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and thus congress for the first time ever and thanks to an alliance of the dems and rand paul who filebustered  a bill to renew some parts of the act including letting the nsa continue gathering of phone records.  wound up stopping that it its tracks. and for the first time ever since the thing was passed congress will wind up having to work when they come back from the break on the patriot act for thanks to rand paul and civil rights groups for the first time ever the act could soon have some of its sunset clauses hit . which could hurt the fbi who uses some of of its tools but also make it so the nsa can’t be gathering phone records of those who have nothing to do with terroists. as congress leaves town with for the first time ever the patriot act.waiting for renewal thanks to rand paul.

and just like fast track with some details to work out before the house fialy gets it done and to the president congress also was busy before they could take off for their break for the holiday finaly working on the bill to repair high ways  though the thing still will have to be worked out mostly to get the house to go for the thing since  using taxes or trying to raise the funds through taxes a no go. mostly the bill is just a short term one like funding the government . as congress worked to make sure they did not miss leaving for the holiday by having to stay and do work. first trade now the highway bill next the patriot act with out letting the nsa collect phone records without a warent the part rand paul is trying to filebuster

and thus  even though the outcome like all the other times the u.s attorneys’s who have made roman their own white whale. only to be turned down every time to extradite roman polanski for his sex assault who even being told by his defense team time and time again he served his sentence per plea deal but fled because the judge was looking to go back on it. including showing the poland judge a documentary about roman fleeing . the judge has asked the u.s for more information. including even going to hear testimony from romans’s victim sam who says she and her lawer are preped to travel to poland. though given how roman is preping for a new movie and how beloved he is in poland being born there. odds are like all the other times the judge in the end will say to the attorney who refuses to give up trying to get roman back to the u.s  since all he would serve time for is being a fugitive. the judge is proably going to say no dice not extraditing roman. even as he asks for more info.

and just like they wound up having to do at last with honey boo boo when they found mother june was dating a child molester. tlc is now facing  a new quandry and sex scandal with another of its shows. mostly what to do with 19 kids and counting now that it has been revealed that josh duggard sexualy moslested some kids including his sisters when he was young.  which has put tlc in a bind since the show makes money and is the highest rated show on cable. though so far they have pulled the show from the network. the quandry is do they cancel it or retool it so josh is not part of it any more  given the legal trouble that is sure to follow in the form of lawsuits.  even as the likes of mike huckabee are coming to defend josh and the daugards. as tlc now has to decide the fate of 19 kids and counting. cancel it and lose a small fortune and viewers that made it the highest rated show. or retool it with out josh and face a backlash for it looking like they support a potenial sexual predator . since they canceled honey boo boo over the same thing.  odds are mostly for the money tlc will keep 19 kids and counting on but josh will be gone.

and looks like even though the repubs proably don’t like it yet want if for the next future repub president to have. the senate before they got ready to run for the memorial day holiday wound up finaly passing fast track trade which now heads to the house which will take it up when back and odds are the president will have it on his desk by the first week of june and start even using the power. even though some dems also object to it mostly fear it will be used by repubs to undo the reform of wall street. as senate winds up taking care of fast track trade dealing and running.

and thus dave letterman now goes into retirement from the talk show and has to find some thing else to do as his final show happen with no guests mostly dave going down memory lane and that included no jay leno. plus also making his now final appearance truely bill murry showed up to help say goodbye too dave taking part in the very last top ten list ever. things i would have loved to say to dave that even included barbara walters. and jim carrey. and dave then said thanks to all those who helped with the show and also his wife and kid who were in the audience but mostly dave went out in his own way as he wanted. as the late show with david letterman is no more now. the old late night talk show guard now really gone.

and besides will winding up making it to the final four since both randy and siena were the last two to the jury. and  also that mike figuring and risking losing it by taking carol aka mama c. wound up winning in fact carol only got one vote from the jury yes mama c only got one person to vote for her yet mike was the true master mind of the whole season. but in the end he managed to prove to be sole survivor.  and win the million.

and now in hours as the tributes from jimmy kimmel and conan and others still come in and rumors still flying that jay leno will at last show up on the late show with david letterman as one of his finale guests. but mostly the clock now ticks down till dave wraps up his career as a late night talk show host a little longer then johnny carson and the tonight show . and odds are there will be tissues reached for tonight . plus will jay leno be one of the finale guests to sit and talk with dave . as clock ticks down to the end of an era david letterman finale show tonight.

and thus not only did blake winning streak come to an end on the voice finale. but after a lot of singing including maroon five in the end taking the prize and for the first time since the show started neither adam nor blake wound up winning the thing. as parrnel wound up being the coach whose team member won sawyer wound up the winner and new voice champ which now means doing the talk show thing talking about his reaction to winning. as blake voice winning streak ends team parrnell wins the voice on the season finale. sawyer

and what should make some  members of congress happy plus some business and people in some states though also a blow. the justices of scotus ruled that those who travel out of state for work yet pay their home states taxes but also taxes in the state they work were being double taxed which to the justices was wrong and illegal. one of the states effected by the ruling found to do this mich. which the ruling also will have the states looking at a new shortfall due to losing the revenue from the taxes. as scotus gives a gift to tax payers but a blow to states budgets now. saying states can’t be double taxing workers. who are in two states.


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