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given adams streak so far after two episodes of only haveing 2 team members while blake. and parnell and kristina move fast and get their teams built . given his streak of not being able to grab any one including even the four chair turn which is his thing.  will his streak finaly die in tonights  voice or will it continue and wind up with adam having to do like he did the first season hear people who were sent packing perform again and hit his button or not. as another round of the voice may either show adam back in the game or still stuck in slow getting team members.

and thus not only putitng dems in a catch 22 either stick with the president and boycott the speech that israil pm  benjimin Netenyahu is making  or wind up going and being nice and respect full and listen to it even as most say its helping the repubs call to move for more sanctions on iran and thus also risk a military fight as the president points out who also is not meeting with ben due to not wanting with elections in israil coming up that he endorses ben. but mostly the repubs are now going to lay their little hand of attack against the president by having netenyua come with out telling the president to speak . boehmers doing.

and next for the new week for the south dakota  legislature after spending last week making the nra really not happy by voting down all gun bills before them including one that would let even  security guards at the capitol pack heat with out a permit.  the legislature will start the week with getting highway and road repair funding  dealt with plus also making it so bikers saftey will be improved on the road by dealing a bill that would make it so drivers have to have a cushion of three feet behind  some one on  a bike  .  in other words unlike last week with one issue and three bills. the state legislature will start the new week with two issues the big one being road repair at last.

and when he finds himself about bankrupt  including having to put a for sale sighn on the polar bear  and also replacing his hounds with poodles. and also proving that mr. burns is not really up to date on things. desperate for money mr burns falls for a nigeria scheme.  while homer and lisa hang out for take your daughter to work day again. only to wind up having to watch the princes sister which has marge mad since he could be home doing that with maggie. and then  sparks fly when she sneaks off to moes and the two hit it off  . even after learning she is from nigeria and moe admits he fell for a scam. to homer who comes looking for her and then even chases them as they go on a date around town and moe gets a kiss only to have her admit to her brother who is upset and cancels the deal for goats  that she has no feelings for moe.  plus the fact she even holds up the qwiki mart. as moe gets love denied again and mr burns proves he is so old he is even dumb enough to fall for  a scam. on the simpsons.

so much for as star trek fans and even pulling off a last minute flight miracle and after getting blessed on social media for saying due to a previous commitment he would not be able to make it to Leonard NImmoy’s funeral only to wind up found to be headed there after all. so much for thinking west burro would finaly be staying in their little hole or gave up at last targeting funerals . as up to their old tricks and seeing a chance again west burro made it known they are going to picket the funeral. mostly due to Nimmoys star trek co star George Takie being gay. plus figuring since he was such a big star the funeral would have a big crowd for them to spread their hate. hope west burro is ready to risk the wrath of star trek fans who will if need to come to protect Leonard family and mourners from their garbage not to mention is west burro dumb enough to tick off shatner too. as  crawling out of their hole west burro is looking to Leonard nimmoy’s funeral to grab the spotlight again. and winding up learning that trekers can be a bunch you don’t mess with .

and soon gamblers who come to deadwood will wind up being able to try their luck at craps and roulete and keno instead of just the vidoe lottery and card games. and also may let deadwood be able to compete more with the casinos and get more people maybe to visit. once daugard takes his pen and signs the bill okaying the games which voters aproved for deadwood. and the bill got through the south dakota legislature without much trouble and some luck as now deadwood just waits to soon to cash in some new players with new games. waiting now for the governor to pay out by singing the bill .

and thus trekers and fans of his other work and hollywood are now begining to deal with the news and start mourning and paying tribute to Leonard nimoy who passed away at age 83 from copd . mostly known to fans far and wide as mr. spock . Leonards career spaned  six decades with other roles too like on mission impossible   get smart.  and even an early team with with shatner on the man from uncle plus the host of in search of in the 70s and to lotr and cheesy songs fans. singing the ballad of bilbo baggins.  but mostly leonard is best and to most fans always will be mr spock. the one crew member who became the heart of the enterprise. plus also gaining some new fans as william bell on fringe. as hollywood and trekers now get hit by a torpedo of saddness as Leonard nimoy has passed away rip Leonard may your legacy live long and prosper . sympathy to his friends and family for the loss of a icon. and no doubt he is busy in heaven now with deforest kelly and James doohan . bones and scotty .

and after a bill that would keep the homeland security funded for three weeks from the house due to the tea party and conservatives voting it down much to boemer dismay as the senate wound up passing a clean bill.  and knowing as the clock ticked down to a homeland security shutdown that the repubs would be blamed . at the very last minute the house wound up passing a last minute funding bill to keep the lights on but temp for a least a week.and the bill has been signed by the president. as the repubs now lick their wounds and try to figure out how to keep homeland security going but also make sure to prevent the presidents immigration orders from going into play and also wind up not taking some damage. plus the drama has just proven to both boehmer and mitch that they will find it really hard to be able to get their agenda done with full support. not to mention boehmer has to wind up having to make a deal with dems to get things done now.crisis adverted homeland security still operating .

and it finaly happens red. and liz and the rest of the team wind up going after their first lady black lister though they start out thinking the killer is male only for red to set liz straight when guys are found to be turning up dead with an arrow through the heart.  as red winds up chasing a mystery guy from the number he got from the safe and setting up a meeting only to have other plans go into play including liz revealing though it could just be a set up she does know where the fulcrum is but has red call her bluff by asking what it is. and then as they go after the deer hunter a woman who was abused by her ex and decide to help other woman. with liz due to learning she could face charges from tom killing the harbor master. she almost reaches the breaking point and kills the deer hunter. as red winds up with a new mystery and maybe a set up by some one new on the blacklist.

and wasting no time over the fcc ruling to protect net neutrality using telecom rules. which means ips under the rules will have to treat all content equaly even as the new rules have already gotten promises of court battles including by the big telecomes like verison and at&t , congress is wasting no time and planning to stop the fcc in its tracks with talk lead by south dakota ‘s own thune to take legislative action mostly a bill thune is cooking up an d already seeking support that would stop the fcc in its tracks by stopping their power to even make the rules. as the fcc choice on net neutrality has unleashed a scramble. lawsuits and congress looking to do a stop though the bill is liable to get vetoed.


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