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and even as american pharoh gets to enjoy nabbing the triple crown at belmont. one record turns out he did not get is beating secatariet the greatest to same race horse and triple crown winner of all time. as a fan wondering if american pharoh would wind up beating secatariet  made a video of both of them running the belmot side by side and secatariet winds up by one second crossing and nabbing belmont and the triple crown way back win. as american pharoh comes short of one thing nabbing the triple crown he falls short against sectariet  record of taking it by a  2 minutes plus if the two could have raced together secatariet would proably have beaten him and taken belmont and the triple crown instead.

and its just hours and hours and with a lot on the line to over come mostly rivals including some who are really fresh from not running the whole triple crown . plus also making sure unlike those who have come before him trying to nab the triple crown only to come up short. not to join that club mostly the big obstacle for american pharoh besides not getting boxed in will be able to run the whole length of belmont and not run out of gas. but mostly for american pharoh now its taking his shot on getting in the club of triple crown winners that has not had a new member in 37 years. all on the line as american pharoh waits for the call to be let lose on belmont and try and achieve horse immortality with a triple crown win in his hoofs no more time for american pharoh belmont awaits in hours and hours now.

with eyes and last minute prep given the 24 hours left before american pharoh takes his shot at horse immortality by trying to add the final jewel of the triple crown.  given how long it been since one has happen. some jokeys and horse owners are already looking into the future and seeing some changes will have to be made other wise before horse racing winds up becoming a relic mostly because if a triple crown doesn’t happen before long the thing would wind up in most horse racing fans mind and the sport itself the triple crown could wind up in the unattainble catagory though just talk for nothing concrete since any changes will have to go through the governing body. though one change that should be made is that  if a horse wants to be part of a triple crown fight including trying to deny the preakness and derby winner at belmont the owner and horse has to be all in for the whole thing no longer doing derby sitting out preakness then running in belmont. or not allowed to be part of the triple crown.  has to run all three. not just two and sit out run. with an execption for injury. as with the triple crown on the line again . talk is brewing over how to keep the thing from winding up impossible to ever claim again. some changes. including maybe moving some of the races to different tracks like the talk that is going on about moving the preakness to some where else.

and even with his jokey being in trouble for using the whip too much . plus even though american pharoh took the derby and set up a triple crown attempt by being on the out side gate.  some fans are unhappy and saying given that he drew the first gate that american pharoh may hard time taking the preakness now and then trying to be the first horse in 37 years to take the triple crown too. as in 24 hours american pharoh will try and add the preakness and be closer to a triple crown claim.

and not only will horse racing fans be watching the derby to mostly see what is brewing to be a battle with american pharoh and dartmund to determine who will be a triple crown contender when all is said and done in five days but also for horse training legend bob baffert he has a 50 50 chance of  achieving his wish of another derby win to his record. for turns out both american pharoh and darmund were under his tutalage to prep for the race. yes he trained and owns them both. so he  has a fifty fifty chance of if either pharoh or dartmound take the derby sat getting his quest fullifiled not to mention maybe adding another triple crown too when all is said and done. as derby is now a fifty fifty risk for horse legend bob baffert not to mention a little edge having the top two in the race.

though in a way cal chrome co owners remarks after thanks to tonalist coming and denying cal chrome his chance at claiming the triple crown. steve remarks that his owner and other owners who sit out their horses from other parts of the triple crown then when they learn a triple crown could get had maybe they enter and try and as he put it upset the apple cart as tonalist did. calling the actions cowardly stating that if he can’t quilify for the derby then don’t enter him for the belmont in fact only horses who run the whole triple crown should be allowed to go to belmont too. for its cowardly to sit out then enter one race trying to deny a triple crown which steve said given his age he will never see another triple crown try or win. and wants some changes to horse racing though his remarks may not only make him come off as a sore loser for cal chrome being denied belmont but is also a good way to burn some bridges and drive allies in horse racing away. not to mention how its going to wind up biting and tarnishing cal chromes rep. as for tonalist owners they have yet to respond to steve comments. as the belmont ending seems to not be setting good with the co owner of cal chrome stating that tonalist did a cowardly act by entering belmont when he was not in the derby or preakness.

and horse fans will have to wait another year for a triple crown winner as even though he up to the last minute tried to pull it off from fourth place it was not enough as totalin wound up being the horse that denied cal chrome becoming the 12th triple crown winner and taking belmont out of his clutches. which means triple crown denied for another year as cal chrome gets denied a belmont win and entrance to the triple crown winner club. totalian the horse that spoils cal chrome chance at immortality and has fans waiting another year for a triple crown win at last. cal chrome falls short. as totalist denies triple crown claim of cal chrome.

and like horse fans who will be watching to hopefuly see after 36 years of wainting cal chrome try and run into history and wind up some how giving fans a triple crown winner after 36 years as like every one one else cal chrome is counting down the hours till he takes his shot at history and is let out of the gate at belmont and let lose to try and run and wind up having enough speed to do what other derby and preakness winners have done before him and fallen short take belmont and the triple crown in the end today. as the clock now ticks down till cal chrome gets to finish his dream and run now for the triple crown . and maybe end the streak at last. hours to go now.

and now just 24 hours are left. and then the wait will end and horse fans will see if cal chrome will wind up not only adding belmont to his wins but also at long last after 36 years wind up breaking the streak and taking the triple crown . not to mention given how he will have to run the mile and half of belmont and ward off threats like palace malice who are looking to crush cal chromes dreams of actully claiming the triple crown . 24 hours now to go and cal chrome takes his run for horse history a triple crown grab at belmont. clock ticks down and and down to maybe a streak falling. and a triple crown winner at last.

and thus now after today is done. horse fans watching for omens as the time ticks nearer and nearer to the belmont and cal chrome trying to make history and become the 12 triple crown winner after 36 tries. one omen already being he has the number two spot when he leaves the gate the same number the legendary secretariet had when he took the triple crown . as now after today horse fans will just have to wait twenty four hours till seeing if cal chrome not only takes belmont but makes history and breaks the streak and is the 12 triple crown winner. as belmont and cal chrome triple crown attempt gets near the 24 hour mark now .