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and thus for both the cubs and cleavland now its begins the long journey they have made the prize for both not only ending a streak of not having a world series championship in so long but also at least for the cubs putting an end to a curse. but mostly finaly after so long and close but no cuban actully at long last try and beat cleavland and claim their first world series title . as its game on now for cubs and cleaveland the prize glory and a long journey plus also for both one claiming a championship they have longed wanted and not gotten. plus also ending the rep of one of the teams as lovable losers a small price to pay . though can the cubs do it four more times and win it or fall in to bad habbits.

and thus fans of the walking dead got their answer and the start what will be for rick and co the most brutal and for fans proably tramutizing season as not only did Negan reveal who he took out with Lucille spoilers but also broke rick too. as for who finaly took Lucille . spoiler warnings in a little shocking twist Negan took out both Abraham and also just like in the source material glen yes glen bought it at the hands of Negan as most figured could and may happen then to show how truely evil Negan is he made rick run a gauntlet for an ax and tested him by ordering him to chop off carls arm. with it and thus breaking rick and putting the group into servitude of Negan and the saviors by also plotting no doubt sooner or later revenge on Negan as he finaly arrives on the walking dead living up to his evil

and even though most of the committee who decided to give the legend bob dylan the nobel prize for litature the first muscian ever to win the award . even though they are saying they are leaving it up to him if he will even show up in person to claim the reward. one thing is also clear that bob dylans silence has pissed off a few of the committee some saying him saying nothing not even aknowleding the honor of getting the thing is an act of rudness . but one should realize that part of bob dylans legend is he is the quiet type personality wise. including if he will even show up in person or send some one to claim his nobel prize now unless the committee wants to make themselves look really bad and petty and take the thing away from bob just because he has not said anything about the honor of now having a nobel prize. which is starting to piss off the ones who gave him the honor in the first place the big question will he show up in person and accept it?

and after taking the dodgers down mightly and thus avoiding a seventh game. the next thing on the cubs agenda is getting prepared for tuesday where their plan will be to beat cleaveland and thus cap their now historic season by finishing it with some one saying cubs have done a miracle after forty years and are world series champs. and thus try and make it so chicago may need some extra security . as next on the cubs ageanda get show cleaveland sorry maybe next year you can be the world series champs .as its now the cubs vs the indians the prize the world series and also making some history . plus for the cubs once and for all putting the so called goats curse to rest . as next cubs try to add cleaveland to the list of teams they took down . we shall see come tuesday the start of a historic world series. who would have thought the cubs would manage to actully be there at last.

and not only will fans in 24 hours find out who Negan killed. but also besides jesus and now glimpses of fan fave ezikeel and his pet tiger. fans may also faster then expected that fans figured since the walking dead got picked up for another season that the next season would have rick and co not only having like in the current storyline in the source material spoiler warnings soon have to form a alliance with Negan depending if the writters decide to take from the comic. but hints are that rick and co won’t just have the saviors and Negan to deal with but also the most creepiest foes ever for the walking dead. hints of the group known as the whispers maybe headed rick and cos way on the tv series too. from pics of instagram and part of this season tomorrow . the whispers are a group who wind up not only wear walker skins but have reverted to their pure animal insticts not to mention showing spoiler warnings why they are not really nice people. even go so far as in the comic behead some of rick and cos allies including ezikeel and put them on spikes as a warning which will not wind up ever be done on the tv show . for the censors will not allow it so fans won’t be seeing that ever. which causes an allance with negan. as not only do walking dead fans get a death Negan at last. fan fave jesus and ezikeel but also hints the most scariest baddies ever may also be part of the new season the whispers too though proably near the end of the season and then what season eight will be about . minus any heads on spikes like in the comics. amc and the censors won’t ever okay that its like the meat baby of preacher too sick for tv.

and thus now only 24 hours to go and walking dead fans will learn at long last the big question that ended the last season who was the one that Negan took Lucille too and played whack a mole with their skull . mostly if the show did take from the source material and spoilers Negan victim does turn out to be like in the comic glen. or if its as rumors started not glen if its daryle as was the top choice besides glen or Negan even diverging from the comic even taking Lucille and taking out an ill maggie though there were rumors Negan takes out two with Lucille . plus also rumors as also spoilers in the comic rick then loses his one hand too curtsy of Negan. as 24 hours walking dead fans at last get the answers of who did Negan make get up close with Lucille his bat . my choice is still like in the source material glen and if not top choice daryle or abraham. but thinking its going to be glen.

hopefully provided the now soon to be officialy annouced merger of at&t and time warner which staved off a take over grab by rupert murdock . that provided the government lets the new marriage and thus make at&t add a entertainment power house to its assets and become a player in that field. hopefuly if the deal for 90 billion goes through that since time warner also owns dc that the deal if the government does approve it . that it does not wind up screwing up any of warners dc movie or tv plans . like the upcoming jla film and next batman and wonder woman films plus also the dc tv shows. too not to mention the deal also gives at&t the hanna barbara library of cartoon classics to use on its platforms too. but mostly the new deal and marriage should it happen makes at&t a big player now in entertainment though dc fans better hope that the deal does not throw the dc movie and tv universe some destruction like a big chuck of kryponite . provided the government okays the merger it could say nope due to anti trust rules.

and it had to happen that maybe some how . someone would show up on shark tank already have a previous history with one of the sharks over there products and then winding up with getting a deal with the same shark. as a woman who created safe guard a tool to grab hot stuff out of microwaves and ovens and put an end to burning fingers. and the twist is sam the creator tried out three times early for shark tank but didn’t get on then won a contest on qvc and wound up with lori giving her a deal. then came a woman who was selling shirts and got ripped off by target but no deal by the sharks. then came a guy who created his own maple syrup no deal but the sharks gave him some advice mostly because mr wonderful actully makes his own. then came a guy who after witnessing a rescue of a dog thrown out of a car decided to created a silent version of the pet tag . and wound up with one shark going in and then out for a deal but then losing a deal he could have gotten from one shark. but in the end getting a deal any way. as shark tank finaly has some one using their previous history with a shark to get a deal on the show after three tries to even walk through the doors.

and not only do things really get serious with red and liz and kirkman to get back baby agnes. but the one big secret since the start of the show finaly gets an answer as liz after she saves red once again from one of kirkman traps calls red out revealing a dna test proves that kirkman is her pop at last though in my opinion red could have faked the results to protect li. as resler and dabobi go after a guy who whacks want to be invetors to steal their patents including a desalnation machine. only to wind up stopped with guns reculuntly blazing. as red also makes a deal for one of the investions for the cabal as a big secret is at last answered red not lizs pop though knowing red he proably is really

and thus the cubs once again kept their world series chances and also sending a message provided they beat the dodgers one more time or if the dodgers should win the next game and tie it up the next game sending a message to cleavland better be ready to fight to be world series champs even though the cubs were in the same place before only to lose . so it looks like a little history repeating itsself for the cubs though the outcome may be the cubs showing cleavland a battle two more chances now for the cubs . as the dodgers go down again.