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given how it was preseason that wound up with the cowboys now having to kick off their season with out romeo not to mention other players on other teams already going into the season banged up. rumblings are growing by the nfl to do away with the preseason games. which means the ownwers and players could not have one travel so much too the season could have the players also lasting longer instead of going in injured right away. though the idea is just talk for it will proalby if they do finaly send preseason games away would proably not take place till next season. as the nfl looking and rumbling enough of preseason its not doing good for the sport.

and even though the results are just going to be the same when the south dakota legislature meets for its session next year. those favoring medicare expansion like a phoenix are going to be back fighting and trying to get the thing passed and of course even working to maybe since he gave up calling a special session to deal with the issue maybe have the governor finaly deciding mostly to be done with the issue maybe get governor daugard if need be to call that session. since odds are the issue is even by some miracle it once again gets passed in the state senate the thing will be dead in the state house . even if supporters can even get the thing for a vote in the senate given how conservative the south dakota legislature is plus odds are they will try and waste time like they did with the teachers pay bill on something stupid like a resurection of the assanine bathroom bill. as the south dakota legislature will be facing a phoenix coming its way again medicare expansion even though the results will be the same as all the other times.

and guess it was bound to happen sooner or later even as it passed the 600 million mark from the overseas box office and now setting the record for being number one at the box office for four weeks. dcs suicide squad met its match by falling to number two due to the just released horror film don’t breathe. taking number one with 10 million. suicide squads take total from just here in north america . is now about 11 million with its current take and as stated it has passed the 600 million mark. so its still doing good for a dc film that does not feature any of the big guns like superman. or batman or wonder woman .as the suicide squad is stopped now by of all things a horror film saying don’t breathe.

and the new nfl season that will include brady having to serve his four game suspension no matter what he tries in the courts. but for the cowboys the season is going to start with them having to use another qb as romo is due to a broken bone in his back is now going to not be able to start the season and out for some of it or maybe the whole season depending on how long it takes the bone to heal. so the cowboys will have to use one of their other qbs . as their season is starting off with them a man down and could screw up the chances of a superbowl play . we shall see as the season has not started yet and my cowboys already having to use a differant qb romo out due to injury .

and thus the results of agi return had not only michel phelps doing some after olympics bragging. but also some more acts made the semis. among them the kid magician sibs. grace the girl who is making waves with her ukele and singer bryon. though sent packing was the first trans comedian julia for she got cut. and the judges saved one act as agt is back and now entering the semis which means some one will walk away a millions bucks richer and be performing in vegas till next season when they will show up to pass the torch

as not only is ryan lochte now having to start making the talk show rounds after twice saying sorry for the whole thing it was a dumb drunk idea on his part but still sticks with the gun to the head plus now having sponsors run like he peed in the pool including speeodos. which will in time be a drain to his poocket book as an athlete. one company a tie company is saying he wants a deal with ryan . yes a tie company wants ryan as a spokesperson . the guy either is a mad business genius since ryan has become almost as hated as brady and deflate gate. or he must really want to be out of the tie business for with ryan as spokesman the ties may be a hard sell accept those who are still fans no matter the scandal of ryan. no word on if ryan will take the deal.

and with the olympics over with its back to normal programming as americas got talent picked up where it left off for the olympic break twelve more acts trying to get the votes to go on to the semi finales. from the youngest magician who winds up with his sister and help from the judges using handcuffs appears in a tool box blowing simons mind. to another magician who is allergic to almost every thing making a playing card appear in a egg. to the jugglers getting the judges involved in their act again this time as the juggling pieces leaving howie hanging. to some of the music acts making simon happy and of course that one comedian who even with her voice horse she still got the judges laughing. as twelve more acts went for survial on agt back after the olympics.

normaly on bar rescue john has to piss off the owner or scream like a manaiac to get them to let him do what he needs to do except the times he has walked away like oface. but in the case of the latest bar rescue all the moment john got the owner of the bar to get pissed off from seeing that his bar tenders do even things like s&m stuff to make money plus a couple can’t get along and then john finding the guy had to get rid of some slots to pay the taxes plus a book of stuff to do that he has only done half the moment john started screaming the guys fire got lit and he told john go ahead lets do it and the bar was rescued john just pissing off the owner enough to be the last key. for normaly the only reason john gets the owner pissed is to point out what they are doing is wrong and thus now he will show them what needs to be done to save the bar on bar rescue.

and even though ryan keeps saying he did still have a gun to his head . his story about him and other swimmers being robbed according to rio police is false that ryan and co just vandalized a gas station but ryan says he was still robbed to keep from being told on. and yes brazil is wanting to extradite ryan. and his partners have either paid a fine or will do so. given this black eye ryan has just caused his career now is starting to sink fast in fact would be surprised if the olympics allow him to compete in the next one at all. mostly now that ryan will find it hard to get endorsements can any one proably say instead another reality tv deal join that hated bachelorrette guy. as ryan lochtes career is starting to now sink like a rock over his behavior in rio.

with school now starting next week . one teacher in texas got a surprise and learned some immpressiation for her job too. as when sam drude was busy loading her cart at the san anotina walmart with school supplies a guy named lester brown saw she had no kids with her and asked why she was buying the supplies. she said because she is a teacher and some of her students are so poor they can’t buy them themselves and she did not want them to be with out and upset that their classmates have the stuff. and then sam got a surprise as lester wound up handing the cashier the money for the supplies saying that teachers don’t get the appriciation for the job they do. talk about a good heart . and no doubt to the students lester just helped he is one cool guy plus sam now has learned that in this day and age that kindness still lives for one fellow human. not to mention no doubt she will have a story to share with her class when school starts.


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