and thus proving in south dakota  espicaly more so with gays winning a key civil right.  nothing including stupid assine bills are dead for long as far as the south dakota legislature is concerned. plans are already a foot for the bill that would require trans students if they want to play school sports they would have to play as the sex that is stated on their birth certificate . since most of the legislatures figure that young trans kids have not made the step of changing their gender on their birth certificate normaly a last step if one changes sex fully. citing that as  a reason but mostly proving the legislatures in south dakota don’t like letting some bills die till it gets vetoed by the governor and they can’t over ride it . coming to the south dakota legislature the old bill to make trans kids play sports as the sex that is listed on their birth certificate and its has bipartisian support to wind up on daugards desk and the odd chance it dies there  a third attempt will get made with it.