and given that herr star has shown up now on preacher fans know that with him comes later spoilers warnings for fans of the comic and what fans of the tv show may see down the road fans know with herr star sooner or later comes his group wanting genisus because they want his power given to a clone of jesus that also spoiler warnings in the end herr star and the clone meet a demise by herr star squishing them both thanks to tulip . the big question is will when the creators of the tv show seth rogan and company get to the part of the story now since herr star has arrived will amc allow the clone of jesus or will they say sorry that is the one thing we can’t allow on the show mostly because of the blasphmy asspect and the demise part of the clone later but mostly will amc have the balls even the preacher creators even decide to go for the jesus clone or will amc and the censors say nope sorry not happening change the story sub something like a clone of preacher or tulip since herr star seems to like her winding up taking the place of the jesus clone. as with herr star now on the scene will the jesus clone also come or be the one thing about preacher amc brass says no way we can’t have that done maybe up there with how the whispers make themselves known on the walking dead odds are that won’t happen on the walking dead tv show. but will amc show they have full balls with preacher and allow the jesus clone when the tv show makes it to that spot? betting not