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and thus not only sadly passing on history as having a two woman ticket for the highest office in the land by forgoing long talked about elizebeth warren. and thus also risking some of the liberal base hilery made her vice president pick virgina senator tim kaine. who is a tough military type . for her other top choice was ag sect tom vilke. but in the end tim got tapped and told by phone call though some of his views open him up to trump attacks. plus some of the liberals of the dem party don’t like him. other wise its now done all but the election and who gets the job. as hil picks her running mate and vice president in her bid to make history as the first female president and save the world from a trump one.

and thus not only did an act who would realy benifit from winning the whole thing a dance troupe from argenitina get the gold buzzer from guest judge george lopez but simon seemed to be in a bad mood all through the thing. accept when his stripper lady came out and tried to wow him only to have mel and hedi buzz her then the singing acts seem to have fallen flat accept for one girl. which lead to the next round of cuts and that included some singers including a little kid. and also the mime with his mouth duct taped they got cut no more of them as the acts go down in numbers and simon is not in a nice mood on agt.

and even with malina the potetial first lady now involved with a scandal of plagerizing her speech from michele obama. and also proving how moraly bankrupt the gop has finaly become trump officaly has the nom now kicking off the gop con. means its hil vs the donald and the gop better be ready to prepare for a long battle of having to do damage control with trump now as their nom.they must really want to lose power. which also means comedy fodder for comedians.

and jesse finaly starts paying for some of his actions from having to fight the old evil guy for the church ala the alamo. to being lied to by the angels who say they will help him get eugene out of hell in exchange for genisis only for them to go back on their word . and genisis back in jessee. to the whole town turning on jesse and he winding up in the cop tulip just laying back and saying jesse you are getting you due plus cassidy taken prisoner and having to feed on a dog that took a liking to tulip. as things are about to come to a head and payment extracted on preacher.

and just when one has seen almost every thing from the bar owners of the bars john tapert rescue besides the owners personalitys sometime needing a swift kick in the butt. now came the latest bar that to make money the owner had her workers wrestle in spaggetti yes spagetti wrestling . and the lady of the bat and babes bar was also coping an attitude with john. including bad mouthing her own daughters who were bartenders at the bar. but thankfuly john once again worked his magic including the big thing getting rid of the pool of pasta. proving that just when one has seen almost everything crazy before john finaly steps up to help the bar on bar rescue now comes wrestling in pasta.or it did .

and thus now that simon. mel. howie and hedi with help from reba and other guest judges have made sadly the cuts of acts that included cutting the only guy who does magic with the rubic cub and the one may ymca act. plus some magicians and dancers and singers. next round will be the acts that made the cuts having to take up the game and survive another round to go on and be the winner of americans got talent as round by rounds the acts are going to start dropping for one bad night and the judges will be saying bye bye. as americas got talents next move sending some acts on again to the next round who will survive.

and thus some where both sarah palin and newt ginrich will just have to settle for campaing for trump since the job they both wanted they didn’t get for after canceling due to the terror attack in france. trump finaly made it known who his vp pick is and also proving there may be some one as nuts as him for any repub who hooks up with trump is nuts and evil trumps pick now indiana governor mike pence. which may really help hilery some since like trump mike is not real liked in fact his own state are going to celebrating for one being picked as vp means they are spared another term of him and two if trump and he loses he is out of a job unless he just goes back and finishes his term. but he was up for reelection in indiana and they hate him so trump just gave hil and indiana a little gift by revealing his vp pick. mike peance who really has to be nuts as trump to accept the job. oh well one less repub down now .

and when cassidy berates jesse for not rushing to undo sending arseface to hell. and also not saving him when he reveals he is a vampire from being bbqued by stepping into the sun. jesse lets it out that he is a coward that he finds himself as a priest unworthy till he got genisus inside him due to his past on preacher last. night . from not being able to get his dad to not send a young tulip to an orphanage. to also not saving his dad from death because he was still mad at him for tulip jesse shows he is a coward and thus the reason he did not reverse right away or go marching into hell to get eugene free even making up a story he shot his own face because he blew the brains out of a girl who rejected him a sucide pack. which means coming next for preacher trip to hell and devil deals.

and now that sera williams looks like she has accomplished and now holds 22 records tieing stephie graphs and the big question as she also won with her twin venus in doubles what next will she wind up passing 22 and even go for 24 since the record holder of margret court her wins wound up with some astriks. still she holds the grand slam record of twenty four could sera go and try and take that record she is not saying but odds are by the u.s open she may at least have twenty three for next besides the olympics the tie falls sera just set.

and if nothing else trump not only has made people proably wanting to do what ever it takes to spare his presidency . but now trump showing that he can always find a way to make it so you don’t see things coming. as trump is looking for a curve ball eyeing a retired general mike flyne to be his vp pick even though newt ginrich wants that job. plus the curve ball is flyne is a democrat talk about a curve ball and also some more history for the election since this would be the first time ever a president canidate and a the vp are from differant parties if flyne takes the job since no one want to be with trump if they can help it mostly the repubs for their political careers and to keep the house .imo


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