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not only would a combo of a big mac and a whooper proably be a true heart attack waiting to happen not to mention one would have to be crazy and want to torcher the poor fry cooks who would have to make it . but the thing  sounds like an unholy freak of a food only found in hadess but diners will never know exactly what something would be like as mcdonalds said no to burger king offer of combining the big mac and whooper. besides if any one things those two big rivals would ever team up that would be like coke and pepsi making something together. as mcds. spares the world the love child made of a big mac and whooper.

and unlike last time when the contestant on food fighters wound up not winning any thing losing to all the chefs. the current contestant a father who wanted to start a food truck manage to now be closer to his dream only losing to one and also the double one. plus he almost got done in by crab cakes but in the end the guy wound up earning the respect of the chefs and next episode the crazy that is the chef known as marcel.

and fans of the regurator will get to see him one more time in the semis as he become one of the acts to make it through the next round on agt. he and os man . plus a few singers  freeillusion . as the final bit of those top acts going to the semi finals got picked by the judge with danilla getting the fan save. which sadly ment the blind dancer got sent home his road is done for americas got talent as the finale acts chosen to go on.

and the semi finales round out tonight on agi as including the dude known as the reguretator will learn their fates and who all is going to go on to try and win the millions the regurator looks like he still may make it even though he had some trouble when he swallowed a lock a key and hedi borrowed ring for the ring was really big but he managed to get it done. and the ring back. as the final twelve acts learn their fates now only a few will still go on

and the shake up with the view keeps on going from three hosts sent packing plus one nicole saying nope not going to return as special corespondent to boot.  and now joining an already fill pannel of whoopie. raven. candance cameron , and michile. comes one of the orginal ladies of the view back and will give the view back its comedy cannon joy behar is coming back to the view as a co host. who was part of the show when it started then left to do other things. but now she is back . and given the comedy gold with trump running for president. the view might have its groove coming back. as one of the original members of the view from its start is back joy behar returns.

not only will bidden who is closer and closer to looking more and more like he is going to finaly say he is running will hilery the front runner really wind up hurting more then the email scandal for bidden can take away some key supporters including fun raising. but also their friendship could wind up taking a hit by competing agaist each other in a battle that could like the last time come to the wire. though if bidden should finaly get in and some how get the nom from hil could hil be a vp canidate or if bidden stays out could he be a vp again. doubtful he has already served as vp. as another test coming for hil with bidden weighing his options for a run their friendship and maybe hil adding vice president to her resume.

and thus  it finaly has come as does with boy bands and other such acts. the old taking a hiatus and rest which in the music biz means break up in the end and this time the latest member of the club one directions. even though their spokesperson and the guys themsevles have said they are not breaking up just taking a long hiatus and over due rest the hiatus is so the members like when zayne quit can do solo things at last but they also say there is new music from the group in the future too.they are just taking a long needed break so no tour for their next album. though most figures that now the  writing is on the wall one direction joining the boy band no more club and coming on a future tour with nkotb and backstreet boys in the future old boy band tour

guess if some diners without class dare to dine at the doais bar and grill in new jersey they better treat their waitstaff decently the next time around for they are already not really be liked in the town when a waitress named jesse johns  found  that on a 112 bill the diners left in the tip area the words lol as her tip. so she took to facebook to use it as a wake up call to the diners about how to treat one server for they live on tips . the town of belmar is on her side  as some rude diners wind up learning the price for not being decent to their server they get called out on their actions including if one leaves a  lol instead of a tip as they should if the server does their job

and while the repubs deal now with trump and jeb and now cruz getting closer to to turning the battle once people start dropping out into a three. way. the dems are also looking to wind up having to proably do some damage control. for their side as bidden is getting closer to become a canidate and also do so damage to hilery and maybe for the second time deny her the nom. which would also make the race a three with with sanders. as bidden closer to doing some damage for the nom for the repubs  talking to the backers and some key dems opening the door more and more for a bidden run.

right away shooting down that what is a sign hell is getting colder. slash revealed that he and axel rose the former members of guns and roses original line up . with slash on the record saying axel hates him. slash revealed he and axel actully wound up talking yes talking. axel rose and slash . having a chat about the issues that drove them apart but slash and axel both shot down that the talks means that fans may get their guns and roses reunion at last for its one thing  for slash and axel who have n’t spoken to each other in years to suddely start talking it will be another if any more talks then lead to the two getting on stage again and maybe with the rest of guns and roses at all. for that would be like gene simmons and paul stanley saying kiss is going to be the original members one more time. as hell has frozen again thanks to happenings in the rock and roll world. this time slash and axel talking with each other.


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