don’t know what is a little scary besides the simpsons still being around after all this time but its annual tree house of horror now is half way to being around and long as its  the great pumkin charlie brown when it comes to christmas specials still being around for new generations. as tonight the yearly tree house of horror arrives not to mention showing that that the show has been doing their annual halloween thing for now half a decade as this one is number 25  yes the simpsons have been doing their little celebration of halloween now for half a decade. plus tonights one has the show come full circle too as one of the stories has the simpsons encounter their original looks from the tracy ulman show where they got their start a the simpsons  kick off halloween with its tree house of horrors and its half way to being around and shown as much as a its the great pumkin charlie brown.   should be interesting to see how homer and marge and the kids react to seeing what they looked like in the early days.