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and thus for who fans. an end of an era has happen as peter capalida gave his swan song as the twelve version of the time lord . in the doctor who xmas special that saw the doctor trying to avoid regenerating winding up teamed up with his very first incarnation played by william hartnell and currently played by a actor in make up to look like william they are teamed up to do one thing return a guy back to his time so he can die since saving him has thrown the time line out of whack. spoilers for those who have not seen it . yet the guy turns out by the so called baddie posing as billy who fans saw last season became a cyberman then left the doctor on the tardis to die . billy really as alien named testimony gathers the memories of the dead and restores them to life in similaries then returns them to the time of their deaths. the doctors who the first doctor also refuses to regenerate yet must restore the time line plus also fans so rusty the only good dalek to bid addue to twelve and in a surprise that has has fans mixed clara saying bye bye too and giving the doctor his memories of her back. end spoilers. and then what always happens in the doctor xmas show twelve says addiue and regerates to thirteenth welcoming jodi whittaker the first woman to play the doctor ever. next the adventures for thirteen. feelings mixed sad to see peter time as the doctor end but all thins end and looking forward to what jodi does with the role. dr. who xmas special ends one era begins another for the tie lord

first off sorry for the long abstence for those who read this here place and suscribed life got into the way plus one needs a rest some time. or doesn’t have much to say . and hope every one had a merry xmas for one holiday down and those who don’t really care for all the crazy of xmas and stress the peace has come. and interesting we are getting closer and closer to a new year and haven’t had world war three yet or nuked. any way to quote the film poltergeist . i am back the demoncat4 has returned to this little corner of mine

as sadly fans and hollywood and also those who he helped when he was doing the mda labor day telethon are now dealing with the passing this week after a long career of jerry lewis who died this week at age 91 as fans and his loved ones mourn and remember his legacy . the big question and speculation now will be starting mostly will the library of congress honor their agreement with him to wait ten years from now and show at last his long lost infamous film of his the clown who cried having his print of it donated. which if one doesn’t know the film has jerry playing a clown who the nazies hire to entertain kids in a concentration camp and marches with them into the gas chamber in the end. that jerry seeing how messed up the idea was took the print and locked it away in a vault. with only a select few seeing it. with jerry sadly now with dean in heaven the big question among fans now is will the library of congress honor jerry request and wait ten years now then let fans dare see the clown who cried or will they risk his estate having to take them to court and try to dare release the thing early. odds are they will honor just as a way to honor jerry and go with the ten year agreement though given how messed up the thing is will if they do release it in 2027 will any one really dare see it? myself nope have no desire to even after hearing so much about this thing and how messed up it is.

and thus once herr star and the grail finaly came with tulip so messed up over jesse lieing to her and cassidy busy trying to make up for bad parenting and also creating a monster by turning his old kid into a vampire who is proving that he is liking the taste for blood to much that soon the hooker cassidy is bringing home will wind up a pile of bodies and the cops will come a calling for cassidy . as tulip is so messed up knowing the saint of killers is still around that the grail spies are able to trick her including finding the saints pistols. as jesse tries to get more answers from herr star and then meets the one character who most fans of the show figured once the show got near having to bring the character on amc could have the censors really screaming at them saying change the plans you can’t show that character for if you do a big fine. aka the reveal that the grail and herr star created a clone of jesus who due to inbreeding is not mentaly all there as jesse finds out and learns the grail and herr star will not help try and find god after all jesse even using genisus power on the clone which surprised the censors haven’t told amc yet okay get rid of the clone now you can’t be allowed to show him any more due to him being jesus for its boarding almost on sacrilige as preacher finaly introduces the one character some fans figured the censors would have the mother of all shit fits and tell amc whoo hold hold it you are going to be in deep trouble if you show this character after all. as preacher gets nearer already to its season finaly with two episodes now left.

