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and the tears really flowed on the bachelor . as not only did ben send a fan fav. lauren b who after surviving the double date with oliva and proably doomed her self by not hiding her delight when ben sent at long last the witch home yes oliva luck ran out and she was sent packing for ben was not into her after all. and even left her by the side of a road crying in peace. then lauren got the ax next. and to top off the crazy ben decided to forgo the drinking party for the rose ceramony and went straight to the point joining laura and oliva out the door lauren h as tears flow and the bachelor also shows not even a fan fav or some one who could be the one to win the show or at least be the next bachelorette is safe. tears flow as a few ladies told times up no rose for you by ben. including a witch .aka oliva

and now all that is left for the broncos now besides all the bragging and also parties and such and no doubt the little talk show for manning. is celebrating that after scoring a touch down that put the game out of the panthers reach the broncos took the nfl champion by winning the super bowl not only that part of sports history too since the super bowl was the golden boy number 50 as next for the broncos bragging and parting as the champs and then when the new season starts do prep work to try and defend their title. broncos next move partying as champs.

and thus proving that south dakota really seems to not care for its rep any plus risking a lot of damage including proably losing chances at conferances or even concerts now because of the states legislatures new attack against transgender groups and its anti gay views. from the bathroom and sports bills making their way through to the senate to also a new one that would let business discriminate against transgenders and gays and also unmarried or young pregnant woman too. and be protected if they have a contract with the state. but also of course the old religeous beliefs protected again. which has civil liberty groups and the aclu geared up for war. unless by some miracle the govenror has some common sense and vetoes all those bills even though odds are sadly he does the legislature will try an override. or the backlash gets some legislatures mostly to protect their butts vote down the things other wise south dakota gets ready to pay a high price for going and making itself if some of the stupid legislatures who don’t use their brains in my opinion when it comes to some of the bills. wind up having their way and make the state being one where gays and transgender and even unmarried couples and woman including pregnant woman need not come to live here unless you want to be treated as a second class citizen. south dakota getting ready to pay a price which would be besides conventions saying no to coming to south dakota plus concerts and acts that would maybe at last give south dakota a chance will wind up saying nope not due to their views of equality . south dakota risking paying a price of being a state of hate against some people by the actions of the legislature going on right now.

and thus all that is left for the golden super bowl aka super bowl fifty is just now the answer to who will be walking away with not only bragging rights as having when all is said and played hours from now being refered too as 2016 superbowl champs but also the bragging rights and partying after wards one teams either the broncos or the panthers will be walking away when all is said and done as champs who will it be plus also both teams are going to be able to say they were part of nfl history playing in the big 50 of super bowls. who is going to get all the glory answer coming hours and hours from now.

and given that this is the last season for american idol the judges had unlike all the other times they named the top twenty four since the idea if one did not make it this time they could always come back and try again. but not this time as the judges had to make the old cuts which this time around where heart acheing given the talent which meant some after surviving hell week saw their music dreams done as only twenty four have now survived with one being the final american idol. which means next will soon be the top twelve .

and once again some bad guy learns the hard way don’t mess with some one red cares about ever as when a black lister who has the habbit of arranging marriages with mobsters for peace only to enjoy when the families whipe them selves out is at it again. which has red once again having an agenda as liz and co try and keep tabs on the guy . only for him to prove his as slippery as red. as tom hooks up with some jewel thieves for his current mission. still helping liz who learns due to her rep she may find it hard to know her child once she gives it up for adoption as she finds out that once the prospective parents learned who she is they went straight for a close adoption. as the black lister winds up another name on reds hit list for turns out his little actions wound up hurting some one red cares deeply about and red winds up getting payback his style. and red showing his compassinate side when he tells the lady he got revenge for her .

and what will be the very last time for the judges to sadly break some hearts by having to cut some of the those who surived last night final hollywood round. plus also the ones who make the top twenty four will be part of idol history as the very last group yes the top twenty four for the very last time will be revealed on idol. and like all the other times some dreams will be crushed by the judges having to decide who makes it . as the final top twenty four will be revealed as idols swan song keeps going.

and the only thing to not wind up due to not enough signatures to make the ballot for south dakota turns out to be the one that would okay medical marijuana in the state yes of all the ballot initives this one wound up not enough votes to make it according to the sec of state verifying it was way short of even the 13 thousand minimum. so south dakota won’t be dealing with medical marijuna and the legislature will be spared trying to proably undo the thing if it has passed. as medical marijuna not going to be allowed in south dakota for a bit since odds are the thing is not dead.

and at last governor daugard has handed the legislature the teachers pay package which will mean soon the legislature will decide if they want to go with the governor and schools and teachers and okay funding the thing with a tax raise which most are against moslty wanting to save their butts election wise. but because its a tax raise. or will they go with one of the alernates plans they have cooking. plus the fact that some are not happy the governor put in a little thing to make sure the thing does not wind up put on the ballot later . but now teachers have to keep an eye on the legislature to see if they will finaly at long last in south dakota see some more money in their paycheck the legislature has the bill package now from daugard.

and for jubliee and oliva by the next episode. mexico turned out not to be so happy and a vacation for the ladies of the bachelor. at least jubliee who after refusing to hold bens hand and bitching about having to learn the language and cook. ben sent her packing. then finaly after oliva made a teen mom took the other ladies had enough and let ben know that the lady is not so nice and sweet which caused the rose ceromoy to be stopped. which means some ones luck may have just run out on the bachelor


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