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and thus after all the roses and heart ache and schemes by some of the contests like jj . at long last the bachelorette will end with either katyln winding up with a ring on her finger and sadly as is the history the happy couple will be splits ville later. or maybe joining  the club of those who got married being the bachelorette or bachelor . but mostly tonight either katylyn will wind up with love with either sean or nick. or heart ache. which will it be.

and thus the race is on by  congress to get a high way funding bill passed and signed by the president by the end of the week or the transportation dept will have to defund projects. the big sticking points is the thing including resurecting the export import bank for even though an amendment passed the house is against it . plus also the amdenment to repeal health care died but will be resurected again  and the big issue that has congress racing is that the house and senate want to pass differant versions as the final one been there before with other bills. same old methods. as the race is on to get highway funding done will congress win or will they wind up with egg on their face and do damage control as states wind up not being to at last do work on their highways

and proving that politics is really dirty. including even having the fbi involved espically if the head has a personal vendetta. as south dakota is now learning that by orders of none other then president nixon mostly to win another term that south dakota’s own george mcgovern who lost the presidency nom to nixon was a target of a personal vendetta by none other then j edgar hoover.yes the legendary j edgar hoover had it in for mcgovern including trying to see if he really faithful to his country and also giving nixon the ammo mcgovern had a iligement kid  which cost mcgovern a chance to win the presidency and also some cabinet posts. plus hoover also looked to see if he was a connumist. talk about a vendetta for the file is so think that one is going to have to have a nice pot a coffee and time to kill reading it if they get the okay to do so. as one of south dakota’s own favorite son mcgovern revealed to have ticked off the legendary j edgar hoover to the point of him having a personal vendetta  from a just released fbi file.

and not only after sharknado three did sci fi go back to the killer spiders this time giant tartula’s who spew lava a as they call them lavarantula’s  but wound up giving fans a mini police academy reunion as the lead character was played by steve gutterberg who after he walks off a movie set which was a favor to a friend he winds up having to not only save his family from the things but also wind up with help from two of his former co stars none other then hooks and and johnsey who gave his character his break. and figure out thanks to steves kid who with his friends go running from the things figure out who to stop them by using liquid nitrogen  tied to bombs including going after the queen laverantula . only for the bomb to not work and steve having to done a old power ranger type suit flies into her with the bomb and blows her to bits. a new franchise in the making for sci fi. plus police academy got a little mini reunion . if they had added the guy who played tackleberry in it he would be armed to the teeth blowing every one of those things up proably.or shooing in a tank.

and thus proving that the one called three on sci fis channel dark matter who would betray the others in a second if it suited his purposes. or he could make a fortune  wound up proving he has a  heart when an old love comes aboard only to be suffering from an incurable disease. as the crew also picks up another android that number one the leader turns out who is more a pleasure bot that causes their other main lady android to fell jelousy that she does not like this new arrival and with good reason for the new android has a plan of revenge for number three due to him causing the death of him and his unit three was part of . and he is doing it by taking over the bridge and setting the ship on course to crash into a sun. and to make things really bad she takes out the other android and locks out number five who has to navigate around the things. plus to really make it bad the power all over the ship fails and the cryo unit three puts his love in till he can find a cure for her disease the power goes out and she dies.  with one apoligizing that its his fault he turned on the pycho bot. three says is it your fault she got the disease too then if no we are good. as revenge and love hits dark matter. at least giving all the characters a number for a name makes it easy to keep track of who is who. till they finaly reveal their real names again. plus three does have a heart and is not too evil and would sell one out in a heart beat.

and thus proof that not even the justices of scotus after twice upholding the health care act and also making it known they repeal it they will pay a big price next election . for those who lose their much gained health care . the repubs are once again at it by planning on tieing a repeal of it to the upcoming highway funding bill they are trying to pass which is sure to not only force a filebuster in the senate by some dems who are still for it but also some how if the thing survives just asking for a veto knowing they would not be able to get enough for an override even with dems. as proving they still don’t know the battle is over leave the health care act alone and if one wants to mess with it how about bringing up and passing some fixes to the bat parts of it. instead for like the 60th time repubs moving for a health care repeal that will go no where. this time tieing it to a bill that has support and congress wants to pass.

though  what ever path the nfl and tom brady wind up with over the ruling by com goodel that is to come any time now even as the union and nfl work to try and make a settlement with brady over his deflategate suspension for using a flatten ball. like maybe lift the suspension mostly so goodel can look good and the nfl does not get the black eye over the thing. and prove that goodel in his mind was not bias to brady. even though from sources brady looks like he is not interested in the settlement. which also means the out come will have the nfl winding up learning brady’s wrath when the season starts on the field. as the nfl tries to save some face over the brady ruling bomb that is about to go off.

and thus it was not a wrestling opponent that finaly ended the career of legend hulk hogan but his mouth mostly being caught on tape saying racial things including the n word when asked how he felt about his daughter way back when dating a black guy. which has now caused the wwe to wind up not only doing some damage control by ending his contract by also stripping all mention of him from their site including him being in the wwe hall of fame. hogan himself meanwhile is also doing damage control saying he is sorry for saying those words. but no matter what he say the damage is done . for doubtful he could now even get hired for a cameo in shark nado four . unless he is the first to be eaten. as hulk hogan winds putting his career into a coffin by his mouth. causing damage control to be had.

and thus proving that the sharknado franchise is not done by just number three. sci fi channel revealed that yes a fourth shark nado is a go by the end scene that had tara reids character crushed by some falling debri after giving birth in a shark. with a closer saying her fate on if she lives or dies will be revealed in shark nado four. which fans can go to the sci fi channels site and vote on if april lives to fight with fin some more sharks a fourth go around or she winds up whacked and fin has to go it alone a new widower. as shark nado 4 revealed is a go with the kicker aprils fate does she survive or is she now deader then a disco.

and thus proving that later not even amuzment parks or even space are safe from a shark nado. sharknado three oh hell no took it up a bit when fin while receiving an award from the president of the u.s played ironiclly by shark tanks own mark cuban. it does not take long and even the nations capital expercieces the fury of a sharknado including when fin takes off to get his family in florida. the sharks even take out a real house wife who was screaming about him taking cars. then having to fly through in a plane. as the shark nado really picks up hitting the park where a pregnat tara reids character and kids are yes hititng the park and eating anything in its path including taking out jerry springer. and even former wwe wrestler chris jerico plus also some one who looked like grm.  and then it does not take long before fin and crew learn the way to prevent more death is they have to up in space and neutrilize the sharknado with a lazer beam from nasa which then playing fins father brings in none other then the hoff. who fires the lazer and does not get eaten by a shark. but sadly left to a differant fate. alive . then the crew goes back to earth where a shark eats nicki and she gives birth to the baby in the shark yes in the shark . then setting up shark nado four gets crushed by falling debri. her fate revealed if she lived or died in sharknado four. wonder how they will top three. oh hell no two.


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