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and now there are five left for the voice. as blake joins shakira and usher with only one team member left jake. usher has josh, shakira kept kristina and adam manage to luck out in the end with both kat and kristina. yes kat made it through again. but he lost delvon and blake. his team wound up with just jake now as audra and shasandra got sent packing ending their run which means adam has a little advantage having two of his team still left everyone else one which means some one next round could be out of the running. as the top five now remain for the voice.

and thus the voice now have their own top twelve going on to the live rounds and someone closer to being voice champ. as ushers team took their turn which included one usher stole from adam. josh . all of ushers team did their thing showing how bad they still wanted to remain on the voice. which put usher like the other judges in a hard situation who to pick in the end. his team is now bria, josh and tj. which now means twelve are left on the voice next the live rounds then one will be the voice champion. and maybe blake gets denied the win like last season.

and thus now the first round of the battle rounds since it turns out that adam, shaquira, blake and usher have to pick pairs again for a second battle round and the winner goes on next week which also gives the coaches one more steal. as the first round of the battle rounds ended on the voice . with the coaches having hard choices and one member of blakes team wade getting a little cocky over the song that blake read wade the riot act. and usher did wind up using his last steal and it was during the final battle of the night with shakiras team. and he hit it just as it looked like miranda who lost was going home and walking off stage usher hits the steal. as the now first round of the battle rounds on the voice are over . next second round for the voice.

and after how intense last nights battle rounds were including the judges being torn who to send home plus adam screaming at his fellow coaches for not using the steal on one guy who lost the battle round. since he used up his. mostly screaming at usher who still has a few steals left. and now the only steal since blake and shakira used theirs up last night finaly. and if the battle rounds last night were intense given the talent tonights are going to be the same which the coaches will proably be happy for its the last battle rounds. and will usher use the last steal or is it going to wind ending the battle round not used at all on the voice. as the final battle round now comes to the voice and usher holds the last steal of the season.

given how after last nights voice had the judges really nab contestants. with blake still behind. and thus also making it so adam, skakira and usher now have only a few slots left of the twelve spots for their teams. could one of the judges wind up filling up their team tonight . like since adam and shakira are both in the lead could one of them fill up their teams already and then spend the rest of the blind auditions just sitting in their chair watching the contestants perform and maybe drop hints to the other judges turn your chair. could a team get filled tonight on the voice.

and not only going up against the fire works of the woman telling all about the bachelor tonight. the big question with another round of the voice is what will Adam , usher, blake and shaquria do this time around to nab some one to fill out their teams again. for will the judges go as wild as they did last round including having some contestant like adam did last time sit in the chairs or maybe even let some one if they join their team press the button. as another round of the voice will bring the judges team closer to filling up and adam and usher. and shaquira proably going wild more to nab that contestant. even though hopefuly doubht ful have the censors have a mind melt.

and another batch of singers will try tonight to make one of the judges team by getting a chair to turn around and if they are lucky maybe a couple. or really good. maybe get. adam, shakira, usher and blake to all turn around. plus for blake maybe tonight he will finaly start adding on to his team more unlike last night when adam, usher and skakaria left him in the dust building their teams. with adam taking the lead right out of the gate. as some more singers go to try and make a team on the voice. as for celo. nbc and the voice head said they don’t have his replacement yet for celeo saying he is done kind of surprised them doing it the way he did it. though odds are ceelo will get replaced by usher or maybe some one new again in his old chair.

and thus the voice is back tonight with the big question besides will adam manage like last season stop blake from adding another win again. and thus continue the beginings of a new trend for blake losing the voice. instead of always winning or will usher or shaquria wind up this season being the ones who take the prize with their team. plus will given who celo dropped the bomb he is not coming back to the voice . will usher be named his replacement during the show. as the voice kicks off a new season tonight with new contestants trying to be on a team. and adam and blakes riverly and bromance back. plus will usher wind up with the seat his for good. since celo is done with the voice for other projects

and going on in the finals for the voice is going to be usher vs blake. michele vs dannie and the swan brothers for blakes whole team made it through the finals knocking both shaqura and adams out of the battle for good both sasha and amanda were sent home. which means also blake kind of has a advantage having his whole team going through. as the voice is now usher vs blake with one winning the voice. hope it turns out to be michele or dannie

and come the results tonight. if one were shakara or usher . they would be really worried and having a plan b in play for once the results are revealed . shakira or usher could still find themselves now out of the competion for the results tonight could wind up dropping the decimation bomb on them and no more team shakira or usher to go on to try and win the voice. for even if blake and adam lose one player tongight. shakira and usher are still looking at total elimation themselves losing their team with one member each as the voice results could wind up with one judge totaly out of the running in the end. will it happen?