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and thus looks like its just going be come belmont exaggerator as the fan favorite now as due to a blood illness nyquist has picked up his owners have stated he is not going to be in belmont in 2 weeks after all saying they are doing what they feel is best to help him get better. and thats scratching him from belmont which is not in play for the triple crown . since nyquist did not take the preakness. exaggerator did instead breaking the triple crown . so its just exaggerator all alone not getting a rematch and nyquist going for revenge at belmont. illness stops that from happening.nyquist out.

and thus not only did the voice now make it that there will never be a sequel featuring a grown up curly sue. but also at long last and maybe the first of many of the female couches winning the thing. and her first since being part of the show. kristiana at last wound up being the couch who gets the bragging rights as alison porter beat out leif from team adam and won the voice giving kristina her first win as couch plus also the first time team kristiana won the thing too. as the long streak of the voice being so long of blake or adam winning except the time parnel one is now over. kristina at last gets a taste of winning the voice. and also hollywood can never expect alison ever working for them again on film. on the stage yes film she is done as she now deal with being the voice champ. hopefuly the first one with a long long career

and in a last minute season surprise. cbs made it known it has added limitless to shows now dead for the show runner on his twitter account said that the show is now dead on all platforms which means no reviel on another network no maybe revived for a second season online like a netflix deal. limitless has wound up becoming limited as cbs in a last minute shock pulls the plug, and no chance of a last minute save at all cbs says nope not shopping it around any more no netflix chances either.

and with thanks to the mud that made the track concreat and made it hard for nyquist in the end to keep his speed and thus allowing his rival exaggerator to not only win the preakness instead and thus break the triple crown but now ends the chances of maybe nyquest maybe winning the triple crown and thus a back to back one. for belmont is now just a rematch of rivals . nyquist vs exaggerator rematch for the preakness out come . who will it be.

if nyquist does wind up as most figure and are rooting for wind up with when the preakness is run hours from now as the winner. the big test still awaits the one that has acted like a cruel mistress from time to time. belmont. the one thing that will stand between nyquist and making some history as pulling off a back to back triple crown. as nyquist big test still awaits will he gets ready to get the okay at last to let lost and have preakness joining his derby win as conquests. belmont the one that has knocked down many a derby and preakness winner . the big test nyquist will face still . right after he shows his stuff at the preakness and gets closer to that quest.

and thus for nyqwest barring a last minute scratching like injury . for nyqwest and his owners theres no turning back on the journey they wound up one when nyquist took the derby. the path to repeat what american pharaho did and become for the second time in horse racing history a back to back triple crown be had and nyquist tells american pharoh hello i am a new member of this elite club plus also other horses will be looking to make that go down in flames and some for revenge losing to him in the derby. as no turning back now nyquist goes for the second jewel of the triple crown . the preakness and one step closer to his own horse glory. preakness.

and it finaly happend that a few con artists manage to sneak on to the shark tank and one wound up with a deal from the sharks plus some one walked away from a deal because the person couldn’t stand the shark making the offer aka mr wonderful. not to mention some one finaly wound up with the sharks talking about pms. from a guy who created some hair style stuff only to start losing deals with the sharks by revealing he is also uses you tube and wound up with barbara making an offer for himself yes a shark for the first time ever makes a deal for the person after the offer their own brand. deal taken. then came a woman who made candy for the times when a woman has pms no deal. plus the fact she was going through the symptoms as she pitched the thing. then came an app for cards that would include weedings and wound up with a deal from mr wonderful. and last came the one who wound up refusing the deal because he would have to work with mr wonderful. even though as a pissed off mark cuban tried to get the other sharks to see the guy was a con artist when he as part of his pitch for a behavior mod watch. he produced studies some other scientists made and then said he backed out of trials. but got some offers any way and lost and kept talking and then when mr wonder ful decided he was going to put an end to the guy with a deal the guy said no way. as cons and mr wonderful get some on shark tank.

and thus the voices semi finals are once again a one on one for the coaches as each one manage to get a team member as the final four. adam for blake. leif for adam due to the fan save. alison for parnel and hannahh for kristina. sending the rest of adams team home along with bryton and mary sarah. as eight becomes four on the voice.

and thus the voice will tonight wind up with the final four already as the top eight will wind up with a major big cut four will go home which means parnel could lose his only one and the other couches could also be out of a team too but the top four will then have to really show their stuff for one to win as a big elimanation tonight on the voice. eight become four

and not only are fans getting a black list spin off. nbc when asked how donald trumps presidental bid will affect the return of the apprentice that is now going to be hosted by arnold swazzenagger. nbc reps says the show is delayed till they know if trump is potus or not then once donalds political fate is learned the show will be aired unless as president he tells them not to . as the fate of the apprentices return with the terminator calling the shots now in the hands of if donald wins the white house or not according to nbc. the odd chance he wins wonder if it means the show will never air .


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