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and thus the pressure of survivor with the alliances being as not only was joe targeted when one tribe lost the challenge for the reward but also spencer brought up the issue of no one doing any thing about the hidden idols. till one got played at last at the tribal mostly to save her self and in a blind side with only two votes savage is now joining cass on the jury. as the alliances are starting to crack on survivor.

and not only is the voice back. but cbs and fox have a little showdown brewing this week as fall finaly kicks off the new tv season . mostly as both survivor and the first half of the new season of empire hit this week. and both on the same night. which means fans are going to have to proably dvr the one for later and watch the other one. as empire is back with a two hour premire and cookie and lucias the claws still out for power. where survivor is this team some fan faves that got voted for a second chance trying just that for the millions among them spencer.  which means a showdown brewing with cbs and fox this week. as both survivor and empire kick off another season who will be on top. though given how fans are anticipating empires return odds are even survivor may have met its match now on weds.

and thus survivor showed why seven is really powerful as not only was tyler going after dan and his double vote mostly wanting him gone but one survivor who has never been on a reward was mad when after told he could come sorry nope its a team thing and even on his birthday and saying as a plan for a blindside vote me off want to go home. instead after mike finaly played his idol and by two votes tyler was the next to go on survivor and join the jury which means dan won’t have any more pressure to use his double vote not from tyler at least.

and looks like sharin proved to wear out her welcome with her tribe acting like she is a victim. as not only did mike win immunity again he finaly played his other idol and even revealed how the voting will go. as tyler after coming back from reward and hearing dan boost he has an advantage winds up stooping to taking dans bag and learning he has two votes and tyler name comes up at tribal with a few vote though doubtful one was from dan.  but in the end sharin got sent packing.as her tribe finaly tired of her on survivor.

and come survivor and showing how like idol and the voice the season is moving really fast as tonight the tribes wind up merging yes the merge finaly happens on tonight’s episode which means every one for themselves for immunity and alliances proably crumbling plus after surviving the last few tribals will willie luck finaly run out and wind up by the new tribe be sent home at last. as the merge comes to survivor tonight and some one will be the first to go home will it be willie?

the one tribe should relize what happens if one throws the challenge just to go to tribal and do some house cleaning it winds up backfiring and bites the master mind in the butt. as what happen when the eshampronta tribe decided to throw the challenge to get rid of joe. allowing not only willie another day on survivor since odds are he would proably be sent packing at last by the vote. but also winding up with joe surviving and the masterminds right hand man joiquin sent packing instead as the old throw the challenge gamble on survivor comes and bits the one tribe on the butt.

and a double dose of survivor not only had the challenge wind up with some blood drawn when a heavy wooden pallet crashed into one of the players but  she wound  up not hurt enough to have to leave the game. and then the three tribes wound up merged into two which meant the no collar was no more the new tribes nasorota and esharante were formed. and the first of the two tribals voted off was after a three way tie was lindsey  which was also blue collars first trip to tribal. and even though it looked like will was going home at last the one who went home in the next tribal in the other episode was max. as survivor wound up with a two episode night with the three becoming two tribes and two went packing. plus some blood drawn .

and thus survivor kicked off its 30th season with three tribes blue collar which are made up of  hard working people white collar the high end exec types and no collar free spirits who like the blue collar wound up kicking butt in the challenge plus when given a choice to get an idol clue or a big bag of beans two of the tribes took the big bag of beans playing honesty the other took the deception with the two who were looking for the hidden idol losing out as another tribe member got a hold of it. and then being the first voted off when her tribe lost. was a lady named so. plus the immunity idol looks to be the ugliest one survivor has ever created..

and thus only by one vote did wes wind up on the jury on survivor. yes one vote as after the reward challenge john was as expected once reed due to natile finaly giving up mostly for pizza and beer in the immunity challenge due to not taking being on the pole any more and reed in so much pain that jeff had to walk over to put the necklace on him. john was a target with the plan to make them think keith is going . which wound up with idols flying and both john and keith saving themselves and wes by only one vote went to the jury yes one vote that has not really happen on survivor which i can remember. as idols fly and the jury gets wes now . which means both john and keith will have to scramble with their idols gone.

and talk about fast now the tribes wound up at last merging calling themselves hucopa. and had a welcoming feast.  and also josh plotted to get rid of jeramy as he targeted josh. then julia commited one of the most evil sins of survivor liking the trail mix she stole it and hid it  in her bag and when the others found out they were not happy. which could have ment the votes might have included her too but she saved every one the trouble and screwed up josh and jeremy by quiting citing that  the metal part of the game was getting to her and she missed her love john rocker. so she quit which ment no tribal. guess josh and jeremy will have to wait till next episode to try and get rid of each other. as julia gives into the metal part of survivor plus saves herself from her tribes wrath and blindsiding her for stealing food