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and the shake up with the view keeps on going from three hosts sent packing plus one nicole saying nope not going to return as special corespondent to boot.  and now joining an already fill pannel of whoopie. raven. candance cameron , and michile. comes one of the orginal ladies of the view back and will give the view back its comedy cannon joy behar is coming back to the view as a co host. who was part of the show when it started then left to do other things. but now she is back . and given the comedy gold with trump running for president. the view might have its groove coming back. as one of the original members of the view from its start is back joy behar returns.

and thus the panel on the view now is full again till some one else quits as the view revealed their newest member  michele collins who has been guest hosting and was also talking to the view to a be a corespondent . and now she has gotten the job as a host . she will start doing the duties fully  when the new season starts in sept .  plus the view also celebrated the news by bringing out a cake that had a friend of michele jump out of it. for it was one  of those cakes where strippers jump out of at parties. as the view now is complete around their table as michele collins is part of the group now,

and what may wind up as a trend that the view should sadly not hire any one named rosie to be on their panel or if they do only expect them to hang around for a short run. rosie perez made it official that the rumors that she got axed by the view are true this morning to tears from the others and whoopie having to have some one else reveal it because she was too choked up . and for the second time in the views history a panel that has a rosie on it winds up not going to have rosie perez out from the view. plus whoopie wound up also defending herself over her opinion that till a court proves bill cosby guilty once and for all of raping all those woman espicly now that it was revealed he was buying qualudes to rape woman. that her opinion is he is innocent till proven guilty which is a right under the constitution as the view loses rosie this time perez not odonnel. and whoopie defends herself over cosby.

and there is still now what looks like just abc offiicaly confirming as word has it talks with both rosie perez and nicole wallance are in the final stages to come on board the view and join whoopie and rosie o donel  plus also new producer bill wolf since bill gedes has also left the show and network too leaving no one left now who has been with the view from day one. but now once abc officialy confirms every thing is done. whoopie and rosie will be chatting away for the views new season with rosie perez and filling their conservative slot nicole wallance should be interesting to see not only how long rosie o donel lasts this time around . but if a certain hot button topic comes up if she and nicole are going to get hot and heavy with their view points . as the view will return with in the seats once offiical confirmed with whoopie and rosie . will be rosie perez and nicole wallance a former aid to former president bush.

and thus even though she has already said her goodbye with jenny. the view sent sherri off in style today her final taped episode. from looking back on some of her moments on the view from being even benched press by some guy to her bloopers and of course all her wigs. to whoopi saying it was enjoyable to work with her. plus sherry even got sernadaded including by bel biv devos poison. and sherri wound up once again thanking the fans and barabara and whoopi for letting her be part of the view. even bringing up her current stuff in her personal life mainly her two divorces. yes two  her first one and her current one that has her in the headlines. but mostly sherri said she enjoyed her time on the view and that she proved she is not star johnes back for another round. as for who will be taking her seat now. the view did not name new hosts or confirmed the rumors of october and nicole coming. but odds are it will be soon and proably by the end of the week. as the view sends sherry off  in her final taped episode. next for her broadway.

and as elibeth still rants and raves about rosie coming to the view and whoopie saying tone it down the view will go on as always the ladies talking . the view could maybe wind up with another sure to be a lighting rod co host. plus also possibly filling their conservative part too. as the daughter of john mccain. megan is set to guest co host next week which some see as actully a try out to then wind up joining whoopie and rosie and filling another seat on the panel and thus give the view their conservative view point. not only that the view is making it known that the chances of a male host is good. as the view may soon have what is sure to cause almost as much news a rosie being back . soon to not only have their conservative view fullfiled but another seat too with a well known name as john mccains daughter megan playing co host. which could be perment later.

and what has joy behar winding up going after elizebeth hasslebeck who went on a tirade on fox and friends by phone over the now confirmed news that rosie is coming back to the view. yes the rumors are now confirmed that rosie is coming back to join whoppie and who ever else they hire in the fall now . the news had elizebeth seeing red and kind of showing some one must be jeleous that they did not get asked back to the table. by saying rosie called the military terroists when we took control of iraq. which had joy come to rosie defense saying elizebeth is full of it since one of rosies son is going to the military academy which joy said does that look like some one who thinks troops are terroists. as coming back to the view and already causing a little firestorm of words between two former hosts. rosie is back . which means two seats left to fill and one could still wind up being a male cohost. one view seat now filled and already causing a war of words. rosie back to the view table. wonder how long her second time will last.

and thus two more ladies of the view will be moving on as both jenny and sherri after first joking nope not leaving made it official that they are leaving the view. sherri says that her plan was only for seven years and since they have come she is done and teary eyed thanked barbara and the view for giving her a chance. but said she will come back to promote things. jenny also said she is leaving to which means the view will be looking for two new people after all maybe one a guy and also possibly since the view manage to weather the storm with having jenny on board given her vacine view. possibly the view could have sarah palin on board as sarah made it known she wants to join the view yes sarah palin which would also feel the views conservative slot and if nothing else viewers will tune in to watch the crazyness that is sarah as jenny and sherri say they are ending their time with the view officialy and sarah palin wants to come on board.

though not going to be official till its mentioned by jenny and the other ladies on the view. rumor is flying fast that the view is about to play musical hosts soon and jenny may be gone after all one year. that the execs may be deciding not not renew her contract when its up in july. jenny replaced elizebeth hasslebeck who split for fox . and also kind of arrived with some controversy over being against giving kids so many vacations at once believing doing so was the cause of austim. but jenny would not be the first host to leave after a year rosie did it too. as the view may soon be playing musical hosts again jenny could be out . offical word will come from the view and jenny when they decide officialy

and thus a era and legacy has come to an end. as barbara walters had her swan song. on the view today . with help by michel douglas and oprah and hiliery too which oprah and hiliery both being surprises to barbara given how whoopie stated its hard to surprise her. and hiliery even joking about will she or won’t she run for president still not ready to finaly say one way or the other. oprah stated she could not let barbara final day go with out stopping bye and thank her for being a pionneer that open the door for even her. plus also michel douglas stopped bye too to see her off. and barbara also had some fun with help from cherri oteri doing her impression of barbara and interviewing barbara herself. and then came barba’s final words saying how her specials she started doing was a life line. and that she was proud of creating the view . plus also now that she does not have to get up early or worry about interviewing some one. even saying a little french which means see you later as next for the view . moving on with out barbara walters. the legend had her swan song today. with help from oprah and hiliery.