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and already trumps people are telling him to not do any more debates mostly because they let people show trumps nasty side. from he and hil going at it from the start including hil saying the reason trump does not want his tax forms released is because he used his charity to not pay any taxes at all. plus it would show he is not a rich as he claims trump fights back saying he would release the forms if hil released the deleated emails. as both spared. with hil showing that she under stands better the issues and keeping cool. as trump and hil squared off . with trump being told no repeats no more debates. which means typical trump up to his old trump vs hiliary battling it out till the end

and finaly after getting skunked for the first round adam seemed to pick up things including one artist going with him instead of blake again . as the judges kept the team building though also telling a few contestants not your time by not turning around for them. and one girl wound up blowing the judges away that adam manage to snag her . as the voice keeps the team building going with adam back into the things after the first round and blake falling a little bit plus alica and miley still showing the guys they are playing for keeps and maybe setting up the voice to be won by a female judge either one. and another round tonight with the judges bringing their game and new rivelrys born alica and miley vs blake and adam.

talk about some more firsts for bar rescue not only did john and co wind up with a bar that their main thing was racing fish yes fish racing goldfish to be exact which john changed thankfuly but the bar wound up with the owners scrambling for staff mostly bar tenders who during the test didn’t know what they were doing including haveing shut down when a drink got spilled in the ice bucket. but in the end and even though they almost had no staff the bar got added to the rescue list. minus fish racing.

and a sighn the devil may soon need a repair man for the furances in hell. and maybe a new key to help hiliary win the white house in the end. of all the people one would think in the end just like the first president bush would wind up backing hiliary instead of trump given how the two don’t like each other for one and two had a bitter fight to the point cruz was bound and determine to try and figure out a way to make sure the gop con did not give trump the nom. but instead and a sign that politics makes strange bedfellows. plus that hell is starting to freeze. ted cruz has now made it known he is backing donald trump. worse it winds up helping donald lose.

and kicking off the new season not only did the shark tank for the first time in a while have all six sharks in the tank with damion back who also had hair too. but the sharks wound up with some really gutsy creators. from two guys who made one could all call a keruger to flavor beer aka sissic. and then got a deal . to a guy who tried to revent soup mostly tracking down sick people and delveriing soup to them the sharks were not buying it and no deal. then came a guy who created some customs flip flop but blew a deal because he kept after getting an offer from robert kept talking and talking even when the other sharks said no and then robert backed off. and then came a young lady who has created an anti cyberbulling app which would let people re think before they sent something nasty and got advice that it should be used by schools to mandatorly put on kids phones and the lady got a deal . as shark tank is back with a new season that wound up with those who entered having a six on one meeting of sharks.

and thus mostly to keep their jobs since if amendment v does some how past and change south dakota polictics mostly make it so independent voters can vote in the primary due away with making it known which party is which. that odds are south dakotas own congress delagation would be out of a job. as the force are now uniting for amendment v and leading the pack of course business and south dakota own political set rounds thune and kristie being the good tea party lady she is . for both know that the thing passes then they may be out of a job and businesses could lose their political clout in south dakota. though if it does pass it will change the way people can participate in elections too a first for south dakota. getting as heated as the one to cap pay day loan rates.

and proving that red will go any where for some he cares about even draging restler and co into an internatiol icident as he calls in some favors from a figure who is wanted both by cuba and the u.s and when reds plans are put in place leaves them both scrambling to deny any thing to do with the guy the favor track down liz and her missing baby who after last season are being held by a guy who claims to at last be liz father and adding a new wrinkle to red being her father. saying that though red had an affair with lizs mother he has proof red is not lizs father after all but given that the guy is just like red . lis is suspicous then vanishes again as tom also comes a calling . and red manages to get the baby safe and tells his one co hort he is still mad at her actions. scary for when red is mad bad things happen . as the black list is back and giving new wrinkle to is red lizs father at last. or is liz with her father after all. plus red is on the hunt.

and after 33 seasons survivor showed that any thing can still happen from the new season being a battle of the generations gen x vs millenals. with the youngest being will who wound up having to leave high school to come on the show. and in a first for the show. due to really bad weather jeff had to for the first time ever have the tribes evacuated from their camps which given how both were still trying to make a shelter and relied on a tarp they did not lose much other then having to rebuild the shelters. but in a first the weather caused in evac. plus one tribe did win immunity . as for the hidden idols one tribe started getting paronoid some one had one and tried to flush it out sending rachel being the first one of the new season of survivor to go home. as survivor is back a battle of the generations. millenals vs gen x.

and thus still a little slow adam manage to make it through the next round of the voice by gaining some one for his aka building his team at last after losing last time to alicia who even had one contestant sing her own tune to score. plus the voice audition became sort of a comeback for one contestant. former country star billy gillman who at age eleven had a hit with one voice then when he aged lost his deal. and wound up with all four chairs turned and both blake and miley recognizing him. with miley trying to get him on his team. and in the end he wound up with adam. making it not only what should he win the beginings of a comeback but also adam seems to have shaken off the rust and now its really on . as the voice becomes a comeback for one .

and will the second night of the voice new season be like the other night moslty alica taking adam to town and adam so far only having one person to build his team . as every time adam looked like he got some one either alica or blake had them come to them leaving adam skunked and schooled that now he has to up his game for alicia keys is playing for keeps. will adam have better luck the second time for the voice audtions or will alica keep teaching him . as another round of auditions on night two of the voice new season