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and now just three days after today and at long last much to gay opponents who now can’t file any more briefs days from now the justices of scotus hear arguments about gay marriage at last. with both sides going to argue no turning back no more filing briefs or delays or anything the clock is running out now hitting the 72 hours mark to go till scotus which to most has been a long time coming mostly for those waiting to read scalia descent if the justices finaly rule under the constitution that gay couples are allowed to be married legaly in june.  what his decent will be given his views on the issue. but mostly as the arguments now mean the repubs have run out of time trying to find ways to be able to be oposed to the issue to keep the old base but also have some wiggle room to gain younger voters of the base who are in favor including the presidental contenders like rubio . as at long last come this week the justices debate gay marriage clock is just about done now no turning back.

and come the derby seven days from now . the race will find itself down one horse from the normal twenty or so as owners of one lucky lady informed race officials they have to pull the horse out of the derby due to having to have surgery for an leg injury . even most horse fans are eying both american pharoh and dartmund as contenders to go after the triple crown. and win the derby . but both will now have some less competiton. as one lucky dane has to wind up not getting his derby chance now due to leg injury and surgery. as clock ticks down to days to the first step for maybe a triple crown claim with the first jewel being the derby.

and just proving the owners of one company either know what they are doing or going to wind up with their company  a clothing company which also makes its stuff in america gone soon mostly after getting a few deals on shark tank even though the sharks really were not imppressed they kept turning them down yes saying no to a deal .  one from mr. wonderful and one from robert after all the sharks passed. no deal . then came an  app to gureentee tickets and seats at events no deal.  then a guy created a new type of insole and got a deal  plus a pair of ladies who created packs of fan zines stuff wound up with a deal after all  the things are for the super fans of some one. even gave the sharks a sample. as one company is taking a risk by refusing a deal even though all the sharks were going to say no.

and given how the creator did say she threaten given how patrick dempsy has been making waves that he is ready to leave greys anatomy .  fans got a shock as  they wound up having to say goodbye to mcdreamy when he winds up after saving some people in a car crash. spoiler warning gets in one himself and winds up taken off life support. end spoilers. greys fans are shocked and going wtf just happpen they killed mcdreamy. which is interesting given patrick was signed for another season guess now in flashbacks as greys fans get a shock the demise of mcdreamy . patrick demsy goes bye bye at last from the show.

and picking up where the black list left off. red has been shot and liz and denbe are scrambling to keep him alive and get him to the hospital but red people have other plans and red is taken to the a make ship or where its found he has an collapsed lung and an artery is ripped and the one surgeon who can fix it is dead plus the hit squad is still coming so liz and crew escape to toms place and get help there only the guy who ordered the hit on red who turns out to be part of the cabal and the director of the cia won’t stop. while liz winds up under reds orders getting a hold of the guy who created the fulcrum and sees the names on it then uses it to save red. who then confesses why he hired tom to come after her he did it because in his warped way he cares about liz. as red fights for his life and the fulcrum gets put into play on the black list.

and thus finaly after a delay even as she kind of ticked off some repubs saying she is for the presidents executive order on immigration. at long last and making some history again the senate confirmed loretta lynch as the first female ag who also is african american. and absent to vote against her was her big critic ted cruz and the president was happy it finaly happen. which means holder is now packing up and moving on at last. as the government has a new a.g by the name of loretta lynch now offiicly confirmed by the senate at last.

talk about crazy from will getting kicked out of the auction only to wind up with a chest of reserves that he then winds up learning his tribe he shared with is ungratful and blows at shari. to dan winding up with a big dose of power mostly getting a twist that allows him to cast two votes at tribal. and mike saving his butt getting imunity and thus jen gets her wish from last episode and goes home. though unlike the last time the tribes were denied their letters from their loved ones thanks to mike.

and looks like by the end of the week now the u.s will have a new ag named lorretta lynch as congress is as of today mananging to unstall the human trafficing bill and taking care of the hold up the abortion thing that had dems block it and hold up lynchs vote.  the bill is even looked at being voted on as of today . which means it could be on the presidents desk by the end of the week and human trafficers are going to wind up finaly maybe winding up where they belong in a nice prison cell and their victims will get compensated for being victims. plus congress is showing it can salvage its new bipartisianship on certain issues at last.

this season is showing it is not adams season this time on the voice for not only is he now down to just josh who got saved to be the last of the top eight but it also ment deana went home plus kristina lost a member of her team too as blake and parrnell kept their teams . as the top eight chosen on the voice with adam taking the hit down to just one team member. josh not adams season

and now both sides for and against the gay marriage issue are rushing to get in their last views even though nothing can top kentucky saying the constitution gives the right to discrimate against woman and gays because it okayed discrimination against married woman .  as both sides now see the clock ticking down to history being made come summer as only one week left and the justices hear the arguments on gay marriage next week . clock running down as scotus gets ready to hear the arguments over a issue they will rule and make history on one week to go now.


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