and knowing their fate to move on to the next round of the live shows rest in the judges tonight including all rellying on voters. some more acts including that deaf singer simon found worthy of the golden buzzer put their lifes on the line for the next round last night that also for a couple acts included some tech trouble that may cost them going on one a dace crew that uses lights couldn’t get lights working plus the other was that magician who has a death wish including doing the one stunt even houndi himself said no way not messing with this. one had some trouble that caused mel to not only walk off set but throw water in simons face after he compared the malfunction to mels wedding night with her soon to be ex mel didn’t take too kindly to that . and threw her water and walked off the set as some acts now await their fates for the next round tonight on agt. which included tech malfunctions and simon and mel getting into a spat.