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and not only did one pairing have the judges reveal that who ever alliah did not pick would wind up stolen. but puppet adam came back again. as the next round of the battle rounds of the voice happen. with the steals as expected flying and the judges letting lose their pairings. with one of the final steals getting down to adam and gwen making one guy pick gwen even though he was an adam fan. as the voice gets through the battle rounds with the steals becoming a tool by the judges . and next one more battle rounds then the knock outs.

and talk about really moving fast to wrap up the current season of the voice. as the top nine are really in for learning if they survived and go on in the form of only four will go on to the next round aka as gwen told sunshine the finale. yes the finale is fast coming now and only four will make it which means adam and blake team may be cut down some along with gwen or gwen could lose both parnel is really at risk since he has only one and if she is not part of the top four now its over with. as the voice will make its big cut par down to the top four.

and thus the next round of the voice auditons did not only have some four chair turns but even a returning contestant who this time got a couple chair turns and went with parnnel. plus also gwen kind of hinted her days in the music industry may be done by telling one contestant she is begining the journey she has finished . though she could have been talking about no longer being a judge too. plus one guy had adam ask if he was superman when he went with blake. then the judges made a joke that blake is a country mafia over him always going after any of those who go country. till the final audition of the round wound up with adam denying blake a full country set by the guy picking adam instead. as the second night of the voice winds up with a second chance a joke about superman and mafia and blake not always getting every country person. and adam chance to try and win with a country star

and now its team adam and kristina teams turns tonight on the voice to show why  one of them should if not the whole team one of them should go on to the final and go for the voice crown.  with another night of nothing but results in 24 hours. but tonight team adam and kristiana get their turns and will the show be like last nights one with the singers blowing things away with their charm. and will adam wind up almost having to be censored again from the talent as the voice moves on to team adam vs kristiana

and thus the voice now will move on to the knock out rounds as the battle rounds finished with the last steal being in parnels hands. and like the other one the coaches had a hard time calling who was the winner of the battle round. though unlike last time parnell did not wind up forcing a commercial and also had the final steal that he did use. as the battle rounds are now over on the voice. next the knock out rounds as the voice moves once again to getting through its season with kristina back in the seat too.

and if the battle rounds tonight on the voice are anything like last nights one the coaches are going to be in metal pain over having to decide who to send home plus the fact that if they are looking for a steal the contestants are going to be hoping they convinced parnel who has the last one to use it .  that some one may wind up saved by parnel and odds are will. as another battle round for the voice which means the coaches are going to fill more pain having to let some one go.

and it did not take long showing how powerful the coaches on the voice made their teams as the battle rounds kicked off  and the pairings were hard to call for the judges including adam saying one of blakes pair was like stevi nicks singing with her match . and parnel may have given some of his playbook by his battle round picks setting up pairs which he knew would tempt the other coaches to use the steal and they did the steals went a flying fast and furios as now the battle rounds have begun on the voice which is going to be pain for the coaches given their teams.

and thus besides how parnel and kristina seem to be working well as judges. the voice kicked off its new season with fireworks from the start mostly adam not being able to get any of the contestants to pick him at all going with the other coaches leaving him skunked and then when the last one of the night a fifteen year old kid blew the judges away besides a girl whose parents are deaf and she has some deafness . not to mention some one who once toured with blake. when the last contestant of the night passed on adam he finaly wound up storming off with blake jokingly saying yes adam did not get his way i like it . as the fireworks kick off a new season of the voice with adam getting skunked and needing to warm up soon and get his team built

and thus with kristina after time away  back in her seat along side adam. blake and parnel. the voice kicks off its new season already with a new batch of hopefuls trying to get the chair turn and go on to try and claim the title . plus parnel is back for a second go around  which given kristina was not on the show when he was should be interesting to see how their styles work. plus could blakes streak at last end? as the voice is back again with kristina back in the seat.

and not only did adam wind up having his whole team in tack as part of the finale five  mostly due to the save saving his last team member chris instead of ryan this time around.  but parnnel wound up with his whole team gone no finale for him and thus leaving blake and gwen with one member each taylor and greg  the rest of the top matt and damien. as the voice top five now revealed on to the finale with one being the winner. parnnel just gets to sit and watch the whole thing. no team for him.