and knowing their fate to move on to the next round of the live shows rest in the judges tonight including all rellying on voters. some more acts including that deaf singer simon found worthy of the golden buzzer put their lifes on the line for the next round last night that also for a couple acts included some tech trouble that may cost them going on one a dace crew that uses lights couldn’t get lights working plus the other was that magician who has a death wish including doing the one stunt even houndi himself said no way not messing with this. one had some trouble that caused mel to not only walk off set but throw water in simons face after he compared the malfunction to mels wedding night with her soon to be ex mel didn’t take too kindly to that . and threw her water and walked off the set as some acts now await their fates for the next round tonight on agt. which included tech malfunctions and simon and mel getting into a spat.

and what is sure to have people more and more believe putin helped meddle and rig the u.s election for trump because he thought he would make a nice buddy and puppet. at the gtwenty summit trump and putin finaly met face to face and besides working on a plan together to get a cease fire in syria. with rebels and forces but the big topic at last trump and putin talking about russia meddling in the u.s election both vowing to not do that again . and the president saying he believes putin did not help interfer or order the hacking that helped him win. which is going to make some believe more an more putin did try to help trump win now plus also is sure to have some of congress going nuts as putin and president trump meet and talk at last about russia interfering.

and given that herr star has shown up now on preacher fans know that with him comes later spoilers warnings for fans of the comic and what fans of the tv show may see down the road fans know with herr star sooner or later comes his group wanting genisus because they want his power given to a clone of jesus that also spoiler warnings in the end herr star and the clone meet a demise by herr star squishing them both thanks to tulip . the big question is will when the creators of the tv show seth rogan and company get to the part of the story now since herr star has arrived will amc allow the clone of jesus or will they say sorry that is the one thing we can’t allow on the show mostly because of the blasphmy asspect and the demise part of the clone later but mostly will amc have the balls even the preacher creators even decide to go for the jesus clone or will amc and the censors say nope sorry not happening change the story sub something like a clone of preacher or tulip since herr star seems to like her winding up taking the place of the jesus clone. as with herr star now on the scene will the jesus clone also come or be the one thing about preacher amc brass says no way we can’t have that done maybe up there with how the whispers make themselves known on the walking dead odds are that won’t happen on the walking dead tv show. but will amc show they have full balls with preacher and allow the jesus clone when the tv show makes it to that spot? betting not

and thus after being teased jesse and tulip who already is being shady when she tries to avoid going to new orleans which is where jesse and cassidy and tulip are following a tip god might be there as a blues singer . tulip trying to not go back there given that is where as she tells cassidy who figures out she is hiding something that tulip yep she wound up giving the big bad of this season herr star a make over aka his face looking like a male body part aka a penis. as jesse when he rescues a damsel in distress soons also finds out as she is working for the grail and herr star . testing jesse control of genisis.

after after seventeen years of trying and not being able to and making it a hollywood story of every thing that can go wrong with a film . at long last and a just like orson wells the other side of the wind being going to be completed by netflix. now comes word and a sign hell is freezing and the devil is looking for a new furance . after so long of trying and trying . at long last terry gillums master piece the man who killed don quioxte the film that became more legend as what can go wrong with a film from a sand storm wrecking the sets. his lead hurting himself and dropping out . and then a legal battle to get the rights back plus the main thing that has made it hard for terry to finish the thing at last. getting funding. but at long last and even though the town he was filming in is mad at him claiming he did some damage . and making it known it actully has happen by his instagram account. the man who killed don quioxte the film that has become a urban legend and whispers and the lesson of what can go wrong with a film. is done terry actully finished and has it made. starring as don adam driver. seventeen years and terry at long last wound up joining orson wells as having his passion project and a film that has become legend of if it would ever be complete. now complete. a sigh hell is freezing over.

and if nothing else since the triple crown is not in play till next season and is broken for the second time in a while. if nothing else belmont is now going to be what horse is actully going to prove they can handle belmont but also what horses will still be left to even race given that a rash of foot injuries have started to make horses suddenly have to nope not taking part in belmont. first the fan fave classic empire whose main compention american dreaming the derby winner and also preakness winnner and breaker of the triple crown and thus putting belmont out of play for the run major computing. so now belmont has to answer the question of what horse not only is still going to be around to run the thing by post time but also who will prove to be able to wind up winning the thing given that belmont is a cruel mistress of horse racing and has denied at lot of triple crown contenders glory.