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and thus for hil and barry sanders the hardest part and most frustrating part of their fight for the nom is that they can’t really make any new moves or plans for a bidden canadicy as bidden still with a deadline now passed still has not even as supporters start building and working to gear up to have him on the primary ballots in key states now. bidden still has not said he is either at last in or sorry decided and for the sake of family nope decided to pass making a run for the white house myself and no doubt screwing hiliary  out of the nom and trying once again be the first female president . for her second attempt if bernie doesn’t wind up doing it in the end.  as bidden still not answering and revealing the question are you now going to now make the battle for the dems nom a three way instead of two or is it sorry in the end nope pass.

and thus proving any thing even some thing like one  really has to have a crazy taste for mostly hummus. yes a  the head of a company that found a new way to create differant types of hummus showed up on the tank and wound up with not only a couple deals from the sharks but a deal. plus for once in shark tank mark cuban was stopped from even making a offer by the other sharks. as also crazy a lady has made some cups one can eat and got a deal too. then came  extensions for eyeliner. no deal for the sharks one by one said nope. plus also  another security company this time making it easier to remember passwords no deal at all not even by robert. who made his money in security . as the sharks had to deal with not only some hummus but now learned that even cups can now be mark got shut out of even making an offer another first for shark tank.

and thus wasting no time from last seasons ending where elizebeth shoots the ag. she and red now find themselves on the run and a manhunt as the  group who were after the fulcrum now see their plans messed up by red. and want both he and elizebeth dead who also asks red about her mother . while reds right hand man deals with stuff of his own mainly some one kidnaps his grandaughter and injects her with a toxin that will kill her as the guy points out to umbo as the reason he did not kill him and then makes him take the same thing.   while red and keane keep one step ahead. with elizebeths own partner trailing her and she finaly decides after her and red split for better chances to do the one thing red tells her not to mainly making them truely think she is a russian spy and head to the embassy and possible capture as the black list is back with liz now like red  a wanted person. even as red also offers a black lister for liz .

and boehmer and congress should be able to breathe and sleep easier mostly soon to be ex speaker boehmer as congress not only once again avoided political damage but also  won’t have to take blame for being petty enough to shut down the government over planned parenthood because they can’t get it through their heads  that the video showing them selling fetus for money is a slander job by an anti abortion group . but managing to once again avoid some damage and blame and thus also ending his term without a head ache. bohmer and congress manage to make nice and avoid a government shut down till at least the next time with the new speaker having the head ache.

and thus some where alan moore must be going for the love of god not only does dc spit on my work by making a not bad movie but still it should have not been filmed but also sequels and prequels to my best work. but now word has come zack synder is not done messing with Roarshache and co yet. as he and hbo are now talking a watchman tv series yes a watchman tv series though no word on if it would be the original source done again live action or the prequels and sequels that most fans and alan moore himself thought were unnessary and a slap in the face by dc. and doubtful any of those who were in the movie will be considered for the tv show. which means some one other then jackie earl haley will once again done roarschache mask. as zack snyder goes back to playing with alan moore over watchman by now working with hbo for watchman the tv series. i give it maybe a few seasons.

amanda lee should be happy given how most proably figured with her behavior that she would be the next sent packing on survivor. instead due to some of her tribe wanting her mostly to use to win the million she manage to survive mostly due to her tribe also winning immunity. and instead the second person going was shiririn who with spencer learned where they stand in their own tribe new blood vs the old pros.  as joining vytas and sent off the island on survivor shirin. one tribe having its own division now . that could hurt them in the end. though may be lucky since next three tribes happen.

and not wasting any time daugard ordered once word got known that former governer walter dale miller had passed who was also an ally of bush the senior. when word came walter passed. daugard ordered flags to be hung half staff. walter wound up not only having to help the state pick up the pieces by becoming governor after being lt. governor to george mickleson who died in a plane crash. walter had to pick up the pieces for the state. plus during that time. and even though he wound up losing to rounds later he left his own mark leading the state. as its mourning for south dakota as they have lost one of their own and a unique political quiet mavrick aka the cowboy governor passes. walter dale miller moves on to share his stuff with god .

and proving how the voice really has a lot of talent this season and with only a few spots left on the teams the judges got down and dirty trying to land the contestant including blake even dancing after he nabbed a lady. as the judges dug into their bag of tricks and adam got the second due to audition.but no marriage proposal  this time around as the thing gets down to the end of the auditions one more round left on the voice to go. and the judges are using all their tricks.

interesting guess daugard finaly figured he could not let the money the feds will put up to expand medicare and proably to avoid the chance of some one in south dakota putting the issue to a vote.  daugard after so long refusing to expand medicare with all sort of excuses but mostly being a good repub since its the president big thing. and getting turned down for his partinal plan is now looking and talking to expand medicare the big issue the state coming up with the money to fund it when they have to on its own and not break the budget as daugard seems to be having a change when it comes to medicare looking to expand it at last.

proving that any thing can happen on reality tv including the voice. besides the teams looking closer to complete and parnnel almost getting skunked with picks. the voice not only had one guy back for a second chance after getting a taste of a record deal only to have his label close down then being in a car accident and he went with blake. then came  a duo the first of the season who got parnel and gwen and when blake asked if they were married . the lady said no some day which was the cue for her partner who is named jublilee yes like the x-men character. jubes wound up pulling out a ring and proposing on the voice stage. which  had the judges go omg  and adam saying blake being an ordain ministter could marry them . they picked parnnel as the teams are closer to being filled. plus the voice shows it can give second chances and also now wedding proposals.


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