and thus some where both sarah palin and newt ginrich will just have to settle for campaing for trump since the job they both wanted they didn’t get for after canceling due to the terror attack in france. trump finaly made it known who his vp pick is and also proving there may be some one as nuts as him for any repub who hooks up with trump is nuts and evil trumps pick now indiana governor mike pence. which may really help hilery some since like trump mike is not real liked in fact his own state are going to celebrating for one being picked as vp means they are spared another term of him and two if trump and he loses he is out of a job unless he just goes back and finishes his term. but he was up for reelection in indiana and they hate him so trump just gave hil and indiana a little gift by revealing his vp pick. mike peance who really has to be nuts as trump to accept the job. oh well one less repub down now .