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first off sorry for the long abstence for those who read this here place and suscribed life got into the way plus one needs a rest some time. or doesn’t have much to say . and hope every one had a merry xmas for one holiday down and those who don’t really care for all the crazy of xmas and stress the peace has come. and interesting we are getting closer and closer to a new year and haven’t had world war three yet or nuked. any way to quote the film poltergeist . i am back the demoncat4 has returned to this little corner of mine

and once again the sharks almost had an episode where every one had a deal. almost since one lady who was selling nice pipes aka yoga wear wound up even after the sharks were passing saying it would be easy to duplicate what she made. and then getting an offer from barbara wound up passing up on th offer yes some one passed on a sharks offer which is normal for the tank sometime the other non deal was a lady who created clothes you can drink milk out of or use for breast feeding. the sharks past then came a lady who created bags to capture cooking grease that are also good for the enviroment but only had the prototype for the sharks to see yet manage to get a deal. then came a guy who created a combo of lego and blocks and wound up getting a deal with mr wonderful. as the sharks came close to almost a whole episode with all deals. two for two.

and thus with a drop of a ball. 2016 is no more now has come 2017 to replace a year of craziness and history from trump bucking the system and becoming the next president of the u.s . to after a hundred years the cubs won the world series and had chicago go nuts and party to celebrate something they have been waiting for a long long time. even if it took all seven games. to do so . to new people getting their fifteen minutes of fame like chewbacca mom. and of course marvel reiniting the legacy that is star wars plus also fans after so long of teased and false attempts not only got the dark tower at last coming to film but also a sequel to blade runner. plus sadly fans also saw this year wind down knowing that carrie fisher will not be playing pricess leia any more in the flesh and blood only proably cgi now as she sadly got called to visit god with her mother too. plus the year also saw cuba and the u.s make some peace and closer to the end of the embargo espicaly since fidel finaly couldn’t avoid death any longer . as 2016 is a wrap happy new year all who have visited this here space.

merry christmas.

wishing every one who reads this thing a merry and safe christmas given how mother nature seems to be giving her own gift with the weather including some places getting a lot of the white stuff. any way merry christmas every one who has visited this place.

and proving things are indeed big in teas plus spreading some xmas spirit. when a high schooler named salvador learned his friend rj needed some new shows rj also being a special needs kid. he decided something had to be done and with others and after asking rj what his favorite shoes and color was wound up showing some real xmas spirit with the student body at sommerset high school in texas buying rj two pairs of shoes yes not one pair of sneakers but two pairs and wrapped them up even and when rj walked in gave him the shoes proving rj really has some cool friends. and that sal and the others really know the meaning of the xmas spirit.

happy thanksgiving.

wishing every one here who visits this little bit of cyberspace a happy and safe thanksgiving and also if one is going to dare get into that shark feeding frenzy that is black friday be safe and careful for no so called deal is worth the price of a jail trip or a doctors visit. but mostly hope every one had a happy thanksgiving. and had a lot to be thankful for this holiday.

now known as the kit kat guy. when hunter jobbins ran into his dorm and came out of it to find that a thief had broken into his car and stolen a kit kat bar. he wound up a new viral sensation when he posted a note from the thief saying i love kit kats so i checked your car door and it was unlocked did not take any thing other then the kit kat so sorry and hungry .when hunter posted the note on twitter it went viral with hershely responding and replacing the stolen kit kat with not one but 6,500 of the kit kats which hunter then handed out to his fellow kansas u class mates. giving them a chocolate pick me up. and also being a good sport about the whole thing. though his mother when she found out told hunter lock your car door next time. as a kit kat theft winds up not only with a new viral star but a college campus got a chocolate craving fullfilled . thanks to hershely replacing the stolen kit kat minus any more for the thief that started this whole thing.

and even though most of the committee who decided to give the legend bob dylan the nobel prize for litature the first muscian ever to win the award . even though they are saying they are leaving it up to him if he will even show up in person to claim the reward. one thing is also clear that bob dylans silence has pissed off a few of the committee some saying him saying nothing not even aknowleding the honor of getting the thing is an act of rudness . but one should realize that part of bob dylans legend is he is the quiet type personality wise. including if he will even show up in person or send some one to claim his nobel prize now unless the committee wants to make themselves look really bad and petty and take the thing away from bob just because he has not said anything about the honor of now having a nobel prize. which is starting to piss off the ones who gave him the honor in the first place the big question will he show up in person and accept it?

and after taking the dodgers down mightly and thus avoiding a seventh game. the next thing on the cubs agenda is getting prepared for tuesday where their plan will be to beat cleaveland and thus cap their now historic season by finishing it with some one saying cubs have done a miracle after forty years and are world series champs. and thus try and make it so chicago may need some extra security . as next on the cubs ageanda get show cleaveland sorry maybe next year you can be the world series champs .as its now the cubs vs the indians the prize the world series and also making some history . plus for the cubs once and for all putting the so called goats curse to rest . as next cubs try to add cleaveland to the list of teams they took down . we shall see come tuesday the start of a historic world series. who would have thought the cubs would manage to actully be there at last.

and thus now the finale of agt has its roster picked as the results were revealed though some good acts like that young kid magician duo and after the judges tied the rubic cube guy. got sent home. as picked for the final five. where that couple who said they were clarvoints bet they did not see that one coming. bryan crumb. lincoln bridge for a music act and one of simons faves. sophie and kayil the one dancer guy. as now its on the finale with one act walking home a million bucks richer and gets a residency for their act . as the last round of semi finals revealed who survived one last time.