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and thus south park ends its 20th season yes twenty seasons. of cartman and stan and co and their adventures. as things all come to a head with after having to lock up their mother kyle and ike have to use what their dad taught them about trolling for good mainly kyle rounding up every one and having them start trolling and destroy the internet as gerald and the rest of his troll friends try and escape the danish and still stop troll tracker from going on line only to be too late. but also deciding to use their troll powers to help by shutting down the grid that protects troll tracker so it explodes. with kyle even getting president elect garrison to help while cartman afraid he will lose his girl tries everything to make the plans for mars not happen. including telling elian that on mars the woman would take the men under ground as slaves for their semen and jokes. and not even butters still mad about being dumped can helped. till finaly kyle and co manage to once they tap into the company grid destroy the danish troll tracker and sink the internet and just as sheila figures out that kyle and ike weren’t slut skank after all but it was gerald by looking up and starting to see his history just as the internet goes down for good as south park ends its twentieth season yes twenty seasons talk about almost getting as old as the simpsons. though doubt it will be around for 600 episodes

and thus winning once again in the long decades battle between the u.s and some d.a who can’t get it through his or her head that one due to the statue of limitations and b she or he has no rape case because their key piece of evidence romans victim stated over and over she will not testify if by some miracle the u.s at last in its decades long battle does manage to get roman back without her testimony no case. as once again roman has won victory as polands court has ruled that nope they will not okay extradition of roman for a second time. since they were asked one other time and ruled nope. though that doesn’t mean roman can’t still be arrested in other countries for he has an arrest warrent out still. other wise once again the u.s winds up with some coal in their long battle to have roman polanski back and tried again for rape. even though statue of limitations and no case due to the victim saying no to testifying the court said they believe roman served his sentence for the crime any way. no need to extradite him. same if the u.s tries to ask swizerland or england too again. as roman wins another battle in the long futile quest of the u.s to have him and try him again for rape when the only crime now him being a fugitive for so long. for no country will turn over roman since he won’t step foot on any soil that he knows could tell the u.s here you can have him .

and thus not only did survivor with its finale next week now move to pair down the remaining tribe members but adam proves that he is still trying to call the shots from helping a fellow tribe member win immunity so david didn’t to also making sure jay played his idol as the tribals which both got a visit by mother nature as in a rain storm wound up with two going to the jury sunny and the youngest player ever in survivor history will. got voted off yes will who after making a power move to wind up being the key every one needed wound up sent packing as a threat. with jay also playing his idol thinking he is a target and doing so would get rid of david at last only to it turning out to be sunny. as survivor now gets ready for its finale of gen x vs milienals. two fall to the jury . and adam shows he belongs in the survivor hall of vilians by even helping another one cheat to win immunity . which also means he is proably next and one of the last of the jurors if the rest of the tribe is smart.

and moving closer and closer to the season of the voice already being over with . the top eight not only got paired by their couches to duet with each other . but also let lose their solo song choices including one of mileys taking a really big risk and doing i will always love you since that is one of the songs that those who tried it who aren’t whitney wind up later on singing contests get sent packing a big risk for her and miley who could soon join blake with out a team. since only four will go on to the finals. which means team adam could also be broken up or even like blake no more. as the top eight battle it out on the voice one more time the prize being one of the four left.

and thus due to a ref not making a call like a foul on a cowboys player when he hit a vikes player in the head. the cowboys handed the vikes a little xmas gift though to vikes fans it a lump of coal mostly due to the ref not making the call that would have pushed the game into over time. so the cowboys beat the vikes 17 to 15 with some fans saying the key was a ref not making a call plus the vikings not really playing their normal game. as the cowboys give vikings a gift beating them.

and thus what should be a message to the others now left better not try and pull any thing with will the youngest survivor player ever or wind up paying a price. as after being tired of jerked around and every one else only after him for the key vote will finaly lets lose his fury even willing to jump sides. as adam shows he has a heart by refusing to use his advantage to take a reward when the reward was a much needed visit from family members adam revealed it and said nope not going to use it then gave it to jay. as tribal had a scramble and an idol played all due to wondering what was going to do in his pissed off mood and the one who paid the price zeke went packing. as will shows the others better watch your back for now a snake has been awaken ready to strike on survivor

and now there is eight as the voice sent the top ten packing two went home and miley after doing a performance with petatoni and dolly parton . wound up having to thank the instant save for having a player in the game still as the instant save sent aaron through. adam lucked out with his whole team intact the only one . but blake he only has one now as both austin and courtney who were in the bottom got sent packing and thus the eight go on to the next round on the voice and blake having to now hope his one team member left can go on and win it keep his record alive. same with alicia and mily since adam is the the only one with a whole team and three chances.

and including a performance by maroon five. the top ten on the voice battled it out to keep alive since next they will be down one which means for miley and alicia both could wind up with only one to go on to try and win it . adam and blake could start losing a team member also depending on how the vote goes and who gets saved by the viewers as the top ten battle it out on the voice the prize survivial another round and winning the thing.

as the nfl lets the news sink in that payton has just tied brady for 200 passes in a game. the one other info making news now is what the nfl is going to do about thursnight football mostly because no one likes it not them not the players who have to play games they could play on mon or sunday as normal before thurs happen and not the networks having to pay extra but mostly the nfl with word that the owners are looking even though com goodel has other plans. are looking that once next season ends for it the ball will be kicked way away where no one will have it thursday night football may soon have kicked its last field goal if the nfl has their way .

and thus the u.s and cuba both find themselves in a little quandry with their relationship as fidel castro who rule has out lasted about ten presidents with obama being the first to visit cuba . and even though he has been rumored as dead given that he has stayed away from public. word came from his brother that the rumors fidel is dead are true he finaly passed away at 90 which have some saying ding dong the bastards gone and others knowing that like him or not fidel was a human and will proably mourn his lost thanks to raul. as after decades cuba now no longer has fidel castro around one castro gone raul to go and maybe a new cuba in the future .