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and knowing that tonight that only ten will remain . the top eleven on the voice gave it their all and even had a family member sit in on their rhersal with the couches. plus adam was busy annoying blake by mimicing yop every time he talked. as one more will be going and what remains of the voice will be ten left one to claim the prize.

and thus after speculating and a few episodes of nothing what so ever. walking dead fans finaly had the answer glen is alive by slipping under the dumpster leaving nick to be walker chow. as rick and co try to help put alexandria together rick too blinded by every thing including giving a gun to carls rival who is now stalking him foreshadowing carl losing an eye maybe. but other wise its business as normal for rick and co . including having to save spencer from a walker attack. as glen tracks down enid and tells her its okay she needs to do what she has to do. and also singles to maggie he is alive . as hell breaks lose when the tower comes a crashing and the walkers lose again. but walking dead fans learn glens fate he is alive. at least till negan gets him.

even though he like the other good repub governors don’t have the power to stop the plan to resettle syrian refugees till the vetting process for assylum seekers espcilly since the president will veto a bill to do just that never the less being a good repub daugard has joined others in signing a letter asking the president to stop which is really useless since the president has said he will let some refugees in plus the governor does not have a role or say in ressettlement under the law. plus none have come here to south dakota so daugard is just being a good repub in the game plan of trying to be against the president.

one thing those who are trying to be on shark tank should learn by now be clear what exactly you are wanting a deal for and don’t argue with the shark and come off like the copvano guy as one guy did both things. one he could not explain pervectly what his business is and two kept arguing with the sharks and go no deal. then came a couple who wanted a deal for their company that made brazilian cheese bread got a deal. then came some fashion desingers who managed get a deal. and came a lady who created a thing to keep socks together even in the wash but ticked the sharks off by doing a sock puppet demo. only while after all the sharks said no she wound up while walking out of the board room not only being chased down by damion but got a deal. coming soon to bath bed and beyond. the sock clip.

and thus just when it looked like every thing was going to wind up going liz and reds way some other parties have other ideas from restler and co learning their former boss is working with tom to help liz. to lis seeking out demara when red gets captured by some thugs. their price money and the thing that will clear liz who she offers the thing much to reds dislike plus a cabal member makers her move and kills one of the task force allies. the head of justice. and then to end the the till it returns liz is captured .

correction turns out kelly from the very first season aka the rat of the snake and the rat legend speech was the one sent packing on survivor not ciera though the vote was close. which means the remaining survivor cast members are playing hard and finaly knowing what needs to be done to win the million. since they took out a big survivor vet kelly

not only has a so called witches coven from three of the diliked ladies on survivor formed. calling the shots but one team was so far behind in the reward challenge. that the other team won quickly. then during the immunity idol an advantage got claimed which is some one can take anothers vote at tribal can one say the thing will get used on joe soon. plus a hidden idol was found and the vote sent ciera to keep savage and cass company as jury members. as a new alliance formed on survivor and a game changer in ones hands.

its one of musics greatest mysteries who is carly simmons your so vain really about. with speculation and the number one name being warren beaty who even has said its about him. or her ex james taylor for so long carly has never revealed the truth execpt to one guy who bought the rights to learn the secret for charity at least till now while promoting her book carly revealed the truth at least part of it that your so vain is about warren but only the verse that goes you had me many years ago. when i was navie. as for the rest she said its about some other guys too but won’t reveal their names ever till they proably figure out the song is about them. as carly reveals some of the mystery at last about yours. so vain is about. confirming some of it is about beaty as most have thought.

though odds are rifrax and cinematic titans will still be around. given hollywood crop of movies latley some of them are just calling to be trashed and now the masters of doing so to bad movies after a long absence and a succefull of the first kickstarter the legendary mystery science theatre 3000 is back as creator joel hodgeson revealed saying all the legal issues the prevented it ever being resureceted are cleared. and kicking off the new rebirth he also named the guy who will be sitting on the satalite of love with crow and tom. comedy centrals own jonah ray. though he will have some tough shoes to fill. wonder what their first movie will be. so far three episodes will be made.

and talk about fast with negan set to show in the finale that is only a couple episodes away. the walking dead creators set up the saviors fast by having daryle come across them while getting back to abhram and sasha who were starting to show feelings for each other and abrham deciding his fate is sooner or later walker food but not with out a fight as he even goes on some raiding and gets not only some more weapons but a box of cubans. as daryle deals with his new pals who once they lose one of their own to a walker coming out of the ground. and was dieing of dibeties any way. daryle soon learns to stop being so trusting when they not only take his crossbow but his bike too. as the walking dead setting up Negans coming by daryle meeting some of the saviors . hopefuly not later the one with glen out of action being the one who says hello to lucile.


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