and was the voice of edna krapel. by first a new episode come sunday then to honor marcia in the place of american dad fox will air an episode way from season three where wanting revenge for getting a months of detention bart paysback edna by answering her personal add. a way old episode from the early seasons of the simpsons. as 48 hours fans will hear Marcia voice as edna one last time come sunday as the simpsons say goodbye to her . still no official word on how they plan to retire Edna . for doubtful it happens in the episode coming up yet.


and sadly just like with all the simpsons characters phil hartman did like troy mclure did when he got murdered. the simpsons producers made it known that due to the death today of Mary wallace who also was the ditzy secetary on the newhart show. the prouders made it known that they will now retire Enda Krapple. barts fourth grade teacher who is always put upon and unlucky till she married ned flanders in love. the prouders said Edna will be reired but did not say she was the character that is suppose to be killed off . even though Marcia fits the clues since she won an emmy for the role. plus its only fair since Marcia really made Edna her own. though no word on how they will remove Edna from the show yet. which means she will join the characters like troy mclure and lionel huts who were retired when phil hartman died. now Edna crabapple will be bidding adue to bart and company on the simpsons due to the sad death of the actress who did her voice. Marcia Wallance for doubtful fans would go for a recast.

and for the 24 time the simpsons got into the halloween spirit. from del torro doing the couch gang that had referances to some of his own films like hell boy and pans labrinith and even a cameo by steven king in it writitng all work and no play makes jack a dull boy with bart. as even dr. seus got the simpsons treatment in the first story . with homer as the cat in the hat who shows up to have some fun with bart maggie and lisa who have the mumps on the day soda is banned while marge goes out. and even the lorax gets riffed on as a symbol of people giving into merchidising. plus mr. burns as the grinch. the second had bart wind up losing his head in a kite accident and gets it attached to lisas body like burns and homer did once. and then when learning while lisa is asleep bart controls things he decides to take control for good by having them about to be sawed in half only to wind up both lose their heads and get reattached to krusty. and selma. bart getting the worse of the choices plus dr. nick and hibert also get attached to each other. and then the last one had the characters a circus freaks. with homer the strong man who plots with marge who has two differant color eyes to murder moe for his emerald ring. by marge marrying moe only homer learns who the real freak is . espically when he finds they finaly whacked the circus owner mr. burns. as the simpsons get in the mood for halloween by the old tree house of horrors with the couch gag opening done by a horror master del torro.

and if nothing else homeland should be so thrilled for besides getting the south park treatment a show can really be considered a sucess if even the simpsons after so long go after it as they did when homer comes home from a convention starts acting nicer and also gives up booze and pork . which has lisa so suspicous that homer may have been recruited by a terroist cell she calls the fbi and they send the female lead from homeland who in their world is nuts. including getting in bed to pump homer for info while he sleeps with marge. who likes the new homer. then lisa really is concerned when homer smuggles a bomb into the plant only to reveal why he is the way he now is his eyes got open at the con and he decided to change his ways as for th bomb its filled with chicken parts and soup for homers plan is to stick into through the ac and shut down the plant. only turns out the plan has no ac which gets burns finaly arrested and hauled to jail and the plant closed and then reopen with security upgrades. including revealing burns is so nasty for he has no organs and his heart is nothing but a hamster running on a wheel who croaks. plus the fbi lady walks off after poping her meds into the sunset while knocking over ralph. as homeland helps kick off the 25th season of the simpsons the show that keeps going. and next the tree house of horror episode done by del torro himself.