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and thus the final round of auditions happen for america’s got talent from howard finaly getting a boy band he was looking for which was compromised of some twins their brother and best friend all in their 20s . howard gave them their first yes. then came some opera singers. plus a couple who was doing some crazy stuff but when the judges learned they were execs the guy got the riot act from howard , hedi and howie calling him stupid for breaking up with the lovely lady.  they went through then came a competivie eater who decided to drink a few pitchers of raw eggs and manage to keep it in long enough to learn by the judges by three votes since hedi said no to go through they he went to the bathroom and the eggs went where they were proably going to wind up that many. and then to top up the crazy factor a lady came on said she was going to teach people to kiss right using nick as an example which wound up with her getting the xs . as agt finishes up its audtion rounds and net the cut rounds.

and like a phoenix the old keystone pipeline even though odds who ever takes over for obama will have to be  the who either finaly okays the thing after so long or just keeps up the thing not  going any farther. till then like a phoenix the thing is back on the board of south dakota officials who will have to give the okay for the part going through it and also the land owers and people effected by it. for since the thing has to keep being approved again and again by the feds. due to the limits on how long the permits last. the thing refuses to die keeps rising like a phoenix . which means south dakotans keep  going on the merry go round debate . as keystone pipeline back from the ashes again. some one either kills the thing for good or just approve it at last and be done with it .

and thus for simpsons fans they just got in the words of mr burns some excellent harry shear after saying he would not be part of the next season of the simpsons after voicing so many of the characters besides homer like . ned and mr burns. some how fox and harry made nice and when the simpsons cast  start work for season 27 and 28 which the show got the pick up for . joining the rest of the cast in the booth will be harry after all. so fans worried about hearing ned or mr burns say excellent in a differant voice not going to happen now as harry and fox back together for the simpsons for two more seasons.

and thus now that they are back from the holiday its back to business or at least congress trying to get the bare minium done then running again. with the big thing besides at last getting highway funding taken care of and to the states the biggie getting the funding bills for the government taken care of and for the repubs avoid a shut down the same old record. since dems this time like the repubs when dems run things are looking to risk a shutdown  to make sure certain things are done and funded . which means the old filebuster could be busy .  though the repubs will have to face facts and work with the dems . to avoid a shut down the same old road for congress . as they are back on the old merry go round that is trying to run the government and score enough for control and for the repubs the white house after obama.

and talk about a repeat of murphys law. when john and his bar rescue  staff go after their latest rescue they wind up with a taste of murphy law from one of the partners being too busy letting an ex lover just gamble away the profits because he is too weak to tell her byeybye to the other partner who risks getting disown by family due to having to borrow money for the bar.  john has to wind up working on espicially when the guy waks out during the stress test and says he will kick the others one ass. but thankfuly both come to their senses and make peace mostly after the ex leaves on her own. and the bar is almost named murphys law again but instead the money bar and feels johns magic on bar rescue.

and thus some fireworks went off for the box office too over the holiday  not to mention the fireworks for the execs at disney and pixar who now will be asked to come up with a sequel to inside out sooner or later.  as inside out manage to take the top spot even sinking jurrasic world who is now the fourth highest grossing film . three away from maybe taking number one .  but mostly disney got some more firewworks other then the ones at their independence shows. the box office got lit up by inside out becoming the king of it . and jurrasic world closer to maybe being the top on the highest grossing films in the shortest time at the box office

and just like other states who are now going to be like south dakota at least til the legislature dares to try passing a bill to stop granting marriage licenses at all. south dakota like other states are finding that there is still business to deal with from the gay marriage ruling by scotus. mostly ag jankely asking the court to make it known that a business religeous beliefs and citizens too will still be protected since daugard made it clear the state will follow the ruling. plus another piece of business the lawer who got the  ban thrown out is aksing the judge who issued a stay on the ruling to lift it though moslty so he can also finaly get paid for his work. as south dakota and other states are finding that scotus ruling for gay equility is winding up with the state caught with unfished business mostly more court time on the issue.

hope every one has a happy and safe fourth of july including if one is lighting fireworks doing safely. happy fourth every one who visits this place here.

and almost like fireworks  and it being the fourth  in twenty four hours now what has seemed to be come a normal july tradition including those who  are interested in shark even from the film that put shark in the public concious  jaws. in 24 hours as has been their tradition discovery channel kicks off their fan favorite thing shark week. yes shark week has now arrived and discovery has made it known they learned from almost having the thing get hurt by their programing how to do shark week right. as another july tradition and guility pleasure to some comes in 24 hours shark week. arrives. though thankfuly discovery channel will hopefuly not have any one get eaten by a shark.

given how if there is one thing trump really cares about most besides being a rich nut case with a bad hair piece and love firing people. its his source of money his brand. mostly its rep as donald has now found his comments that in his opinion those immigrants who come from mexico are rapist and bring drugs. are besides having the gop in a quadry turn on trump and lose his influence and  keep the  hispanic vote. keep him and defend him and lose the hispanic vote too. his comments that has already cost him nbc working with him any more and also the apprentice . is now looking to hurt his brands . which could mean though donald so far is staying the course since he is second behind jeb bush who is not officialy yet a canidate for the nom.  yes second. but that could change given his brand is starting to hurt and that is one thing the donald does not like his money source taking a hit. donalds mouth is making him start to pay big time.


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