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and thus with brady pulling it off the pats are closer now to trying for a super bowl repeat as they beat the chiefs to now face who ever wins tomorrow game between the panthers and seahawks then another round to determin for the pats if they will get the chance to try and go for a repeat super bowl win will super bowl fifty be the pats vs someone trying to have back to back super bowl championships.

and given that the chances of brady and the nfl will cut a deal where both get what they want. mostly the nfl punishes brady but brady still plays and does not even say yes finaly to his part. that sooner or later mostly to put an end once and for all and get the focus on the sport.  again that the owners  would wind up finaly taking sides and the side some are taking mostly because a loss for brady also takes some of the pats fire too and off their pedestal as the team of the gods of the nfl. some of the owners have told goodel and the nfl keep fighting don’t give in brady needs to be a taught a lesson .  even though by the time the whole thing ends it will not matter for the nfl is going to have to deal with the pats wanting to add to their legacy and making some haters eat crow. besides the odds of brady winding up with any more punishment is like a celeb winding up serving a long prison term for being arrested.  as the nfl owners finaly  get involved saying brady should be the loser in this battle.  do what needs to make it so goodel.

and with the clock ticking down to the season starting and the pats really wanting like the rest of the nfl to be able to know if they can start the season with brady  playing or have to wait for four games as he still serves his suspension which brady hopes the judge hearing his case throws it out. since brady made it known any ruling that still includes suspension he would not take. where the nfl and goodel want any settlement to include suspension espicly if a player does something like try and get rid of something like a cell phone that could have evidence of their involvement in a scandal like deflategate. plus also the nfl wants a quick settlement with brady going into the season to save some face and avoid any more damage. as the nfl and brady trying to end this thing fast but neither side are budging yet. the season may start with brady still fighting in a court room instead of being on afootball field for a bit.

and even now as the nfl has plans to start investing their new scandal deflate gate. the pats will still be playing the superbowl for their win still counts to get in the thing. but other wins even as the pats say they are just as confused over every one else about deflated balls being used to give the pats an advantage including maybe using one to help them win over the colts. for if the pats are found to have illegaly deflated a ball to cheat they would wind up with an astrik in their record and like the last time they got in trouble proably lose a draft pick and fined.  as pats say they want to help the nfl get to the truth about deflate gate. aka letting the air out of a football to win.

and as the nfl and com goodell nurses a black eye over how they handled the roy rice scandal mostly their ruling body saying him being suspended for the two days then later indefinite was double jeopardy . plus also it showing that the nfl still doesn’t know how to deal with domestic violence among its ranks. not only is the nfl nursing a black eye over how they delt with roy rice. but rices days in the nfl are not yet over as both the saints and colts among a couple more teams say they are interested in having roy play for them . not saying they will sign him but interested. even knowing that the storm of  the scandal with him will follow. as ray rice is not done in the nfl yet. a few teams willing to risk the fire that is sure to come with playing.

mostly due to the big sponsoders like bush saying that they will  look at no longer supporting the vikes mostly even though petterson will not play in tomorrows game either . and also how the nfl delt with the ray rice case only suspending him two days till the tape surfaced. with people still wondering how long the nfl had the tape. commisoner goodell is mostly to try and keep the nfl from losing any more sponsor ship and derail the plans for making the nfl a profit of 25 billion. goodell said the nfl will be now looking at changes to how it deals with doemestic violence though he would not name a plan and also said sorry not as some are calling for stepping down even though goodwell and the nfl are just now really trying to deal with the issue to save face and because their big money donors got pissed off enough to take away money from them. for if goodwell is serious he would put in place a plan that once a player is found to be charged with domestic violence against their wife or kid the team automaticaly suspends them without pay till the court case is resolved and if they are found guility . thats it zero tolernace the player is kicked out of the nfl fired no money no endorsements and can never play again .unless they get therapy  then under probation otherwise. found guilty of domestic violence thats it your gone no more nfl for you player. but goodwell is too chicken to do so unless he sees the nfl money could be threaten by sponsors saying bybye as he and the nfl do some damage control and try and save face.over dealing with all the domestic violence scandals.

and proving all it takes for the nfl or other sports to maybe get their heads out of their butts over certain issues. like domestic violence after amzer bush made it known to the vikes they could pull their sponsor ship and lead to others following. the vikes wound up deciding to citing till all his legal issues are resolved. bench peterson over the scandl of him abusing his 4 year old kid using a tree branch that left welts on the boy. and maybe now abusing another son. the vikings decide originaly peterson would play but now mostly due to fear and proving in the nfl money from the sponsors talk.s the vikings did a one eighty and peterson is benched for now though wonder how long before sponsors finaly get the vikings to drop peterson for good.

and taking a lesson from the nfl as the vikings start dealing with the fall out from petterson scanal with  hotel change pulling its sponsorshp of the team now because unlike rice Peterson is going to be allowed to play sunday. taking a page from that scandal and also the rice one and one of com bud serling now final acts soon. mlb is now in the works of setting up their own policy when it comes to domestic abuse which may be that if a player is charged with hitting their spouse  or kid even though peterson said he was just displining his kid  the new policy would proably have a player suspended right away and fined. and also required counsling. for him as the mlb is taking a play from the nfl scandals and not waiting till one of their own shows up in a viral video using their spouce like a punching bag or trying and going over board displining their kid with a weapon they should not use. moving to put in play a new policy that will send a loud message to players maybe violence not tolorated. price will be paid of your job.

and thus in a last minute pick and also making history for the nfl who also avoided a pr nightmare that would have come by gay supporters if they had decided michel sam would have to wait for the next draft to have his shot at playing in the nfl. instead the rams stood up and said hey michel we want you lets see what you can do for us. and picked him in the draft. and thus the nfl now has made some new history with the rams having on board the first nfl athlete proud to be open about his sexuality and a new role model no doubt for gay kids. as the rams decide to help the nfl say who cares about sam being gay he has talent we want to see how he can help the team win games. history made in the draft. congrats to the rams on their pick with sam and no doubt he will blow them away and prove their investiment was worth it.

and while the broncos coach keeps saying that he see’s payton manning back next season given how the rumors that should peyton wind up being with the broncs and part of the super bowl puzzle that manning may be going to call it a day . one thing is clear the broncos, along with the seahawks. forty niners. and pats will in 24 hours two of the teams will wind up being the final two pieaces that complete the super bowl. for in 24 hours football fans will get the super bowl puzzle complete of who to route for trying to take the top prize of the nfl. and also will payton possible end his career with a super bowl ring? as in twenty four hours the super bowl puzzle is complete. the four teams battle to be the final pieces. and maybe payton being part of that.