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even after being told that due to their relationship with agent keane the task force will not be allowed to investigate and go after the ones who killed her. they decide screw this and even ask tom who is busy with his new born baby to help . while red still mourning liz and his actions goes hiding and is in a funk only to get a butt kicking from toms grandfather or maybe lizs long lost grand father who says he is a great grandfather now and blames red for costing him his daughter and grand daughter aka maybe liz . which causes red to get out of his funk that and a visit by tom and denbi. and red then leaves his mission go teach the ones who killed liz that was a big mistake. as the team also discovers a really big bomb lizs mother is alive.

and thus sadly for fans of u.s a’s networks royal pains . making the normal rounds to promote its upcoming season. star mark feustein dropped the bomb that the series will end after its upcoming season done after eight seasons which he revealed will include a musical episode. so fans better start getting the hankies ready for royal pains is now terminal and once this upcoming season ends it will be doa . royal pains final season kicks off may 12.

and scots revenge on tai winds up not happening on survivor though the other tribe members are realizing more and more that tai is becoming a threat with the way he is playing the game espically since still not using his idol or his advantage yet makes him more and more a threat. but in the end julia was the one who went packing and joins the jury plus also sasha manage to win a reward for once. and scott dropped out of battling for the idol . as tai is showing that he is the one now to try and take out on survivor.

and thus now there are ten left on the voice since the results were revealed two by two with blake and kristina leading the packs . though adam caught up with wade and then shandrah but like parnel is now down to only two team members. since brady from parnel team got saved but owen from adams team got sent home now there are ten as the voice is getting closer and closer to calling it another season. and soon two will be sent packing to get down to the final ones.

and thus those waiting to see not only what kelly would say about the whole michel leaving and her filling blindsided. that she went awol from the show. but also see how she and michel would get along now. with kelly not only getting a standing ovation being back but also seeming to bury the hatchet by saying sorry for her behavior and she respects michel. and also that the show is important to her aka her staff will not have to look for other jobs . but mostly kelly is showing to be a good sport at last in this whole scandal with them even about to talk to blindspots lead jamie alexxander .as kelly is back and all is well with live the peace is holding.

and now its the top eleven who will be battling it out for survial on the voice which means only ten will remain and for the couches who got their team cut they are at big risk of being down to one since blake and parnel only have two players. kristina and adam their full team though they could also wind up down to two after the results. as then their will be ten on the voice. and one couch closer to no team at all next round

and after walking off last week and not showing up for work going on her vacation but from her sources really also leaving to deal with the news that her co host michel strayhan is going to be leaving live with kelly and michel for gma. which kelly said to some sources was a blind side. but mostly because she has a contract kelly returns in 24 hours and fans will then see how the dynamic will be between the two till michel leaves for today and a new co host is found aka either anderson cooper or neil patrick harris. the top contenders. as 24 hours the peace will return to live for how ever long it lasts or will once kelly and michel are back in the seats will day time talk wind up with hell breaking lose on live and kelly and michel just working with each other counting the time till he is gone.

john taperts latest bar he rescues winds up not only with a little touch of british since one thing on the menu is old fish and chips but finds the reason he had been called there is because the owner is drinking away profits yes just like a few other bars with amy from o face the top of the list. the owner of the bar is caught drinking the profits . and also showing he does not know what he is doing including getting into a fight with one of johns experts when the kitchen is found to be a total mess and saying he has people who is suppose to clean it and also wanting to get into a shouting match with john . that any one who watches the show knows is a good way not only to have john walk out on you but also proof that one can’t swallow their egos and be happy john is wanting to help. as he gets the bar back on track including the fish and chips . as profits are stopped from going down the tube at the latest bar rescue target.

and for pot heads and those who are for marijuana being legal mostly for medical uses though for pot heads also to smoke normaly they now have another reason to celebrate more no congress is not decrimilazing yet marijuana sales but its now maybe a step closer as the dea now revealed at long last its going to okay a study of marijuana being used as a treatment for ptsd . espically with states okaying medical marijuana as a new tax income. which means advocates and pots heads can celebrate more now and how knows given if the studies prove it has a use officialy it could be a step closer to marijauna being legal at last and 420 maybe some day being an official holiday mostly for those who smoke the stuff.recreational and medicaly as the dea who holds one of the keys to getting the feds to really start looking to decriminalize marijuana at historic since most figured it would never happen unless the president or congress asked it too

seems some now think a way to get the sharks to open their pockets book is with a little magic and also some sweets. from a couple of kids who invented a new way to eat keep the mess of a dripping ice cream cone stable by an ice cream doughut who manage to get a deal though some sharks passed. from a traveling magic show who in the end couldn’t pull off the trick of a deal though the sharks liked the act. to a hands free kiddie car no deal either . seems the ice cream was the only deal as even a new device for juice boxes could not get a deal. only one deal on shark tank a sweet one.


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