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and thus only by one vote did wes wind up on the jury on survivor. yes one vote as after the reward challenge john was as expected once reed due to natile finaly giving up mostly for pizza and beer in the immunity challenge due to not taking being on the pole any more and reed in so much pain that jeff had to walk over to put the necklace on him. john was a target with the plan to make them think keith is going . which wound up with idols flying and both john and keith saving themselves and wes by only one vote went to the jury yes one vote that has not really happen on survivor which i can remember. as idols fly and the jury gets wes now . which means both john and keith will have to scramble with their idols gone.


deciding now to not filebuster for figureing that then the dems would run out of time talking about things like the failed again constitutional amendment to over turn hobby lobby got blocked again after a vote. the senate is going to try and vote on the paycheck fairness act since the repubs decided to after the last time just let the thing and the hobby lobby amendment finaly come up for debate taking away time  used to just vote on it. the senate is looking again for a vote and trying to pass the thing even though it will never come to a vote in the house. never the less the senate making a move to pass the paycheck fairness act at last. after it surviving a filebuster. and the repubs new plan till congress runs let things come up to be talked about and take time away from voting.

and what may be the one good thing about the v.a scandal it outranged congress enough that once again bipartisian ship has come a calling as john mccain and his co hort on the senate v.a committee made it known they manage to reach a bipartisian deal for the bill to over haul and now try and fix the v.a and get the care the vets deserve. and a vote on the bill which no doubt will include letting vets be able to travel to another hospital if the waiting period is too long. a vote on the bill could come soon which means the house could also pass it too. even though odds are some of the tea party nuts will try and stop the thing. other wise the v.a scandal is bearing some good fruit congress says they got a deal for a bill to fix things and get the vets the care they deserve with both repubs and dems both in favor vote could come soon even by next week some time.

and surviving a filebuster the senate manage to make its first vote on the farm bill a test one to see if there is enough votes with plans to vote on the thing and send it to the president which could happen as early as the end of the week and thus the farm bills long journey even though some of the senate does not like some of the things in the farm bill like the food stamp cuts. never the less the farm bills long journey is near the end as the senate plans to vote and then its final stop the presidents desk for the pen. the farm bill long trip just about done . one vote is all needed by senate.